Zellner vs Scott Tadych?

Zellner vs Scott Tadych?

Kathleen Zellner likes to do a lot of tweeting and likes to make a lot of them as cryptic as possible, it seems. A lot of people think she has a suspect in mind and that suspect could very well be Scott Tadych.

I have a few posts on him (here and here) and it wouldn’t be surprising if Zellner is leaning that way as well. Redditor foobastion gives their theory as to why they think Zellner is going after Scott Tadych.


I have been reading this sub for the better part of 2 months now, and based on what has been discussed, along with the content of the documentary, I think that Scott Tadych is most likely the murderer. Not just by a little bit, but by leaps and bounds. Each day that I think about the case, the more he sticks out. I think that Steven and Zellner know he did it too. While there were other potential suspects that have shady records, and the weird ex-boyfriend, none of them come close to Scott Tadych. There is also a good deal more circumstantial evidence against Scott Tadych because of his relationship to the Dasseys, his testimony, and his proximity to Avery during the recording of the documentary. This is why Zellner was able to zero-in so quickly. She has only been Seven’s attorney for a short amount of time. Unless she has an ace up her sleeve with hard evidence that someone else did it, I think the short timeframe points to her building a foundation on the information we already have. She could (and probably does) have more evidence than we do, but she had to start somewhere, and I think she locked on to Tadych.

  • He has a history of domestic violence
  • He was not only on the salvage yard that day, but very close to the time (if not the same time) that Teresa was there.
  • He was panicked about blood on his clothes
  • He tried to sell a rifle of the same caliber that was said to have killed Teresa
  • The timeline he and Bobby testified to, does not match the testimony of others
  • He changed his testimony about his whereabouts that day a few times, and whether Barb stayed over or not.
  • He increasingly embellished information about the relationship of Brendan and Steven in each interview
  • He had full access to, and intimate knowledge of, the salvage yard and Avery property, including the barrels and burn pit
  • He worked at an aluminum foundry, which by nature of its purpose, has equipment hot enough to melt and forge metal (smelter)
  • The SiKiKey letter
  • He smiled when Brendan was convicted
  • He commented that Avery’s conviction was ‘the greatest thing to ever happen’ (or something close)

With this many red flags, an attorney couldn’t possibly ignore him, unless there is hard evidence on someone else. And that scenario sounds like winning the lottery as many potential suspects weren’t even investigated, much less swabbed for DNA. With the case being over a decade old, to get hard evidence she would have to either procure it on her own (unlikely), or retest the little (and poorly gathered) evidence that the state has. Only time will tell.


Do you think Zellner is going after Scott? Do you think he could be the murderer?

The top 3 suspects in my mind are Scott Tadych, Ryan Hillegas and George Zipperer. If Zellner isn’t going after Scott, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ryan or George aren’t on her radar.

She’ll be showing her hand soon and I’m sure she has some good cards up her sleeve too. Patience!




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One Reply to “Zellner vs Scott Tadych?”

  1. Graham Tucker

    I believe it’s Scott and think Bobby became involved, too many coincidences and also both given immunity to give evidence, both were very quick to accept police witness when indeed they could have acted as witness to Steven.
    Scott does have records of spouse abuse and even beat his wife’s new man, was estranged from his children for a long time and also made threats to kill, he’s a manipulator and wanted Barbara to himself, did not like Steven or her family and happy to see Brendan out the equation.
    It was Earl who described Andrew Colburn as his best buddy, I think Tadych was given help

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