Could Be Ryan Hillegas

Reasons Why It Could Be Ryan Hillegas

Reasons Why It Could Be Ryan Hillegas

The murderer could be Ryan Hillegas. I have a few posts on my blog with theories that it could be Ryan Hillegas (here and here).

Below is a growing list for all the reasons the murderer could be Ryan Hillegas. Redditor beausis started the list and it’s currently up to 15 reason:

I understand we’ve had lots of posts relating to Ryan, but I really want to make a big, comprehensive post specifically related to all his suspicious actions, contradictory statements, and just general shadiness.

Below is what I can remember, but feel free to add anything that I may have missed in the comments and I’ll edit it into the post —-

  1. He’s her ex, but didn’t tell the cops that as he felt “it wasn’t that important” to mention.
  2. He had two pretty new looking (maybe a few days old) finger nail like scratches on his left hand on November 5th. The day of the search party… along with a badly bruised pinky finger on his right hand.
  3. He was not employed at the time she went missing and was later murdered.
  4. He couldn’t remember what time of day he dropped over to Teresa and Scotts apartment on Oct 30th. Couldn’t remember if it was day light or night time (dark). He also couldn’t remember what he dropped off to Scott, but he could remember that Teresa was on her computer.
  5. He guessed her password… but then couldn’t fully remember what it was. “I think it was something to do with her sisters birth date.”
  6. He got very defensive when a news reporter asked him about being on the Avery property on the day the car was found. It was a simple question by the reporter, but he got defensive and slipped up on his words.
  7. He led the search efforts, but other than his time in court to testify… It didn’t look like he was there for the rest of the case. I didn’t see him in any of the trial footage of either case, verdicts, and sentencing, other than his own time on the stand. To me that comes across like someone who wanted to look concerned by leading the search efforts… but then once someone else was up for the murder, he stepped away from it all.
  8. Scott and Ryan were best friends around this time, but I’ve heard they are no longer friends.
  9. He stayed in Teresa’s apartment with Scott for a few days or so to keep an eye on things.
  10. He had access to her stuff during this time. Her computer, and other personal items.
  11. He said “I don’t know” a bit too much for my liking; especially to questions that were critical to the investigation.
  12. He couldn’t remember fully if Scott and he were interviewed in separate rooms, but he believed they were in the same room. Hmmm that’s odd.
  13. He was never asked for any alibi, and said the police didn’t treat him like a suspect.
  14. Rumors that he’s had some issues in relation to females and harassing/stalking them. Possibly being abusive too.
  15. Scott and Ryan were happy to send two females off to the Avery salvage yard all by themselves.


What do you think of those 15 reasons? Do you think any more can be added? Can some of these be explained away?

Do you think the murderer could be Ryan Hillegas?


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Could Be Ryan Hillegas
Could Be Ryan Hillegas
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