Call Logs

The Call Logs

The Call Logs

If you look closely at Teresa Halbach’s and Steven Avery’s call logs, a lot of details can be found in that information.

Redditor BugDog1 discusses the call logs and goes into detail on what they mean for the case


…well that seems to be true when referring to his calls made that day and the messages left for Teresa between 1.52 on 31st Oct and 6.42 on 1st Nov.

Please let me know if there are any flaws in my document or deductions. I have redacted the names not already known and part of the numbers. Hopefully I caught them all to keep within the rules!


Call Logs and Voicemail Logs combined[1] 

This is the document I used to reach these assumptions.


Documents Used to Collate Summary

TH call records[2] 

TH voicemail records[3] 

SA call records[4] 


I’ll just summarise what I concluded and you can tell me I am wrong/right.


What the phone records tell us


  • Avery’s 4.35 call was not long enough (13 secs) to have left a message because TH voicemail greeting was approx 18 secs long.
  • No messages left 1.52 on 31st – 6.42pm on the 1st were deleted (they were still in her inbox on the cingular voicemail report) See spreadsheet (voicemail is yellow)[5] 
  • The only incoming call from SA to TH phone which was “answered” was too short for a phone conversation and it was too short for it to have rung over to voicemail automatically (27 secs ringing)


This means that;

  1. She manually rejected the call from withheld number and he disconnected before listening to her entire vm greeting.


2. She answered and he hung up shortly thereafter


  1. He hung up as it was ringing, before it connected to vm or was answered


** SA phone records state “calling party disconnected” so it was his phone that terminated the call **



What I thought was also very interesting is that ;

  • Teresa did not delete the message from the incoming call at 1.52(1.54) even though she called (or someone called) her voicemail at 2.13
  • Teresa did not delete or listen to the message left by the person calling at 2.41
  • no messages left between 1.51 on 31st or 6.42 on 1st Nov were deleted. They were all listened to (assuming by Mike on the 2nd) but they were not deleted
  • there is other weirdness about this in the call info Scott and RH give police (see bottom section for info)


**  CONCLUSION : if any messages were deleted (and it seems fairly reasonably established that they were in the side bar of the trial will add ref later) then these were either old saved messages (saved before 1.52 on 31st Oct 2005) or they were messages left after 6.42 on 1st Nov. **


** The records shows 0 expired messges so none expired automatically **

** Steve Avery 4.35 call duration was not long enough to listen to all of TH greeting message and have time to leave a message. This call went directly to her voicemail to be answered which we know because there is no cell tower data. **


** CFNA was activated between 2.32 (when she ended the call with Dawn) and 2.40, before the last call to her “alive” phone. **’

Opinion:I do find it a bit suspect that SA cell calls and TH cell calls go quiet for the same time frame between 1435 -1635 SA and 1441-1635 for TH.

The call durations and the *67 thing make me feel uneasy when added to that.

The messages left on her voicemail on the afternoon of 31st were not deleted and so it seems less likely someone was “covering up” something relevant to that day.

Steven has always upheld she was there between 2-2.30, but he called her at 2.24 and 2.35??




Info showing some weirdness in the call records Teresa’s friends gave police and info which shows Avery call was most likely rejected to vm or he hung up before she or voicemail answered.


Here’s how they look side by side with the calls mentioned in the report.[6] 


  • POLICE REPORT last call 2.27 to Autotrader. Call time matches Cingular records. This is the last answered incoming call.


  • POLICE REPORT 2nd last call at 2.13 to Voicemail. this tells us that calls to her voicemail from her phone are showing on the report they are viewing


  • POLICE REPORT 3rd last call is to Zipperer, which matches cingular records for the call at 2.12


  • POLICE REPORT 4th last call Schmitz. Matches Cingular records in evidence.


  • POLICE REPORT 5th last call unidentified person and 12.44. Other trial show this is S. Spe******** at 12.45 as shown on cingular records.


  • POLICE REPORT 6th last at 12.39 calling to her vm. Confirmed by Cingular records.


  • POLICE REPORT call to Steven Avery

(the Janda home number may have been registered to him when he lived in the house or in an older online phonebook or database)*




  • the call from Steve Avery cell phone at 2.24
  • a call at 1.52 that went to her voicemail. This person left a message which TH did not delete. The call rang out for 27 secs before going to vm.
  • The call she placed to her voicemail at 2.13


We know the calls she placed to her voicemail are showing up. So why was this 2.13 vm call deliberately left out? This is the call where she would have retrieved the last 1.52 (undeleted) message.


The incoming calls at 1.52 & 2.41, so we can assume that most likely calls that go to voicemail (even after ringing) dont show. The voicemail left at 1.52 has an associated number in the voicemail report. The 2.41 call does not. But both these mesaages are not deleted.


  • the 2.24 call from Steven Avery (8 secs) it is therfore more likely she did not answer this call. He either was rejected to voicemail and hung up before leaving message. Or hung up before it rang over to vm. If she had answered it would have been in the call list they “hacked”


There are so many questions about these call logs and voicemails and how Ryan and Co. accessed them and deleted some of them. I still can not believe they would do that. Why in the hell would you delete voicemails on a missing persons phone? Was there something incriminating on them? I don’t know if we’ll ever find that answer



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Call Logs
Call Logs
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