Was It LE (Law Enforcement)?

Was It LE?

Ever since the release of Making A Murderer, there were a few people who suspected the “LE” (Law Enforcement) for the murder of Teresa Halbach and the framing of Steven Avery. A lot of people believed LE was involved in the framing but in no way could be involved in the actual murder because it just seemed too far fetched.

Redditor SSlipperySlope wrote up a theory where they show how plausible it was for LE to be the actual murderers. Again, this is only a theory.

Initially I could see someone high up ask an officer or two to “keep an eye on Avery” during depositions. To plan a framing like this I would think AC or/and Lenk would’ve needed to know TH would be in town somewhat in advance so they could alert Barb/ST to make an appointment with Auto Trader. The Sippel reschedule may be the confirmation they needed ensuring TH would be coming to Manotowic on the 31st. Since Baldwin is related to the Sippels she would’ve been able to relay the info to AC or Lenk who then tell Barb/ST to place add. Barb and ST hated ST already and who knows what other kinds of dirt LE may have the Dassey family.

To be sure no one is looking for TH after the Avery Appointment AC or Lenk could’ve called in a fake apt under Zipperer. This would ensure no one would call Auto Trader asking where TH was. If she missed an appointment the client might call the AT office in which AT would try calling TH and possibly report her missing immediately. In order for the framing to work there would need to be a window where TH disappearance was not immediately questioned or reported. Kusche was good friends with Zipperer so he may have asked GZ for a favor. GZ was likely told all he needs to do is say TH took a few photos and left. Easy right?

This theory would involve only a few cops and members of the Dassey family to put Steven away.

So if ST/Bobby/Barb aided in luring TH to the property, she could easily be redirected to a new address following the Avery appointment. The *67 calls could’ve come from the Dassey home since police stated Barbs phone comes up as Steven Avery on reverse lookup. *67 would allow anyone to impersonate a member of the Zipperer family and tell TH the car for sale is at a “different location”. TH could’ve driven to this alternate location following the Avery apt. where Bobby, ST, Lenk, AC could’ve been waiting or run off the road.

The police would have all evidence needed to frame SA and eyes on the property (Dassey home) on him at all times. AC and Lenk could easily plant evidence and have access to the salvage yard. Either she was killed or as some speculate “left town for good”. This theory holds up for both.

If the Zipperer add was planted in AT I can see why GZ reacted so angrily to police questioning him multiple times. If Kucshe asked GZ to lie (as a personal favor) about seeing TH early in the afternoon he may not have anticipated such repeated/through questioning never mind being asked about a missing woman. It’s no wonder he said crazy things and that TH was never on his property. This would also explain why Mrs. Zipperer’s interview times of TH arrival were all over the place. She had to explain an appointment that never took place. Since TH left a message on the Zipperer answering machine police knew the call would be on TH phone record. TH would’ve needed to have been to the Zip house before Avery’s for the prosecutions timeline to hold up in court so they moved the Zip appointment to just before Avery’s. This elimated Zipperers having to explain why they didn’t alert AT when TH never showed up. The message TH left Zip about not being able to find the address was switched and Barb agreed to testify it was left on her machine. Although a small lie on LE and Barbs behalf the message along with Dawns lies cemented the prosecutions timeline of TH afternoon and placed SA’s appointment as her last stop.

I think MANY officers have ideas on what happened or were asked to do small favors (in the interest of the county) throughout the investigation but only a small number really know exactly what happened to TH. AC and Lenk are on scene everytime questionable evidence is found. They were just following instructions from high above. Most of the officers involved were just following directions throughout the investigation under the false pretense Avery was guilty and believed they needed to do ANY and EVERYTHING possible to ensure he is convicted of this crime at any cost to save both the community and thier own livelihood.

I always pointed the finger elsewhere and believed the other theories out there to be more plausible than LE being the actual culprits (Ryan, Zipperer, Scott Tadych)- However, after reading this theory, I am more open minded about it but still on the fence. I do not think Barb and Co. were involved though.

What do you think? Do you think LE was involved?




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