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* 67 And Why It Was Used

* 67

You’re all probably aware of Steven using the * 67 function when he called Teresa’s phone on October 31st and a lot of people use it as a reason why Steven is guilty of luring Teresa to his trailer to rape and murderer her.

Well, Redditor foghaze has written up a plausible reason as to why Steven used the * 67 feature to call Teresea:

I just want to start off by apologizing for the length but I feel it’s necessary to be as detailed as possible. I also wanted to cover the questions that I thought may arise so I included them in my reasoning. I get tired of hearing the “luring” story day in and day out when I speak with those who think he is guilty. They ALWAYS bring this up as some kind of evidence. Which it isn’t. They haven’t really heard another logical explanation so I thought I would provide what I think is also a very logical explanation. If for no other reason but to counter their claims from another perspective

The story Kratz told the public about why Avery used * 67 was pure speculation and came out of his imagination. The truth is we have absolutely no way of knowing why he did this in detail. We do know it was said for privacy purposes and the explanation I provide would support that just in more detail. The fact that Kratz was prancing around giving interviews to the media and essentially claiming this as truth is despicable. I’ve been pondering why Avery could have used this feature for quite some time just like many of you. Realistically the “lure her in” story never made sense to me. I have always felt it didn’t make sense and was unreasonable. Autotrader told her where she was going after her call to Janda so she knew and arrived so I think that’s a safe assumption. It’s also safe to assume Avery was given a round about time when he called to set up the appointment. Usually when you set up an appointment they give you a time. That’s how appointments work. The fact he calls her at 2:24 corroborates with it as well. Seems he was calling to check where about she was and when she would be there approximately. Another thing about the whole “luring story” is if Teresa would have answered I’m having problems understanding just how he was supposed to LURE her if she answered? It simply makes no sense but there are other reasons that make much more sense on why he used * 67.

Looking though the evidence I came across this picture[1] and had a sudden AH-ha moment. This pic is the back side[2] of a For Sale sign when Avery’s tried to sell his Pontiac Grand Am. Apparently Avery had tried to sell it earlier that month. Now when TH would go out there she would give her customers 2 things. An Autotrader magazine and an AutoTrader for sale sign to put in the car. After she photographed the Grand Am she gave him an Autotrader sign to put in the car. When he took the for sale sign out she gave him her number. Why would she do that? Because she knew he sold cars all the time. She also knew if he personally called her instead of Autorader she would get paid double. It would be considered what Autotrader calls a hustle shot. It is a very good sales technique and it is very reasonable to think she would do this. At some point she gave it to him because he had it. If she didn’t like to go out there and make money she would have never given him her number. Now with all that being said Avery wrote down her number on the back of the for sale sign but he didn’t put her NAME. After she left he stashed the sign away on his desk somewhere and basically forgot about it.

Fast forward to Oct 31. He forgets where her number is so he calls Autotrader to set up the appointment. They tell him she should be there around 2. It’s about 2:20 and she is still not there and he looks around on his desk and finds the for sale sign and he thinks this must be Teresa’s number but doesn’t know for sure because he had used the back of the sign to write something else down (Zander rd) so he decides to call it to be sure. Now it’s important to understand that Avery was very popular and considered somewhat of a celebrity. It’s also safe to assume there were still many people who did not like Avery. So how does he deal with that? He uses * 67. I know if I were him I would probably use * 67 a lot when calling people only because I wouldn’t want anyone having my personal number. I know if I were in his position I would use this feature very frequently. Even if it only displayed my number and not my name I would still use it b/c someone could easily just call the number back. This to me sounds like a more logical reason he blocked his number. If you have trouble with it try to put yourself in his shoes.

Coincidently we don’t have Avery’s phone records before or after Oct 31 to know for sure. Was that on purpose? Would his phone records show he did in fact use 67 quite often? Considering Avery’s controversial popularity I’m going to assume it is more than likely he did in fact use it more than the average Joe. Now some of you may be thinking, *“Well he called the first time and heard her message and by that point knew who he was calling. Why did he do it again when he called the 2nd time?” This is true but I think it’s very logical to assume he simply pressed redial. It had only been 10 minutes and he hadn’t called anyone else between these calls. If he did in fact use redial then the call would record the * 67. It’s highly doubtful he would use this feature when calling a business or people he knew and felt comfortable with.

Regarding the last call when he doesn’t use * 67. It seems Avery was considering selling another car. Before Teresa left it is fair to assume she reminded Avery to call her instead of Autotrader when he needed to sell another car. Teresa had been out there many times and she knew he wasn’t about to stop selling cars. She wanted his business. When he called her back the 3rd time it seems he felt comfortable not using the * 67 feature because he knew it was her and she most likely confirmed the number so he could program it in his phone. The fact he had the For Sale sign out in the first place proves to me it wasn’t programed in his phone but after she left it was. Teresa would have been dumb to not try to get more sales out of him and we all know she was a smart gal. The whole made up story about how Teresa felt uncomfortable going out there was complete hogwash. The only thing that was confirmed was how he had been in a towel one time she went out there but the conversation was more like “Steve was in a towel when I got there LOL. And the other girl was like EWE!” and they both laughed about it. To be quite honest it was his house and he also had a pool. I don’t really think someone in a towel at their own home is that big of a deal either and was harmless. You would be surprised at the things you see when you have to go to people’s houses for your job.

At any rate the point of this lengthy rant is to explain the reason he used * 67. To me this makes the most logical sense. The “lure her in” story doesn’t make an ounce of sense and it was just a story that Kratz made up out of his sweaty imagination. You simply cannot believe this story without evidence of the claim. You can’t really believe my story but you can use your good sense and logic to make a pretty good educated guess. The facts show there isn’t any evidence to support Kratz accusation and I stand by the fact that it makes no theoretical sense. It’s absurd that he would even state this as fact to the press to the entire world without one shred of evidence to back it. Which is what he pretty much did with everything. I cannot even begin to tell you just how livid I am with his behavior and how he completely contaminated the entire world in the press with his outrageous fairy-tales. This essentially led to Avery’s demise. I won’t get into this but you get the idea. The lure her in story isn’t even a logical hypothesis. Where was Avery going to LURE her to? The location she was already going and it was logged at Autotrader? That’s pretty absurd. Seems rather unrealistic to lure someone when her appointments for the day are recorded. I think it’s also important to note Avery gave Autotrader Janda’s info because he had to. The VAN was registered in her name and Autotrader needs the seller’s phone number and info for the listing. Potential buyers would contact Janda not Avery.


Do you think the reason why he used the * 67 feature was because he wasn’t sure who he was calling and didn’t want to show his number if he was dialing the wrong number? I know I used that feature a few times for that same reason. I don’t want to call the wrong number and give my number to a potential stranger.

I’m pretty sure Steven didn’t use that feature to lure Teresa to his trailer.




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* 67
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