Did Pam Sturm Lie Under Oath

Did Pam Sturm Lie Under Oath?

Did Pam Sturm Lie Under Oath?

There is a possibility that Pam Sturm lied under oath during the Steven Avery trial. Redditor /u/nitmotoli believes she did and they can prove it.

Did Pam Sturm lie under oath? Here is there theory that Pam Sturm lied under oath:

  1. When Pam Sturm called the Sheriff after finding the car, she asked if she could enter the car. Response: no.11 PAM STURM: Is it okay if I go in the
    12 car?
    13 INVESTIGATOR WIEGERT: No, do not go in
    14 the car. Do not touch the car.
    15 PAM STURM: Yeah.
    16 INVESTIGATOR STURM: Stay on the outside
    17 of the car. Go over to the front, on the
    18 driver’s side.
  2. Pam Sturm said that neither she nor her daughter touched the vehicle after being told to not touch the vehicle.4 Q. After Investigator Wiegert told you to step away
    5 from the vehicle and to not touch it further, did
    6 you and Nikki do that?
    7 Yes, we did. We probably went — I don’t know,
    8 probably about a thousand yards — again, on
    9 directions I’m terrible.
  3. Pam Sturm testified that they tried to open all of the doors but they were all locked.7 Q. Did you or your daughter, Nikki, attempt to
    8 determine whether or not this vehicle was open or
    9 locked?
    10 A. Nikole attempted to open the doors.
    11 Q. Did she do so with a bare hand, or did you see
    12 her doing this?
    13 A. I told her to use the sleeve of her sweatshirt,
    14 but evidently she used tissue. You know, I saw
    15 her reach in, but I’m not sure if it was — you
    16 know, I didn’t exactly see the tissue. So, yes,
    17 she did try the doors, but you will have to ask
    18 her which specific doors.
    19 Q. I will do that, but if you — did you or your
    20 daughter determine whether or not the doors were
    21 opened or locked.
    22 A. They were all locked.
    23 Q. Did you or your daughter ever otherwise enter
    24 that vehicle?
    25 A. No.


They tried to open the doors either A) After calling the Sheriff; or B) Before calling the Sheriff.

A. If she didn’t know the car was locked until AFTER calling the Sheriff, she is lying about #2 above. Nicole checked all the doors after the Sheriff told them not touch the car. She testified that she did not touch the car after being told not to touch the car.

B. If she knew the car was locked BEFORE calling the Sheriff, why did she ask for permission to enter the car?  UNLESS SHE HAD A KEY. (And why did she even have a key unless she knew she’d find the car there and that it would be locked?)

Ms. Zellner, I expect to be made co-counsel in the civil suit. Mr. Avery, you’re welcome.


Did Pam Sturm lie under oath? I believe she wasn’t telling the whole truth while she was on the stand – come on “God led me there”… are you kidding me?!? Ugh.

Hopefully soon we will get answers and Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey will be freed.




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