Who Is Brandon J Mueller

Who Is Brandon J Mueller

Who Is Brandon J Mueller

So, we have another theory on a new suspect from Redditor /u/MsMinxster – Brandon J Mueller. Who is Brandon J Mueller? He has a very long rap sheet (as you can see below) and a lot of his convictions for domestic abuse.

Below, is /u/MsMinxster ‘s theory and who is Brandon J Mueller:


Brandon J Mueller was convicted of first-degree intentional homicide and mutilating a corpse in conjunction with the strangulation death of his girlfriend, Renee Redmer (on January 5, 2009), and the burning of her body and disposal of her remains in Lake Winnebago. Renee Redmer’s family reported her missing in January 2009, and Mueller was arrested in July after a tip to police.

Four times between 1998 and 2008, Brandon Mueller was convicted of domestic-abuse-related crimes involving other women and was named as the respondent in four domestic abuse temporary restraining orders. Renee Redmer had been dating him for only one month prior to her death.

According to court records:

• Mueller was convicted in 2008 of disorderly conduct, with a domestic violence enhancement, and served 20 days in jail.

• In 2002, Mueller was sentenced to 60 days in jail and two years’ probation after he was convicted of disorderly conduct, with enhancement penalties of domestic abuse, being a habitual criminal and using a dangerous weapon.

• In 1998, Mueller was convicted of intimidating a victim with a domestic abuse enhancement penalty and served four months in jail.

• Also in 1998, Mueller was sentenced to three years’ probation for criminal damage to property with an enhanced penalty of domestic violence.

Mueller (DOB 4/3/73) has 25 cases listed on WCCA including repeat domestic abuse violations against different women, battery, and use of a dangerous weapon.


Brandon Mueller was not in jail or prison in October 2005. So far, I haven’t been able to pin down where Mueller lived at that time (he had been released from a correctional facility earlier that year). If anyone else can help me out with a connection between Mueller and Manitowoc/Calumet/surrounding area during that time, much appreciated. Mueller’s most recent address around that time was in Brookfield, WI, interestingly, only 15-20 minutes from where the Ryan Hillegas lives.

Based on Steven’s note from KZ’s tweet, the ‘just like last time” really stood to me. Habitual criminal commits a crime for which Steven is convicted of, then habitual criminal goes on to commit an identical crime yet the MCSD don’t connect the dots. Obviously this is purely speculation on my part, but the use of a burn barrel in this murder too floored me.




I am not sure how to take this theory. Yes, he does have a long rap sheet that includes a lot of domestic violence (5) but I’m gonna have to look into it more and see how plausible it really was for him to be the murderer.

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