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The Shady FBI Chemist Marc Lebeau And The EDTA Test

The Shady FBI Chemist Marc Lebeau And The EDTA Test

Do you remember Marc Lebeau and the EDTA test he did for the state? Well, I, and a lot of other people think that test was shady as hell. I don’t think their was a test done to see if the blood actually came from the vial. Well, Redditor /u/Whitevorpal posted about a court case in which Marc Lebeau was found biased towards the State in a court case in 2003.

Here is the post:

In 2003 Marc Lebeau the fbi chemist who created the dodgy EDTA test to ‘prove’ Stevens blood had not come from the vial, was found to be biased towards the state and his testing procedures and expert testimony deemed inadmissible in court. William Sybers found guilty of first-degree murder was granted a new trial in part because of Lebeau’s evidence and testimony.

We conclude that the state has failed to carry its burden of establishing by “independent and impartial proof” that the testing procedures used are generally accepted in the relevant scientific community.   The only testimony offered by the state to establish the general scientific acceptance of the testing procedures came from Dr. Ballard and Mr. LeBeau, each of whom either had a personal stake in the procedure or was prone to potential institutional bias.

In summary, we hold that the trial court committed reversible error when it admitted (1) the expert testimony of Dr. Ballard and Mr. LeBeau. (Paper discusses a couple of other issues). Because of these errors, we reverse, and remand for a new trial.




WTF?!? Do you think there’s a good possibility Marc Lebeau showed bias towards the State in the Steven Avery trial? I do. In fact, I’m willing to bet that is going to be one of the things Kathleen Zellner uses as one of her key items to get Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey freed. Even if she can’t get them exonerated, she has a 99.9% chance of getting a new trial and you can bet your ass she is going to wipe the courtroom floor with the prosecution and their so called ‘evidence’.

I can’t wait until it all unfolds and people will see how disgusting the Manitowoc County Sheriffs/police were during this whole investigation.



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