Where Was Scott Tadych

Where Was Scott Tadych On 11/04-11/05?

Where Was Scott Tadych On 11/04-11/05?

Where was Scott Tadych overnight of 11/04-11/05? In the last few days, Scott Tadych has received A LOT of attention. He is one of the top 3 suspects for the murder of Teresa Halbach (the other 2 are The Zipperers and Ryan Hillegas) and it’s getting to the point where he’s looking to be the main suspect.

Here is another post from /u/hos_gotta_eat_too from Reddit where they’re wanting an alibi for Scott during the overnight hours on 11/04-11/05. He breaks down why Scott’s a possible suspect and how he might have been able to do it.

Keep in mind before reading this – this (as with all other posts on this blog) are theories and speculations only. They are not to be viewed as the actual story nor are these people guilty of any crime. This is for entertainment purposes only.


He is already suspect due to his alibi..

He is already suspect due to his changing statements about what he was doing that day.

He is already suspect because his changing statements of the fire size.

He is already suspect due to trying to get Barb to plea out Brendan.

He is already suspect for his smirk he gave when Brendan was convicted.

He is already suspect for the comments he made after Steven was convicted.

So, awesome..he had an alibi for 10/31/05…bobby saw him…ok, weak..but let’s buy that. Now I’d love to hear his alibi for Friday, Nov. 4th at oooh let’s say Midnight-6am?

the Anonymous Letter says the body was burned at 3am, and they made the concerted effort to put the word “alunomon” (aluminum) in the note…that word was left out but I saw a handwriting eval that showed the spacing seemed normal except “alunomon”…as if the writer didn’t want anyone confused with which smelter was in use.


Now, who on earth…knows Avery’s property. Could haul around a burn barrel without suspicion in front of anybody on the property. Has ccess to Avery’s burn pit anytime he wants? Who might know that Steven would be leaving for Crivitz at 6am on the morning of the 5th (directly between anonymous letter smelter burning at 3am and finding Teresa’s car at 10:20am)

But the most damning question of all…is who has all that access, but ALSO has access to an “alunomon” smelter? Did a co-worker spot him putting a body in the smelter and wrote the note?

Questions I have about Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry Company:

  1. Were there people working all 3 shifts back then? Overnight…
  2. Did employees have access after hours if they close? Did Scott? Was he a supervisor with a key?
  3. Did parking have keycards to enter, a code you have to enter..something only Scott would have to get Teresa’s body to the smelter? Security cameras that might see his truck come in?
  4. Does the company have any smelters off-site he would have access to?

Now, there are downsides to me thinking of it being Scott..namely..risk. Let’s say he plants the car on Avery’s property between 10/31-11/5. He has her body, possibly at his house. But then has to drive her 13.4 miles with her body in the back of his truck…then drive 13.4 miles back with her bones. Or…he drove her Rav4 there, burned her in the smelter, brought her car back and planted it 4 hours before Pam Sturm and the Lord found it.

Now, with all these factors in place for reasons to suspect him instensely, vs. reasons not to, logically…I begin to sway back and forth between Scott and Ryan, and possibly the roommate.


Where was Scott Tadych overnight  11/04-11/05?

A couple other Redditors pointed out other details that make him the prime suspect:

  • He attempted to sell a .22 caliper rifle on November 1st.

nyclachi added these points

  • ST Co-worker reports his behavior to be very panicked the day of SA arrest, so much that he left work early “a nervous wreck
  • ST making statements about how his clothes got mixed up in the laundry with the Dassey boys clothes and references blood on clothes
  • ST alibi the night of 10/31 is sketchy changing from Barb having slept over to her going home at various differently reported times.

I will always find it odd that Barb was never brought to testify and we do not find her LE interviews. This links very much to her actual knowledge of ST, Brendan and Bobby’s whereabouts/ongoings for 10/31-11/05. Nobody would’ve had better first-hand accounts for all of these alibis. Very possible the state offered her a deal to implicate her brother (which ST would be very much in on…) and unfortunately, Brendan got caught in some crossfires..


Another Redditor skatoulaki adds their own theory:

Oh, I know I’m going to regret this comment…

What is the possibility that TH hit a deer after leaving the Avery property…the deer is injured, but not killed. She gets out of the car to go check on the deer (probably what I would do because I’m an animal lover and have done the same thing after hitting a raccoon once).

BD comes driving down the road, spots the deer and doesn’t see TH, fires his .22 twice at movement that he thinks is the deer (hey, the clocks just changed, it’s nearly dusk) which turns out to be TH instead. He’s distraught, panicking, ST drives by on his way to go hunting, spots BD (or his vehicle) and maybe TH’s car and pulls over to see what’s up. ST tries to help BD get rid of the evidence in the quarry, then tries to sell BD’s .22 the next day. A few days later, BD spots the deer that was hit by TH’s vehicle, kills it and claims it to eliminate the last piece of evidence that might trace back to the whole thing (maybe he thinks there might be deer blood/hair/etc. on the RAV4).

Purely speculation…

ETA: Unfortunately for them, ST wasn’t able to crush the car in the crusher when the family was away at Crivitz because of the investigation that had already started. Maybe he scrambles now and sets up SA. Or maybe the cops just move stuff around to make sure they get their man this time…



Real eye-opening, isn’t it? Where was Scott Tadych?

It gets more and more interesting as the days pass… and it’s only going to get better for some people and worse for others!




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