Avery Case Crime Scene Photos Updated 2/16/16

Avery Case Crime Scene Photos Updated 2/16/16

Here are about 30 new photos from the Avery case. A lot of these haven’t been seen before and give you a behind the scenes look at the raw and unedited Avery’s. If you haven’t seen the first couple of sets, take a look here and here.

And don’t worry, there aren’t any pictures of the blue bow. Every time I see it, I can’t stop crying.

Exhibit-487-smelter-back-1024x676 Exhibit-489-smelter-pot-1024x676 Exhibit-482-boiler-chimney-1024x677 Exhibit-490-smelter-inside-1024x673 Exhibit-493-smelter-side-1024x677 Exhibit-486-burn-chamber-1024x682 Exhibit-484-boiler-side-1024x676 Exhibit-483-boiler-door-open-1024x680 Exhibit-485-boiler-ash-removed-1024x682 Exhibit-206-bathroom-sink-1024x681 Exhibit-207-washing-machine-1024x674 Exhibit-167-gun-rack-evidence-1024x693 Exhibit-179-for-sale-back-1024x684 Exhibit-178-for-sale-front-1024x692 Exhibit-177-sign-zander-road-1024x672 Exhibit-149-sign-zander-road-1024x693 Exhibit-182-AT-bill-of-sale-1024x675 Exhibit-58-salvage-shop-business-area-1024x674 Exhibit-273-processing-burn-barrel-1024x677 Exhibit-49-burn-pit-1024x678 Exhibit-274-processing-debris-1024x676 Exhibit-382-processing-material-1024x677 Exhibit-272-bullet-fragment-bag-1024x674 Exhibit-63-flatbed-1024x676 Exhibit-60-plymouth-voyager-van-1024x677 Exhibit-62-avery-grand-am-1024x677 Exhibit-10-missing-person-poster-1024x697 newhouse-bullet-comparison-3-1024x768 newhouse-bullet-comparison-2-1024x768 newhouse-bullet-comparison-1-1024x768 newhouse-casing-comparison-4-1024x768 newhouse-casing-comparison-1-1024x768 newhouse-casing-comparison-2-1024x768 newhouse-casing-comparison-3-1024x768


After looking at the photo’s – do any of them stand out at you? Do you see something that caught your eye? Do any of them change your opinion on the case? Leave a comment or send me a message using the box below and let me know what you think!

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