The George Zipperer Theory

The George Zipperer Theory

As you’re probably aware, I am a leaning towards The George Zipperer Theory as one of the better theories. I believe Teresa Halbach went to them after she left Steven Avery’s place and ended up getting killed by George Zipperer – either by accident or on purpose.

Update: I no longer feel this way and do not think George Zipperer or any Zipperer’s for that matter, caused Teresa’s death. I do however believe they were involved in the coverup afterwards. 

The below post from Reddit user /u/onepieceofgumleft backs up this claim and adds a little bit more detail and clarifications.

The George Zipperer Theory

For those following the case closely , you’ll know that there is strong speculation that the Avery property wasn’t Teresa Halbach’s last stop the day she disappeared. It might have been George Zipperer’s property. Det. Remiker and Inv. Wiegert even discuss it at the beginning of this phone call 

When questioned by police , reports state that George Zipperer’s reaction was highly unusual and suspicious. He was defensive and belligerent. He stated that , “His dog would eat anyone who trespassed on his property”. And that , “He wanted Teresa Halbach arrested” … (Three days AFTER her disappearance).

Because of this information , I’ve already stated my theory in a previous post that a run in with George Zipperer’s dog is what caused Tteresa’s death. And I may have found the evidence to support it !!

This is a link to incoming calls to the Manitowoc Sherriff’s department on Nov 3 (?) , 2005. 

At the 25:50 mark , a call comes in from someone from the department , and they ask for the number for the Two Rivers Animal Hospital … Dr. Cotton. When he’s put on hold he says to someone on the scene ,”It’s a burn pile , an entire bracelet , sticking out the side of it ” !!

George Zipperer stated that , “His dog would eat anyone who trespassed on his property”. The police are asking for the number of an Animal Hospital , talking about a burn pile , and mentioning an entire bracelet !!

Someone needs to contact Dr. Cotton at the Two Rivers vet clinic and find out what he knows about this …!

I believe George Zipperer’s dog attacked Teresa , and either killed her , or George finished the job. I’m not sure where this burn pile is , but there are a few calls in the link I provided indicating that there was a lot of cars heading to the Quarry. I’ve never found an answer as to what led police to that burn site. Why did they need a Veterinarian ? And there’s evidence that a body has been burnt due to the bracelet ?

If this call indicates that they’ve found evidence of Teresa at a burn site (the bracelet) , and the burn site is at the Quarry , and they need a Vet indicating an animal is somehow involved … George Zipperer’s statement about his dog eating a trespasser is starting look extremely suspicious.

I think he set both on fire , but not the type of huge fire everyone has been assuming , and not down to the fragments they found at Steven’s just enough to burn both down to mostly skeletal remains (I’ll explain my theory on that in a bit). After dumping the dog and Teresa’s body , He drives the very short distance to Steven’s , goes in the back way to the salvage yard. plants the vehicle on Steven’s property.

Joellen Zipperer gave a very strange answer when testifying at the trial when asked about the Avery property , which was only 10 minutes away from their home. She said , “I don’t know where that is , I was never there “. Those last four words sound more like a guilty denial. I believe she was there …. to drive George home after dumping Teresa and the dog , and parking Teresa’s vehicle at Steven’s. Partly just to hide it amongst hundreds of other cars , but if found , and it points toward Steven , that’s a bonus.

Once Teresa is reported missing , we have her family and friends doing their own search for her vehicle led by her ex-boyfriend and brother. It’s become common knowledge that Steve’s property was one of the last places she was seen , so they decide to poke around and find the vehicle. Instead of calling the police dept directly , they discreetly contact Sgt Andrew Colborne , and he goes to check it out , hence the unexplainable phone call to run her plate number during his testimony.

If you’ve heard all the weird circumstances regarding Patricia Sturm and her daughter finding the vehicle , it obvious that it was all pre planned and orchestrated. Given a map of the yard , they virtually go right to it , they’re the only ones given a camera , and a direct cell number to contact the Sherriff (?).

Once the vehicle is found , the police now have probable cause , and they commandeer the property for 8 days. They find absolutely no evidence that supports the story given by a manipulated 16 year old child , so they have to make the case … Hence the tampered styrofoam box containing Steven’s blood vial. And the bones ….

Remember my theory that George built a small fire at the Quarry , nothing big enough to attract too much attention … Just enough to burn the body of Teresa down to mostly skeletal remains (and possibly his dog too … hence the need for a Vet to confirm that they were dog remains ) During the trial , they said that there was a bit of muscle tissue attached to one of Teresa’s bones … enough to test for Teresa’s DNA. Did you see the condition of those bones ?? Does anyone believe there was a spec of soft tissue left to test ?? Because I don’t. I do believe in the condition they found her at the Quarry , that they were able to get a sample , because she wasn’t burnt down to tiny little bone fragments at that point.

One of two things happens after her body was discreetly removed from the Quarry (and after they removed a small sample of what little tissue remained at that time ). Either the county then incinerated her body at the morgue and dumped her bone fragments in Steven’s pit while they had control of the property (remember, they denied the coroner access to the property once the bones were “discovered” … A coroner would have been able to give a very accurate evaluation of the scene , and make sure the bones were “situated” normally in the pit …. as opposed to just being dumped….? By the police ? … Who had control of the property ? …. See where I’m going ?? … Bone were added AFTER police seized the property … no one had to sneak up to Stevens house and risk planting them there ).

The whole property was staged perfectly in the 8 days the police took control …. It had to be staged , because there was NO evidence to support his nephew’s confession.

And one final thought on the bones …. As I mentioned , I believe Teresa’s body was burned in a small fire at the Quarry by George Zipperer , but not to the extent that they were found once planted in Steve’s pit …. In fact I don’t believe those were Teresa’s remains at all. Go back to the link I listed above and listen to the very first call. It was our good friend Andy Colborn asking about a dead 25 year old girl they found in an apartment on the morning of NOV 3 !! . It wasn’t Teresa. Her name was Carmen Boutwell. She was found dead of an unsolved drug overdose , and her mother was an alcoholic. Money for a funeral ? … Probably not …. And no obituary that I could find. Hmmm , a dead 25 year old girl taken to the county morgue … to be cremated ?? A town that says to her alcoholic mother … “No worries , we’ll take care of her remains”. And what happens to them ? They end up in Steven’s burn pit !!

I always thought it was strange how quiet the Halbach’s were … (except her brother). No one ever bemoaned the fact that all they had to remember Teresa by was a box of tiny fragments. That’s because they got HER remains from the Quarry. Still tragic that she was burned … But more or less in tact. Buried or further cremated , their choice …. but they had the full skeletal remains. And they’re convinced by the evidence “found” on Steven’s property that he was the culprit … so they keep quiet …. Just happy to have answers and their daughters remains.

End result , George Zipperer gets away with murder , Manitowoc county saves themselves 36 million dollars and their jobs and their reputations , and two innocent men sit in prison.

Just a theory …..


With the new story coming out that The Zipperers tore down their attached garage this week, it is really making things fall into place. There are also reports saying that George Zipperers grandson wants to speak out from prison about what he knows regarding this case… things that make you go hmm…

I’m confident that the truth will be coming out and Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey will be freed.

What are your thoughts on the George Zipperer theory? Plausible or not?

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The George Zipperer Theory

The George Zipperer Theory

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  1. This case against Brendan Dassey & Steven Avery is such a travesty of justice. I’ve never heard of so much evidence that everything against Steven was so planted in my life! You’d have to be blind as a bat not to see that! And poor Brendan, I hardly have words for what they did to him during that BS interrogation of him, smh. These guys lives have been torn upside down & for what, so that all these liars can save their own asses. Your theory above is very interesting & it is probable for sure. I hope this new lawyer for Steven exposes the horror this BS police department has done to them. Free Brendan Dassey & Steven Avery today, this is enough already!

    • Absolutely! I agree completely! I’m confident Kathleen Zellner and Laura Nirider get the truth out and free Steven and Brendan. Spread the word, let more people know the injustice these 2 innocent men are going through- and it’s not only them- thousands of inmates all over the country and going through this shit. Every voice matters!

  2. I have a strong feeling she is still alive and this whole scenario was plotted to protect the county from liability. NOTHING adds up even Steves and Brendans attorneys actions and statements to the press.It seems way too contrived.