The Scott And Bobby Theory

The Scott And Bobby Theory

The Scott And Bobby Theory

Redditor /u/beausis doesn’t believe The Zipperer, Martinez or any other theory except for The Scott and Bobby theory. They have some nagging questions they want answered because Scott and Bobby are very suspicious.


Ok, I know a lot of people have forgotten about Scott and Bobby since we have found out about Martinez and the Zipperers but I still come back to them often. I’m just highly suspicious of their timeline/alibis. They just make no sense. I also have some nagging questions…

  1. Why did Bobby/Scott testify against Avery? What would their motivation have been? Why did Barb even allow them to testify? Did she not know that the prosecution was running on Brendan’s bullshit confession? I’m guessing she had to have understood that if Avery got convicted of this crime than Branden would have too as they were framed as somewhat “accomplices”.
  2. In the last few years Scott and Bobby have come around to support Avery’s innocence yet I’m still confused on why Scott said “What happened yesterday is the best thing in the world” adding “He got what he got comin’ to him” after Avery was convicted? Why was this the best thing in the world? What possessed him to make such a comment?
  3. There has been some talk on Facebook that Scott told Barb that Branden should take the plea that was offered to him by Kachinsky and Barb apparently flipped out because she believed that Branden was innocent. Again, what innocent motive would Scott have had to suggest that Branden admit guilt and take the plea? I wonder if Scott just wanted to quickly pin this crime on someone? Perhaps, Scott was really anxious during this period of time. I mean isn’t there testimony that on the day of Avery’s arrest, Scott was a jittery, nervous mess in his office?
  4. Bobby definitely lied about his alibi because Blaine and Branden’s alibis contradict his. If I remember correctly, Bobby said that he went hunting a little after 3 and that’s “apparently” when he saw Theresa but when Branden and Blaine got home from school, they said he was sleeping at 3:40, so what’s going on here?
  5. If Bobby was sleeping at 3:40 then how could he have provided an alibi for Scott when they are “supposed” to cross paths on the road at 3:30?
  6. I think it’s highly suspicious at how Scott went above and beyond to make sure that he had an alibi for most of that day (October 31st). He drove to Green Bay twice within a 4 hour period, went hunting but “claims” he crossed paths with Bobby, and then asked Barb to spend the night together. Interesting, eh?

Anyways, this is just some of the stuff that I keep coming back to and I’m probably unaware of a lot more things about them, but if anyone has come across anything that doesn’t make sense with these two….please share.


The Scott and Bobby theory is nothing new. It’s been going around since the docu-series aired. They are considered top suspects by “armchair detectives”. I will add more posts on this theory so you can decide for yourself!

Don’t forget, this and all other theories are just that – theories. Only 2 people know the whole truth and one of them is for sure dead – the other person, they may or may not be alive, they may or may not be in prison, they may or may not be relatives or neighbors or a serial killer. Nobody knows who did it, but the truth will eventually come out.



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