The Zipperers Tore Down Their Garage

The Zipperers Tore Down Their Garage

The Zipperers Tore Down Their Garage

There are reports going around that The Zipperers, who are being closely looked at for being suspects in the Steven Avery Trial, tore down their attached garage this past week. There are other reports that this was just a rumor It just so happens that Kathleen Zellner was in town doing forensic testing on the Avery property.

In recent weeks, the lead suspect in Making a Murderer has become George Zipperer. A call between detectives Weigart and Remiker indicated that Teresa Halbach may have stopped at the Zipperer property after visiting Stephen Avery’s yard. When questioned by the police, Zipperer lied about his own activities and denied Teresa had ever been there. While Stephen Avery’s new lawyer, Kathleen Zellner, was in Manitowoc this week with a forensic team testing for blood with luminal, the Zipperer’s were tearing their garage down, highly suspicious as it was in great shape, perhaps destroying the crime scene.

A local source close to the events, posted a theory on Reddit under the name Escvelocity: My theory is that George Zipperer shot Teresa thinking she was trespassing. The Zipperers called chief deputy Eugene Kusche, because they knew him personally. Eugene then contacted deputies Lenk and Colburn, then it was all downhill from there. However, Steven Avery retained excellent attorneys and threw a wrench into things by pushing the framing defense.

According to the Zipperers’ Wiki page: The Zipperers live at 4433 County Trunk B, near route 310, south of the Avery salvage yard. JoEllen lived at the property with her husband George, daughter, and grandson Jason. At trial JoEllen testified that she thinks Halbach was there “mid-afternoon,” “maybe around 3:00”, which was an estimate. She was there for about 15 minutes. She did not say where she was going next. She left a message prior to arriving “that she was having trouble finding our house, but I was outside so I didn’t hear it until later, after she was gone. But she found the place.” JoEllen did not see Teresa leave. Teresa could have arrived as early at 2:30pm, could have been 3:00 or a little after. JoEllen was outside raking in the garden and not wearing a watch. When police called twice on November 3, George Zipperer spoke to them. Outside the presence of the jury and witness, Dean Strang told the court that Corporal (Leslie) Lemieux of the Calumet County Sherriff’s Department made a report that shows she started working on the missing person investigation at about 5:00 on November 3. She reports a call to George Zipperer where he is belligerent on the phone. There is also a report of Investigator John Dedering of Calumet calling at about 9:40pm, says George is extremely belligerent. Strang says he intends to show that George lied about his own activities and Jason’s activities, about whether Teresa Halbach was a trespasser, threatened to have a dog eat anyone who came onto the property, wanting Teresa Halbach arrested after being told she was a missing person, and denying that he had contacted Auto Trader or arranged for photographs of the car.

The theory now is that Teresa was at the garage looking to photograph a car and George Zipperer mistook her for a trespasser and shot her. Another source has told me that the Zipperer grandson in jail knows all the details, and is ready to reveal what his grandfather did to Teresa. Maybe Kathleen Zellner was at the wrong property with her luminol. How can anyone test the Zipperer’s garage for TH’s blood now? Expect photos of the Zipperer’s destroyed garage to be online soon.


So, WTF?!?! If the reports are true, that’s very questionable! I think we’re going to find out who did it in a matter of time! I think the truth is going to finally come out and both Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey will be set free.

The Zipperer’s tore down their garage – why?

Let’s hope more eyes go onto the Zipperers.



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