Manitowoc County emails

Manitowoc County Emails

Manitowoc County Emails

Update (12/18/18) – Apparently, Andrew Andy Colborn filed a defamation lawsuit against Netflix …😂😂😂… sorry… but anyway, this might actually change things – Netflix and their lawyers will now be able to subpoena all of his phone logs, transcripts and EMAILS!

I first wrote this post back when Making A Murderer came out, because I was and still am 100% positive there could be a lot of incriminating information within those emails and all it would take was someone to file a suit against Manitowoc County or some other avenue, to be able to get ahold of them. I didn’t think it would be possible; but now, with this new lawsuit, it’s pretty much open game!

I wouldn’t be surprised to see a lot of eye opening email exchanges between a few people in Manitowoc County and even the state. The only thing is, the process is going to take a long time. It’s not not like they’ll get the emails tomorrow and will be able to sort through them – no, this still has to go through the courts. The lawsuit is in its very early stages.

But sit back, because I’m sure the show is going to be amazing!

These emails might not even be needed to free Steven and Brendan, because Kathleen Zellner might already have the evidence that is needed to free them; but, they will still be very important in the way everything moves forward. The incriminating emails, transcripts, call logs… etc, would still be used in civil trials and possibly criminal ones as well, if the state (or Feds) ever decided to bring criminal charges against any of the slimeballs.

Stay tuned for Zellner’s next briefing to be filed in the next couple of weeks and keep an eye on this lawsuit and where it goes!

Ok, back to the original post! Sorry!

I believe if you get the Manitowoc County emails from the time Teresa went missing until the present (which there is a good possibility some are still around), shit would hit the fan. I’m sure there are email exchanges between people in that office that would incriminate them one way or another AND possibly could show that they framed Steven Avery AND took advantage of Brendan Dassey AND they didn’t do their due diligence by investigating more people.

When people send emails, they’re not thinking about them coming back and biting them in the ass – they’re honest and open and emails are much quicker than a phone call if a person is hard to reach.

But how can you get ahold of the emails? Do you file suit against Manitowoc County for [enter reason here] and if it can proceed, subpoena all their records? Or are they readily available upon request?

Look, at the very least, Steven Avery needs a retrial because there is just too much reasonable doubt surrounding the whole case – even where you can see shit was blatantly staged. That key they “found” in Steven’s trailer wasn’t put there by Steven and the majority of the people know this – even the jury knew this – and that should have been enough reasonable doubt. Simple as that. But nope, they decided to convict. Unreal.

I am still trying to decide if Steven Avery is innocent or not but I am leaning more on the side that he is indeed innocent.

(Update 12/18/18: Just a side note – after watching Making a Murderer, I was having doubts about Stevens innocence, but once more evidence was released, it became 100% clear that Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey are innocent and did not kill Teresa Halbach. There is no doubt in my mind, anymore. It didn’t take long for me to see how bad Steven and Brendan were railroaded.)

The state of Wisconsin botched the whole investigation and would not stop at anything until they convicted him, because they were already looking like deadbeat assholes because of the 1985 rape debacle.

I also know that what they did to Brendan was despicable. Disgusting. That poor kid should not have gone through what he did by the hands of those investigators. And he should not be serving a life sentence. Absolutely garbage.

I have my feelings who I believe is possibly guilty of the murder. I hope the courts finally get their head out of their asses, give Steven and Brendan a new trial and the defense is able to dig even deeper and finally show everybody the truth.

But yes, I believe the Manitowoc County emails hold a lot of answers and can possibly get both Steven and Brendan a new trail (which they both deserve) and I believe there could be arrests made within the Manitowoc County office.

The Manitowoc County emails are the key – now, how do they get them?

Even though they’re on opposite ends of the spectrum, you can see from the NCAA emails that they were trying to bluff and scare Penn State into excepting the sanctions (and a lot of other damning emails against the NCAA) – but this information would not have come to light if those emails were never released. That’s why I’m positive some damning information can come out in the Steven Avery case.

I am not a lawyer, I watched the docuseries like a lot of other people and I feel as though SA and BD both got screwed by the judicial system.


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