Colborn's Calls To Dispatch

Colborn’s Calls To Dispatch on November 3rd

Colborn’s Calls To Dispatch on November 3rd

Everybody pretty much remembers Colborn’s calls to dispatch about the license plates – there is much debate on why he was calling them in the first place and whether or not he was looking at the plates or from notes he made. Below are transcripts from his other calls to dispatch on November 3rd which were transcribed by Redditor angieb15


Colborn’s calls to dispatch:

As best as I can tell these calls from Colborn are on the 3rd. Colborn’s shift was Noon til 8:00 pm this day. He testifies that he joins Remiker and Dedering at Zipperer’s when he’s already on overtime. He testifies that he passes Zipperer’s at 7:15ish pm and doesn’t stop because he doesn’t see lights on in the house.

Various calls to Dispatch about Halbach Case[1] 

Call 1

Karen: Manitowoc Sheriff’s Department, Karen speaking. Can I help you?
Colborn: Karen.
Karen: Yeah.
Colborn: I hear that the city just discovered a little while ago, a 25 year old dead girl in an apartment on the south side of town?
Karen: Yeah, that was, they just discovered her early this morning, 8 this morning, city is working on it.
Colborn: Any chance… is it Teresa M Halbach? She’s 25 years old, that’s why I’m wondering. Do we have an ID on her?
Karen: Yeah, Kerri knows the name, hold on…… Andy, it’s Carmen Boutwell….Andy.
Colborn: It’s not our missing girl from Calumet?
Karen: No.
Colborn: Okay sounds good.
Karen: OK bye.

Call 2.
Karen: Manitowoc Sheriff’s Department, Karen speaking.
Colborn: Karen I need you to run a criminal history for me I’ll give you the guy’s name, middle initial date of birth that whole thing. It’s Zipperer, George, common spelling, B boy. He’s a male white, 05 16 of 40, 5,16 of 40 and then give me a 21 if you have a criminal history… just let me know on the radio, if he has a criminal history okay, if there’s no history just let me know.
Karen: If you just hold on a sec I can let you know right away.
Colborn: (speaking to someone else) there’s the suspect right there, he’s upset, that’s… 83 though…inaudible… trouble.
Karen: He does have one.
Colborn: He does have a criminal history?
Karen: Yes, I don’t know what it is though, I’ve got to run another screen.
Colborn: (talking to someone else) said she was taking pictures of his son’s car, I don’t know son’s first name… just jot that address down there, okay?
Karen: It’s a disorderly conduct.
Colborn: Just a DC on his record then?
Karen: Yeah.
Colborn: Yeah I saw that in house. That was DDO related it looks like huh?
Karen: That was 2002.
Colborn: 02.
Karen: Yeah, it doesn’t tell me what…related.
Colborn: Okay, thank you very much.

I do not know where this one fits into these other calls.

Colborn’s Call about the Plates[2] 

Lynn: Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Department, this is Lynn.
Colborn: Lynn.
Lynn: Hi Andy.
Colborn: Can you run Sam William Henry 582 to see if it comes back to that missing person….
Lynn: Sam William Henry 582.
Lynn: You speak any Spanish there Andy?
Andy: No.
Lynn: I just got a call and the top of the list on call didn’t call me back. You know, if I get in trouble, I get in trouble Andy, you know, what am I supposed to do. My favorite one is in the City of Manitowoc.
Lynn: Okay, it shows she’s a missing person… lists to Teresa Halbach.
Colborn: Okay.
Lynn: Okay, that what you looking for Andy?
Colborn: 99 Toyota?
Lynn: Yep.
Colborn: Okay, thank you.
Lynn: You’re so welcome.


The 2 other calls Colborn made that day were about Carmen Boutwell and George Zipperer . (I’ll add a blog post about Carmen Boutwell in the next couple days I just posted one here).

The interesting part about the George Zipperer call was that Andy was wondering if George had a criminal history or not and sounded kinda surprised when the dispatcher came back and said he did have one. It turns out that it was only a DC. But it does show that they were looking into George Zipperer a little bit.

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Colborn's Calls To Dispatch
Colborn’s Calls To Dispatch


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