Upcoming Timeline

Upcoming Timeline of Events

Upcoming Timeline of Events

We’re all wondering what’s going on behind the scenes with the Steven Avery case, right? Well, it looks like we should be seeing some movement and key dates in the upcoming timeline.

Redditor Effleurage- put together an upcoming timeline of events and what we should expect to happen in the coming weeks/months:

I’m posting an update to the previous timeline from a couple of weeks ago about what we could expect from KZ. I’m also including the info from the original post so it is more “tidy” to look at.

The Clerk had to correct the record to reflect the number of pages for all 453 records including whatever was sealed or in envelopes. This is so both Zellner and the prosecution are on the same page (literally) when referring to the record.

On March 18th the Circuit Court stated the record was complete and notified involved parties that they would be shipping it out to the Appeals court on April 4th so it would arrive to the Appeals Court by the due date of April 6th.

The due date comes from this Notice of Compilation of Record: http://www.stevenaverycase.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Second-Notice-of-Corrected-Compilation-of-Record.pdf[1] Thanks /u/SkippTopp[2] !

The day the record is received by the Appeals Court is when the clock starts ticking (again) – at this point Zellner has 40 calendar days to submit her brief. Since April 6th seems to be the official date at this point, May 16th should be the date that we find out! All of Zellner’s arguments will be known at this time!

Random note: The brief, known as “The Brief of Appellant,” has a max of 50 pages or 11,000 words so it will hopefully be full of answers to the bazillion questions we all have!!! It’s possible the brief could be longer as the one filed in 2010 for SA contesting the search of his trailer, etc – was 100 pages and 29,000 words. His lawyers at the time filed a motion requesting the longer brief.

Back to the timeline…

Once KZ’s brief has been filed, the prosecution has 30 calendar days to respond. (June 15th)

Once the prosecution responds, KZ has 15 days to reply to the prosecution’s response. (June 30th)

Both KZ and the prosecution can request extensions for the above 3 things (KZ’s initial brief, prosecution’s response, and KZ’s reply brief.) There isn’t a set timeframe for the extensions or how long they can last for but they would need to show “good cause” per 809.8(2)(a) to get an extension.

At some point after Zellner’s reply, the Appeals Court will likely set a hearing for oral argument. The hearing could be set for weeks or months later. It doesn’t look like there is a timeline for the Wisconsin Appellate Court to make a ruling. Hopefully since this is a high profile case and the world is watching…. it will be “quick.”


Link to original post (although most everything is in the post): https://www.reddit.com/r/MakingaMurderer/comments/4a59gm/when_to_expect_the_juicy_details_from_zellner_a/[4] 

*Updated to reflect dates after seeing the Complication of Record notice having a due date of April 6th


If these dates hold true, then we should be seeing what Kathleen Zellner has been working on and finally get answers to her cryptic Tweets!

All I can say is “Stay Tuned!”

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Upcoming Timeline
Upcoming Timeline
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