Pelvis Bone

The Pelvis Bone

The Pelvis Bone

As you’re aware, there are so many twists and turns in this case that it can give you a headache (it has given me a lot since watching the docu-series and then researching the case afterwards.) The next twist to the case is the pelvis bone and where it was found.

Redditor foghaze was doing some digging around and came across some discrepancies as to where the pelvis bone was found and the ramifications it has for the case:


All during the trail and all we have been hearing is Eisenberg testifying the only human-like pelvis bones were at the quarry. She is insistent about not knowing for certain if these bones are human (so is Kratz and Fallon). According to Ken Bennett he positively ID the Ilium (pelvis) on 11/8 and it was not only human but female. This was the day the bones were found and because of the positive ID Law enforcement were able to arrest Avery at this point because the bone was found on his property. The only problem is there are no ilium bones noted by Eisenberg in evidence at the burn pit on Steven’s property. The only thing that even resembles an Ilium is at the quarry. Eisenberg even states when she first saw the quarry bones she was convinced they were human but for some reason changed her mind and cannot say why. She never gives a good reason why she couldn’t say it was a human ilium. She just says she cannot say either way whether it is human or non-human.

Dr. Eisenberg also says she identified the gender with facial bone fragments from the pit. The reason she couldn’t use the pelvis is because this bone was now recorded in evidence as being at the quarry! If you know anything about identifying bones you know that the pelvis would be one of the fastest ways to do so if enough of it is still in tact. It is much faster than piecing together dozens of tiny facial bones which would have taken days. The state didn’t have this much time. Eisenberg later uses the facial fragments from the burn pit because the state gave the ilium bone from the quarry to Bennett for verification on 11/8 and even reported it in the criminal complaint as being from Avery’s back yard! Why do you think it was such a big deal during trial that the state insist that Eisenberg doesn’t know if the pelvis like bone/ilium isn’t human? Because it would prove the bones that were positively ID as being female and human (Per Dr. Bennett on 11/8) were not on Steven Avery’s property but in the quarry! They were able to arrest Avery on the spot this day because of this ilium bone found. Had it been in the quarry it wouldn’t have been on his property.

What’s disturbing is the Halbach’s were told on 11/9 that the bone found on Avery’s property was from a female. Even though they didn’t have a conclusive ID match the Halbach’s accepted the female bones found on Avery’s property was Teresa’s and even called off the searches! They were mourning Teresa’s death at a prayer vigil on Nov 10th based solely on a female bone found on Avery’s property! Why didn’t the Halbach’s wait for more conclusive evidence that the female remains were in fact Teresa’s? Is it because LE insisted the odds that the bones from another female other than Teresa found on Avery’s property were slim to none? Maybe if the Halbach’s knew the bone actually came from the quarry they might have not accepted it was Teresa and still remained hopeful. The media even started reporting on 11/10 that the bones found in the burn pit on Avery’s property were female well before Eisenberg could verify it. Eisenberg had been out of town until 11/10 which is the whole reason Bennett was asked to do it on 11/8.

The fact we don’t have any pictures of the actual burn pit behind Avery’s house and the bone that was identified the very first day by Dr. Bennett as being the ilium (which we know came from the quarry) tells me that most likely all the bones may have been from the quarry or somewhere else entirely.. All the human bones were spread out in 3 locations yet indicated they were all burned in one place. This means they had to have been moved. So if Eisenberg never saw the bones at Avery’s and all she got were containers marked with the location from where they were supposedly found how do we know all these bones didn’t actually come from the same place? We don’t. The fact that all the charred human bones indicated they came from the same skeleton and the same burn pile pretty much proves they came from one place and if you trust the evidence that would be in the quarry where the pelvis/ilium is! LE needed the bones to be on Avery’s property to get the ball rolling on his conviction by 11/10, before the big scheduled deposition. November 10th is becoming more and more significant.

See this for a visual

Screenshot of Criminal Complaint 11/8 with pic of Pelvis evidence @ quarry


Criminal Complaint document showing pelvis ID’d by Ken Bennett

Bones in quarry – tag 8675


That mysterious pelvis bone… as you can see, where it was found is very important to the case. Had they have found the pelvis bone in the quarry then they would not have been able to arrest Steven because it doesn’t prove he had anything to do with Teresa’s murder- however, if it was found on his property, that is more than enough to get an arrest warrant and arrest Steven. With Steven being arrested, the depositions of Sheriff Kocourek and Denis Vogel were canceled and the rest is history.

So where exactly was the pelvis bone found? If it wasn’t found on Steven’s property, then this is just another reason why he and Brendan shouldn’t be behind bars.



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Pelvis Bone
Pelvis Bone
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