Opinion On Ryan Hillegas

Opinion On Ryan Hillegas

Opinion On Ryan Hillegas

Ryan Hillegas. What’s your opinion on Ryan Hillegas? He sure is gaining a lot of attention lately and more and more people are suspecting him to be the actual murder of Teresa Halbach. I have my own suspicions that it was him.

Below, is Redditor /u/Pudgelee¬†and their opinion on Ryan Hillegas and as to why he could be guilty of the murder and how he acted alone and framed Steven Avery. This theory excludes Teresa’s brother Mike Halbach from being involved (I’m still up in the air as to whether or not he was involved but I’m thinking he was involved in some way).

Again, these are just theories and nobody knows the truth – YET.


I started by watching MaM without knowing anything about the series or the case. I immediately was hooked and binge watched the series.

My immediate reaction was a sickness in my stomach and a strong belief that LE dropped the ball in many areas and at the very least SA was robbed of a fair trial and BDs story was a tragic one and that people should be held responsible for the way his confession and trial played out.

After watching I began looking at materials, info and watching this sub closely. Reading through the evidence and all discussions my opinion started to shift towards SAs innocence but at no point have I seen anything to lead me to believe or look at anyone as a specific suspect. I just don’t believe the information was readily available and some of the stories and the conviction that people were making the accusations were ridiculous… until now.

I am now ready to look at Ryan Hillegas as a suspect.

This line of thought was triggered by Zellners direction towards an obvious suspect. I am willing to give weight to KZs releases based on her legal history and track record. So her tweeting SAs letter clearing the family in my opinion means she believes it also wasn’t the family. We can go back to Strang and Buting in MaM talking about the very high percentage of times that a former or current lover being the primary suspect. I believe those two were being honest in their handling of the case.

  • I think there is reason to suspect a stalking history, in what was a very long term and unusal relationship as described by Ryan. We have a coworker of TH mentioning ongoing harassing calls and an offer to intervene with TH saying not to worry. I think that it could be very likely that she says not to worry because Ryan is the source of the harassment and after many years of being together romantically and as friends she truly believes he does not pose a threat.
  • Under oath Ryan very quickly tells of the last time he saw TH, he describes why he went to the house and watch she was doing without hesitation…. but then claims to have no idea of what time in the day it was… when asked was this morning? day? Night? In my opinion the few seconds after this answer are a very telling few seconds for Ryans facial expressions, mannerisms and posture. I believe he is very nervous and clearly lying in this spot.
  • Ryan had access to the voicemail and there is reason to believe the potential for deleting voicemails.
  • Mike and Ryan definitely scramble together on video interview when they are answering about their access to the Avery lot in the search. To me this is a connection of them to the potential for evidence mishandling and their hand in the mayhem.
  • I have no reason to believe that brother mike was involved in anything more than potentially some evidence mishandling…
  • My current most belief holds Ryan as the lone primary suspect. He then tried to frame SA because of the media attention. (Ryan mentions this under oath when being questioned by KK when I believe KK wanted him to answer his question with we looked there because it was the last place she was seen alive). As the search and evidence moved forward there was some crossover of the police believing they had SA as the right suspect, Ryan helping with more evidence and Mike getting caught somewhere in the middle. However at this point I’m willing to accept that he had more help along the way if evidence points that direction…. personally it is just less of a leap to have 1 person doing this then to jump to the police knowingly helping a murderer escape from his crime to pin it on SA… yes I’m aware of their motive… but i don’t have any reason to believe yet that the organizational corruption sunk to this level.

In my opinion this is all still possible with the police and Mike believing that SA is the real killer.

  • Two pieces of info that people are saying point to Ryan that I am not including as support for what I currently believe are
  • The pics of Ryans hand(s) 1 especially unusal 3 lines which have been proposed to be fingernail scratches.
  • The photo from a college newspaper of Ryan quoted as saying he is most scared of women because they’re evil. While this is creepy if he is proven to be the killer, I don’t think it’s any sort of evidence to anything because many people could joke like this.

I would love for you to either A. Find evidence to help move me away from holding Ryan as believable suspect. (My preference is not to have a suspect in mind with the information available.) Or B. Run with this theory to find more pieces that fit, support or prove this theory.


Do you think Ryan Hillegas is the murderer? Did he act alone or did he have the help of Teresa’s brother Mike Halbach?

What is your opinion on Ryan Hillegas? Do you think these theories are plausible or not?

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