Wiegart and Fassbender

Are Wiegart and Fassbender The Masterminds

Are Wiegart and Fassbender The Masterminds Behind The Planting?

A lot of the evidence in the Steven Avery case is really questionable. I think the majority of people think that a lot of the evidence was planted in order to frame Steven and Brendan. Redditor /u/hos_gotta_eat_too has a theory that Wiegart and Fassbender are the masterminds behind the planting.


I am starting to think the masterminds of the planting…

is Wiegart and Fassbender. I think they began the planting..and Colborn and Lenk went with it. Think about it..Wiegart and Fassbender were the main points of contact with Brendan (I think O’ Neill got his statement in Crivitz) but only because he was in Marinette County and they took him over from there on out.

News reporter here: https://youtube.com/watch?v=BhUr62JWFzk[1] 

“That’s how he came up with all these details, which by the way, a lot of them led to data and evidence in this case”

Brendan tells them where things are and they magically appear…but the key components of the case..DNA, blood..is missing. So, the boy describes a gory scene. Nothing to show for a gory scene. Boy describes items that could be found…and voila..they are found.

Wiegart was in TH’s apartment on Nov. 3rd. I want to know if he was there after the 4th (going back to my screenshot I posted with my belief it is the key)…if he came back…he grabbed the key, passed it to Lenk for planting. Wiegart knew about the blood in storage a year before the crime according to Kratz email I saw posted here.


He is acknowledging Avery’s vial of blood’s existence and Wiegart checking on it..11 months before telling the court that they had just learned of it’s existence the previous month. Wiegart.

Fassbender was with that Rav4 with a tarp over it, and if I recall correctly, was lead on the scene? (Correct if wrong)..He is there the entire time with the tarp, clear of prying eyes to see him swabbing the DNA that he and Wiegart illegally collected when arresting Avery…groin swabs that they “oh yeah” suddenly remembered after they were done…that the warrant does not call for them. But they are now in play, whether they claim they are destroyed or not. I would like to know if the 2 nurses present during this exam and DNA collection would be able to confirm disposing of the swabs and if at anytime Wiegart or Fassbender was alone in that room they were disposed in.


In that same statement on Nov. 9th, Avery also told them he was confused why he needed DNA done, since they already had his DNA…It makes me wonder anyone else he might have told that so it would ring a bell “hey, we got his blood on hand!” between Nov. 3rd (reported missing) and Nov. 5th (car found with his blood). He talked to Colborn on the 4th, if I recall correctly. Lenk claims to have had no idea about the blood…but his name is all over paperwork..including the check-in sheet with an inventory of items from 7/29/85, that included “Blood Standard – Steven Avery”.

Wiegart and Fassbender tried their Reid technique on both Blaine and Jodi, before Brendan finally fell into their trap. Wiegart (or Fassbender or both) stormed out of the restaurant he was being interviewed in when the interrogation tactic became to frustrating for them, and was not working on him. Jodi did not crack, and demanded to not speak to either investigator again.

I really think Calumet detective, Wiegart and Special Investigator Fassbender asked the Manitowoc sheriff’s who they think is good for it…They named Avery and these two went to town with it.


This is a theory by a Redditor and is in no way claiming this to be factual. The facts will eventually come out and I’m thinking we’ll be hearing about them pretty soon and then heads are going to roll. Will Wiegart and Fassbender heads be rolling too? We shall see!





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