One Step Closer - It's Not Over For Steven Avery

One Step Closer – It’s Not Over For Steven Avery

A little over 3 years ago, the world was introduced to Steven Avery through Making a Murderer. A little over 3 years ago, Steven Avery was, for the most part, an unknown outside of Wisconsin. A little over 3 years ago, Steven Avery was on the verge of losing all of his appeals and his options were very limited. A little over 3 years ago, a lawyer named Kathleen Zellner agreed to take up Steven Avery’s case. A little over 3 months ago, the world was introduced to Kathleen Zellner and got a sneak peek into the processes that go on behind the scenes. A little over 3 hours ago, the Wisconsin Court of Appeals had ruled in Steven and Kathleen’s favor and has sent the case back to the Circuit Court.

What does this mean for Steven? Well, Zellner has been filing motions with the courts since the day she took over Steven’s case and during that time, she has unearthed a lot of “forgotten” evidence. She’s been able to get more witnesses to come forward and speak the truth on behalf of Steven. She has identified a plethora of inconsistencies and issues riddled throughout the case. She has named other suspects the state should have investigated, but have failed to do so, properly. – But most of her motions were either straight up ignored or weren’t even considered by the Circuit Court. The Circuit Court judge is acting as corrupt as the original investigators in this case.

Basically, the Circuit Court was doing everything it could to prevent the case from moving forward in the appeals process; but that didn’t stop Kathleen Zellner! She brushed off, composed herself and continued to build on her motions and took it to the next level. And boy, did she ever take it to the next level!

Any non-corrupt person can take a look at all of the evidence Zellner and Co. has put into their motions and will see how the Circuit Court is trying everything they can to screw Steven Avery. The corruption doesn’t stop. Sickening, isn’t it?!?

The State gave the Halbach’s the bones that were in evidence – that’s a big issue. Why? Because Steven is still appealing the case and ALL evidence that was made available at trial, must remain available to the defense until ALL appeal processes have been exhausted.

Well guess what, the bones were a major factor in the case (remember, the state “found” them in Steven’s burn pit) and they were used to tie Steven to the murder – but there are a lot of questions surrounding those bones and Zellner wanted to test them for DNA and make sure they were what they said they were – but now, since those bones are no longer in state custody, Zellner is unable to test them and that’s a quagmire for the state.

Are the bones human? Are the bones Teresa’s? Were the bones that were found in the quarry Teresa’s? The bones are a crux to the case, but yet, the state decided to give them back to Teresa’s family and are now unable to be analyzed. That’s a pretty big issue that needs to be addressed by the state; however, it’s been a few weeks now and the state has yet to make any comments or file any answers to the court. We all await patiently for their excuse!

Zellner and her lawyers have put thousands of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars towards this appeals process and the State basically ignores everything that’s brought forth. In their minds, they think if they close their eyes, mouth and ears, they won’t have to answer the Courts, Steven, Zellner, Wisconsinites or the Court of Public Opinions.

But atlas, the Court of Appeals looked at all of the motions, evidence and statements and have decided that the Circuit Court MUST address these new findings and even hold a hearing to lay it all out. The Circuit Court can’t ignore this anymore – they need to do their due diligence and do what is right. The longer they keep fighting this, the longer this is going to draw out; but in the end, it’s going to be Steven Avery who is the victor in all of this (with Brendan benefiting from this as well).

There have been many setbacks in this case… many of them would have deterred normal lawyers. The amount of corruption in this case would have other lawyers wash their hands of it and move on. The amount of roadblocks in this case would make other lawyers cry. Good thing Kathleen Zellner isn’t like any of the other lawyers!

We are far from the end of this unfortunate case. It seems as though the State will continue fighting tooth and nail to ensure Steven Avery doesn’t see the light of day ever again. The reason why they’re fighting this hard is simple – their world will come crashing down IF the TRUTH finally comes out; if it does, it’s pretty much lights out for some key players from the State. One would hope these scumbags pay the price for all of the evil and malicious things they have done to Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey.

We’re one step closer in finding the truth. We’re one step closer in seeing Steven and Brendan free. We are one step closer to bringing down some of the corruption in not only Wisconsin, but throughout the USA.

Just remember – keep fighting the good fight. The more you and I talk about this case and bring focus to it, the harder it is for the State to coward and hide. EVERY voice for Steven and Brendan helps. Whether you’re a nobody like me or a powerhouse like Zellner, your voice is important in getting the word out and opening more eyes to the corruption. The more people for Team Avery/Zellner, the better.

I predict that the State is going to re-evaluate everything set forth by Zellner and once they realize they’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, they’ll have no other options but to give up and free Steven and Brendan – BUT they’ll blame it on technicalities and will still cry injustice. That’s the only way they’ll get out of this relatively unscathed. If they have to free Steven and Brendan to save face and to prevent the real truth from getting out, they’ll do it. They’ll put on a show and bitch and moan about it, but they know it’s the only thing they can do without too many consequences. I guess we’ll see!

I’m sure the next few weeks are going to be busy and a lot of motions are going to be filed with the Courts. Enjoy!

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