Kathleen Zellner Spent $175,000 of Her OWN Money to Prove Steven Avery is Innocent

Kathleen Zellner Spent $175,000 of Her OWN Money to Prove Steven Avery is Innocent

Kathleen Zellner Spent $175,000 of Her OWN Money to Prove Steven Avery is Innocent

Kathleen Zellner has spent more than $175,000 so far in order to prove that Steven Avery is innocent. In total, she has spent over $233,000 of which, The Midwest Innocence Project, the Avery family and donations made up the other $58,000.

(Just a quick update – November 2018): This amount has since gone up after this article was published. More testing was done and more experts were hired by Zellner; and when you hire the best experts in the world, you’re going to pay for that expertise.

SOme reports are now saying that Kathleen Zellner and Co. have spent close to 1 million dollars so far and that amount continues to rise with all the testing she’s continuing to do. If more evidence is released for her to test, you can bet that she’ll be spending even more money for all the testing.

When all is said and done, she could possibly be 5 million dollars into this case. That’s amazing and sad at the same time. I mean, it’s awesome that Zellner is spending that kind of money to get Steven Avery freed, but, it’s sad that 1 million dollars needs to be spent in order for an innocent person can walk free.

If the State of Wisconsin didn’t frame him, we wouldn’t be in this predicament. How many other innocent people are in jail and will most likely die there because they can’t afford the experts and testing to prove to the courts that they’re innocent. The system is broken and if you don’t have the money to fight back, you’re screwed. Totally screwed.

Steven Avery got lucky here. He has the best of the best working on his case and he has a very good chance of being released; but if the documentary “Making A Murderer” never happened, his fate would have been sealed and he wouldn’t have any other options because he doesn’t have the money for everything Zellner is doing.

Thankfully, besides Zellner, there are other organizations out there that help innocent people in jail. One of those organizations is

The Innocence Project – Help us put an end to wrongful convictions!

Without these types of organizations, many, many more innocent people would die in prison because of the way the system is and if you can’t pay, then you can’t play. It’s a very sad reality.

So, If Steven was guilty, do you really think she would spend that much money and time on him going through the courts?!?

Since it’s that time of year (again!), I think all of his supporters should come together and donate something to his cause to help Kathleen offset some of these expenses and to show our support for her, her team and Steven Avery.

Below is a donation link that goes straight to Kathleen Zellner and then she disperses it to where she needs it to go. I am not affiliated with this link and the money does not come to me and goes straight to Kathleen Zellner.

Donate to Help Pay For Steven Avery’s New Legal Fees

Donate To Steven Avery’s Commissary 

Kathleen Zellners Law Office Website

Even if it’s not much, any and all donations would be accepted and will help in every way! I donated before and I just donated again and I’ll continue to donate until Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey are freed.

If you believe that Steven Avery is innocent, please go and donate something to help his case. Most of us supporters already knew about the ability to donate, but for those of you that don’t or if you forgot about it, this is just a friendly reminder!

Merry Christmas and hopefully next year, both Steven and Brendan will be free and spending it with their families (well, that depends on who the actual murderer is).


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