Teresa's Stalker

Looking Into Teresa’s Stalker

Looking Into Teresa’s Stalker

The other day, I posted about the killers possible profile – today, I’m posting about Teresa’s stalker.

There was testimony from Tom Pearce suggesting Teresa had a stalker. She was receiving unwanted and  harassing phone calls. Teresa never told Tom who they were from – so we have to ask, who was Teresa’s stalker?

Again, Redditor BugDog1 talks about the profile of a stalker and shows how they link to Teresa:


If Teresa was really being harassed or stalked, was Tom Pearce the only one she confided in? I would imagine if she had confided in anyone else that Steven was harrasing her (or even just being an annoying customer) that any reports of that would have been highlighted by the prosecution?

/u/homicidalhousewife came up with the idea of exploring the possible stalking aspect a bit more.


Using data from here https://victimsofcrime.org/docs/Common%20Documents/Research%20on%20Partner%20Stalking%20Report.pdf?sfvrsn=0

…and here http://www.avaproject.org.uk/media/28792/hors276.pdf





  • most women are stalked by a man


As with murder a partner/husband/boyfriend/ex boyfriend is stastically more likely to be the offender.

  • Around 60% of stalkers fall into those relationship category partner/ex


However stastically more likely does not mean definitely


  • About 20% of women are stalked by acquaintances

Teresa’s work exposed her to a large number of local customers and (as we see from the small selection of Autotrader documents in the evidence exhibits) she had repeat customers.


  • about 20% are stalked by strangers

As Tom indicated that Teresa recognised the number calling her, should we assume she also recognised the identity of the person associated with that number?

If so then we can reasonably rule out the possibility of the stalker being a stranger.




The most common behaviours exhibited by stalkers fall into these categories;


  • PHYSICAL SURVEILLANCE following, spying on, bumping into


I can’t think of any directly reported incidents of this. Depending on what Teresa’s perception of Ryan was (friend or unwanted contact) he may fall into this category. If Ryan was ‘unwanted attention’ then his visits to Scott potentially could fit this category.


  • UNWANTED COMMUNICATION (phone) calls & texts


If Tom’s statement was truthful then we can tick this category on the list. Will we ever see her full phone rcords to reveal who it may be?


  • UNWANTED COMMUNICATION (other) letters, emails, messages, gifts


So far we have not heard any evidence of this type of behaviour. Does anyone know of her computer was checked?

Destruction of her PDA and phone could have been an attempt to conceal such activity.

It may be worth mentioning at this stage there were some ‘preliminary’ reports of both Earl and Chuck pursuing female customers with unwanted gifts and contact. There are also completely unsubstantiated rumours of issues with an ex of Ryan.


  • PROPERTY INVASION AND/OR DAMAGE breaking in, removing personal items, causing damage to the victim’s home


To date I have not seen any evidence indicating if her house keys or purse (with ID) were ever located. There was also some mention in (I think) Fassbender’s report about a missing garage door opener. Could someone have stolen Teresa’s keys and that was why she was using her spare key in the rav4?

This could indicate an escalation of the stalker behaviour prior to Teresa’s murder. It could aslo indicate that if they could access her home and fax machine to reprint then they would have the addresses she would be visiting the day she went missing.


  • PROXY STALKING using other people to find out what the victim is doing or to get close to them

It could be insinuated that this is something Ryan did, however as I do not know how Teresa perceived him (a friend, or Scott’s friend) that is difficult to know.


  • TECHNOLOGY STALKING’ access the victim’s online accounts (social,media, billing etc.) or using tracking technology (car tracker)

Ryan indicated that several of Teresa’s friends were involved in accessing Teresa’s cingular account. Was her computer password protected on start up? Or was he familiar with gaining access to her computer?

Her brother was also able to access her voicemail. This would perhaps indicate that it would not have been a very difficult task for someone familiar with Teresa to work out her passwords and access her accounts.


Do you have any other stalker related suspicions or evidence which could be added?


Also if Tom was making an incorrect statement about the ‘stalker’ do you think he fabricated the claim? Misunderstood the circumstances? Or something else?


Who do you think fits Teresa’s stalker profile from the list of possible suspects? (When I say ‘suspects’, I’m referring to the theories of the possible suspects and not actual police suspects).

I don’t believe Steven Avery was stalking Teresa. I believe there was somebody else who was making the harassing calls and whatever else she was dealing with and that could have possibly led up to her murder.

Stay tuned! And as always, thanks for reading! 🙂




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Teresa's Stalker
Teresa’s Stalker



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