Profile For Teresa's Killer

A Profile For Teresa’s Killer

A Profile For Teresa’s Killer

With Steven Avery likely not being the killer, we don’t have a concrete profile for Teresa’s killer. But if you look closely at all the evidence, you can try and paint a picture to get an understanding about the killer.

Redditor BugDog1 put together a profile for Teresa’s killer and shows how the pieces of evidence back up the claim.


If there had been no obvious suspects in the case and we utilise the most credible evidence to form a profile, what might a criminal profile have looked like?

Here are some of my suggestions. What would you add.




  • good local knowlege & enough familiarity with Avery salvage to access multiple areas and pass Bear. Also knowing where to locate debris to camouflage the RAV4 may indicate a more intimate knowledge as they would be moving large items around (not very inconspicuous)
  • comfortable/ familiar with methodical burning
  • male 25-60 (stastically derived)
  • reasonable physical strength (or an accomplice required to move the body and also the heavy materials used to cover RAV4)
  • possible military/hunter/LE background (based on specific location of gunshots to head)
  • in full time employment (had 5 days to destroy all evidence but did not achieve it)
  • may have had or desired to have a (caring) relationship with the victim (Cremation is an unusual body disposal method and could be indicative of relationship and not solely a desire to destroy evidence)
  • possible law enforcement and/or mechanical background (disconnected battery)
  • an “old school” forensic awareness (that is if the print on the vehicle were not his, if they were change that to no forensic awareness. Didn’t clean inside of car, but no prints. Removed number plates but did not destroy vin or vehicle)

I would like to add to that it appears the money she collected and documentation from that day was not found (I dont think?) but receipts and other items were found. So an attempt to conceal their identity but not the identifying forensic evidence?


  • able to drive and with poor knowlege of towing and vehicle interior (vehicle damaged yet the killer did not seem to be in any rush)
  • possibly has no children (this is very abstract but the killer didnt know how to fold the rear seats of the rav4 properly and uswd the broken blinker to prop them up. Most parents – or people familiar with a variety of cars – you would expect to know)
  • low intelligence (if the rav4 was not put there with the intention of discovery then the direction of parking and attempt at concealment was extrmely naive)

However if the car was put there with the intention of it being found then the conclusion would be the opposite.

  • killer was not working somewhere in 2pm – 6pm time frame on 31st Oct when she went missing
  • an awareness of the capabilities of technology (pda & phone destroyed to prevent tracing location and possibly destroying evidence contained within them too.)




  • ROBBERY – motive unlikely robbery (small amount of cash unaccounted for, valuable items destroyed. Vehicle not stolen)
  • FINANCIAL – motive unlikely financial (it does not appear Th had assets, nor did she work in a job where she may have been involved in fraud)
  • RAPE – motive possible. No evidence of rape. A killer with this motive we would expect to see some history of violent sexual assault.
  • ARGUMENT – motive possible. We don’t have much background on Teresa to know if there is anyone she had dispute with.
  • RELATIONSHIP/LOVE TRIANGLE (jealousy, rejection…) – possible motive. As above. We don’t have sufficient info on victim. If she was being stalked by phone this would push this motive to the top of the list.
  • IMPULSE/RAGE – possible motive. Perpetrator would likely have history of explosive incidents with some degree of violence involved.
  • SILENCING/SECRET – low probability motive. Unless connected to love triangle. Knowledge of a crime (child pornography, fraud, other criminal activity) as motive would seem low but as Teresa did work with children in photography and sports coaching it could not be completely ruled out of she discovered an inappropraite relationship.
  • MIXED MOTIVE – if LE chose to exploit the evidence for framing there may be that additional motive at work that pollutes the evidence pointing to the killers motive




  • ACCIDENT – low probability. Gunshot to side of head may have been accidental, however it seems less lilkely that the shot to the back of the head was intentional.
  • SUICIDE – extremely low to no probability. 2 gunshots and their locations I think this can be ruled out. Gunshots would have to be post mortem. Stastically women will overdose most commonly.


This profile fits a couple people who weren’t considered suspects – all of which have their own theories! (All of which can be found here!)

If you were to make a profile for Teresa’s killer, what would it include? Would it be similar or would it be different?



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Profile For Teresa's Killer
Profile For Teresa’s Killer
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