The Cell Phone Towers

The Cell Phone Towers And Their Story

The Cell Phone Towers

The cell phone towers are most likely going to play a big role in getting Steven and Brendan exonerated. They help tell a story of where Teresa was on October 31st and where she went throughout the day. They can also answer the question- did Teresa leave Steven Avery’s property and if she did, where did she go? That question is very, very important. Because if she left Steven’s property and shows that she was at another location because her cell phone was pinging other cell phone towers that aren’t close to Steven’s property, that pretty much proves that Steven didn’t have anything to do with her murder (we all know he didn’t but it’s going to be needed to prove to the courts that he didn’t do it)

Redditor Foghaze once again does an excellent write up and this time talks about the cell phone towers


I recently made a post about how it would be impossible for Teresa to go to Schmitz based off the state’s timeline. This post was to make a point. It is more than obvious she left a lot earlier than what the state claims. If Schmitz is off about 20 min regarding what time TH calls him we can also assume he is off when she arrives. I have always thought she arrived at Schmitz much earlier and the state was off or they were off on purpose. Surely this could not have been that difficult for investigators. Which is why I tend to think they were hiding something. You will understand why I think this once I’m done explaining everything. It will be long but trust me it is worth the read.


I found something very coincidental and possibly damming back in March regarding the towers and I have been very hesitant to even share it. Once I explain TH movements (time and pings) I will share with you what I found. Tracking Teresa’s movements gets a tad tricky but I do belive we can actually trace her movements down to the specific tower she hits right as her phone rings for the last time at 2:41. This is all based on the fact that in a very short timeframe Teresa must hit the same cell tower two times and has a significant distance to travel within this very small window.


We know Teresa hits the same tower just different sectors. Once at 1:52pm (tower 21103) which is after Schmitz but before she arrives at Avery’s or Zipperers. This location is key. She must go to Avery’s and Zippers and return back here by 2:41. I’m going to show you how the state’s narrative cannot be correct because she has to hit this again at 2:41pm (tower 21101). There is a way she can actually get back to this area but not according to the official story.

The 2:41 call is the very last ping her phone receives before she is never seen nor heard of again. Many believe this is the vicinity where something sinister occurred. (If you aren’t familiar with her cell report here it is[1] so you can reference it.)


We know she calls Schmitz at 12:51 and she is still in the vicinity of her own home tower which is 21112. We do not know if she is still home or has actually left for Schmitz and is still within range from her own home tower. It takes around 30 minutes to go from Teresa’s house to Schmitz. Either way let’s shave some time off just to narrow this down so there will be no question about her actual location when she pings this tower at 1:52. Let’s say she leaves at 12:45pm to go to Schmitz. This gives her a 7 minute lead and in all likelihood she will hit another tower not long after leaving her house. So there is a little wiggle room if she stays longer than 5 minutes for a shoot.


Keep in mind if Teresa leaves any later than 12:55 it makes it near to impossible for her to hit one tower 2 times in only 49 minutes because there is simply not enough time for distance traveled. If she really left Schmitz later than 1:25 this double tower hit in 49 minutes would be literally impossible. Based on Avery’s and Zipperers location from Schmitz there is not enough time for her to get back to this location. I am convinced what I’m going to explain reveals the location of tower 2110. I’ve been looking at this tower since March and I have not made a post on it because it may reveal something LE never wanted anyone to put together. Which would explain a lot. I am not even sure if I should post this but I think now is as good of a time than ever.


Distance traveled and times are calculated using Google maps. I use google maps very frequently and I can say it is extremely accurate. This is even when I’m going over the speed limit a little. I always get there plus or minus a few minutes from what Google estimates. Since we do not know TH exact speed nor the exact time she left her home nor how long it takes at each shoot I’m going to shave it down to literally the bare minimum regarding time. Meaning when she get’s the call at 1:52 it will be highly unlikely she was able to get much further than this location because you can only get so far in a certain period of time. Also keep in mind she has to do all this without stopping for anything else.


  • TH leaves at 12:45 to Schmitz. (30 min). Arrives at 1:15. Takes about 5 minutes for her shoot, collect payment etc and leaves
  • She is back on the road by 1:20. It takes 55 minutes from Schmitz to Avery’s[2] . It takes 45 min from Schmitz to Zipperers[3] . Note: It does not matter where she goes first because she will hit tower 21103 whether she is going to Avery’s first or Zipperer’s first.
  • 32 minutes after leaving Schmitz at 1:52 (while still driving) she receives a call that pings tower 21103. Here is her approximate location[4] . It is just east of Valders on County Rd JJ. This cell tower I have marked is only 1.38 miles from the approximate vicinity where she is driving so she is very close to this tower. This tower location is important because since she is so close to it if we were off 5 minutes either way she will still mostly likely be in range because she is a mile away from it. I have verified this tower was in service in 2005. It was constructed in 2001.
  • From this location (According to Google) she is still 15 minutes from Zipperers[5] . (about 10 miles) She would be 23 minutes from Avery’s. (about 21 miles)
  • Now here is where it gets tricky if you belive the state’s narrative (I do not) TH went to Zipperer’s before Avery’s. If that is true then she would arrive at Zipperer’s about 2:07. In order for TH to actually hit this tower again in such a short timeframe she cannot go to Zipperer’s before Avery’s. In fact there is no time for her to actually find Zipperer’s and stop for a shoot at all much less for the 10-15 minutes JEZ claims she was there. Even if she found Zipperers and drove past his house without stopping and went to Avery’s there is no time to get back in the range of 21101 by 2:41. We know for a fact she was at Avery’s so this works if she goes straight to Avery’s from Schmitz. Bear with me it will all make sense when I’m done.
  • From the point she hits tower 21103 at 1:52 it will take Teresa 23 min to get to Avery’s[6] . She only has 26 minutes to get back within range of 2110 tower after arriving at Avery’s.
  • Teresa arrives at Avery’s at aprox 2:16. (She calls GZ several minutes before arriving at Avery’s at 2:12 and pings 21923). I believe she had actually called GZ much earlier also before leaving like she did Avery and left a message letting him know about what time she would be there and was asking for a callback. I think there are actually 2 GZ messages. One in the morning and one at 2:12. I believe she tried to put in his address in Mapquest and couldn’t get results and called to tell him she needed help with finding his house. If you go to Mapquest and put in the Address she was given on the lead form nothing comes up. I have made several posts about this so I won’t get into it now. With that being said just before Arriving at Avery’s I believe she called and said she was driving down to this area and needed help with the address. I believe she was hoping he would call her to help her out on the way back down to his area. (Also note if she arrives at Avery’s at 2:16 it lines up with when Avery said she was there somewhere between 2:00 – 2:30).
  • Teresa leaves Avery’s at approximately 2:21 and starts to head toward Zipperer’s. It takes 17 minutes to GZ[7] . Note: regardless if TH takes a left like Avery claims on 147 toward Hwy 43 or takes a right to get on County Rd Q to go back south toward Zippperer’s she can be back in the vicinity of the tower she pinged earlier. So regardless which way she goes back toward Zipperer’s she will still be near tower 2110 about 2:41.
  • Just 6-7 minutes after leaving Avery’s on her way to Zipperer’s she get’s the infamous 2:27 call that many believe was not Autotrader. She does not pull over to talk because there is no time for her to get back to the area where 2110 will ping at 2:41. This is a few miles from [8] . (Note: she pings the 1st sector but this could be because sector 3 was filled and she was routed to sector 1). Just as she gets to the intersection of County Q and 310 the 2:27 call ends.
  • So by the time she gets off the phone she is literally at 310 intersection of County Q[9] where she would make the decision to go to Zipperers or make a right and go west back home (toward 21101). For some reason she goes right (west) back toward the 10. Away from Zipperers. Remember we are working against the clock at this point. She has only 9 minutes to get back in range of the 21101 tower for the 2:41 call and at this point she is still 5 minutes from GZ’s in the opposite direction of 21101.


If she goes to Zipperer’s she has 3 minutes before the 2:41 call and if she were actually at Zipperers for this call she would most likely not ping the tower she pinged at 1:52. It’s very far and there are many other towers close to Zipperer and if she is at Zipperer’s for this 2:41 call I’m quite sure it would ping a tower closer to him than one 15 minutes away. Remember you also need to factor in more time because LE claims she was having issues finding it (but hoped to in the next few minutes).


Here is a visual.[10] where she would be and what she did at approximately 2:32. She continues to drive on Route 10 for 6 more minutes and is now in range of 21101 and it’s 2:38. The same tower she pinged at 1:52 just a different sector. This tower is literally in between County JJ and Route 10[11] . If someone gave her directions to a location in this area or got into a fender bender she will ping sector 21101 at 2:41.


Here is a visual[12] and how it adds up.

The question is within these 3 minutes while she is in range of 2110 where did she go and what happened? TH still has 3 minutes to spare so did she turn off Hwy 10 and go to a rural location in this area or did she get into a fender bender on Hwy 10? If the 2:27 call was not autotrader and it was someone actually giving her directions purporting to be GZ like some believe (myself) she still has 3 minutes to go somewhere in this rural area off the 10 and still be in range of this tower.


So here comes the the good stuff. If this in fact the actual tower she pings it is going to make a lot of sense out of everything that doesn’t make sense very soon. Zellner explained in her Newsweek interview that TH left Avery’s and pinged a tower about 12 miles from Avery’s. Several months ago I decided to look up towers about 12 miles out geographically. Not driving distance. Everyone has been looking for this tower in driving distance NOT geographic miles. Tower distance is not calculated from one another in driving distance because depending on what route you take the distance will be different. Cell towers are measured in distance geographically. You could travel 12 miles from a tower but be 4 miles from it geographically. If you measure this tower from Avery’s geographically it is around 11.3 miles. I have measured all the towers geographically from Avery’s and this is the only one that comes close to exactly 12 miles and could be the same tower she hit at 1:52 and 2:41.


Now the most disturbing part about all this is what is next door to this tower less than a mile away. I do not know what it means if it means anything at all. We all know how coincidences are very common in this case. If what I am about to reveal means something then that explains why the state had to make up a bunch of shit about the timeline. Just to warn you, you might need a pair of new underwear when you see what is literally next door to this tower. If Strang and Buting put this connection together I think they would have flipped their shit too[13] 


The first question you are going to ask is is there a relationship to DV? The man who owns this farm is DV’s first cousin. Their fathers are brothers. I am not going to list any names whatsoever. If you want to look up everything yourself be my guest but I will tell you finding the connection was not easy but it is possible. I kept getting stuck verifying DV’s father but MsMinxster found this newspaper clipping[14] that confirmed DV’s father. This was the missing link I needed to tie it all together. I found everything else in obituaries. This is all I am going to give you because the rest is available to connect online. Does any of this mean something? I do not know but I find it awfully suspicious.


If this is just some crazy coincidence that doesn’t have anything to do with DV I think it looks awfully bad regardless just for the simple fact that TH was never seen nor heard of again literally a mile from an area that DV has family ties. I belive for this reason is why attention was focused on GZ and LE used him to create a diversion in an area in the opposite direction. LE did not want the defense to look at this tower because it does look pretty bad for Teresa to just so happen to go missing literally a mile from an area with DV’s NAME ON IT? You can’t make this shit up!


So now you all know why I have some different ideas about what happened to TH and why I distrust everything LE says. These idea’s of mine were not simply thought up out of thin air. A lot of thought has gone into it and there is very good reason why I have some of these theories. So some of you may think my line of thinking is a bit strange but now you know why. If I’m right about this being the area where she last pinged I can see why LE made an extravagant tale about Zipperer. They did not want anyone looking in the real area. They knew the defense would say she went to GZ last so they had to create a diversion by making GZ look suspicious! The tall tale about GZ being belligerent, wanted TH arrested for trespassing and saying his dog would eat people etc etc was just a diversion. They made him look like a crazy loose canon. I am convinced this was for one purpose only and that was to keep eyes from the opposite direction from where she actually was when she disappeared.


You have to admit if GZ was a diversion from the actual location of the tower then it totally worked. Even to this day this is where most are looking. If you think about it where has everyone been looking with all the information we have? In the Zipperer area! Why do you think no one has been able to figure out the towers and how she pings the same one in just 49 minutes? Because it appears to be impossible given there is not enough time. I am convinced LE did this on purpose and it worked. Even to this day everyone has been trying to figure out the towers near Zipperer’s and it doesn’t add up. So did LE succeed with the Zipperer diversion? They sure did. Until now.


Here is a link to the tower with it’s location if you would like to research it.[15]

It was a lot of reading, but it lays out where Teresa was that day and where she went after Steven’s. As you can see, those cell phone towers paint a picture and are going to be key evidence used to exonerate Steven and Brendan.

Only a couple more weeks and Kathleen Zellner should be submitting her brief with all the new evidence that will prove Steven and Brendan are innocent! Stay tuned!



The Cell Phone Towers
The Cell Phone Towers
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