The Farm Theory

The Farm Theory

The Farm Theory

This theory is centralized around the farm and the farm deeds that Teresa had. Allegedly, Tim Halbach (Teresa’s brother) filed papers on Teresa for these deeds in September of 2005 and the person who wrote this theory tries to make a connection between the two.

So the theory goes:


Notice the comments below by “Averyfiles”: Well I think what really needs to be shed light on here: Are Two Focuses: This Comment will only discuss the First;

The Best Motive For Teresa Halbach’s Disappearance on the Making A Murderer Scene involves the Halbach’s own pricy 225-acre Dairy Farm and members of her own family;
Focus #1) The Halbach Family Conspiracy; WHEREAS: Tim Halbach in September 2005 filed documentation on Teresa Halbach for farm deeds just 2 months prior to her disappearance; with the help and aid of George W. Twohig, whom, he opened a law firm with, also, in September 2005;

Twohig graduated in 1973 and went immediately into agriculture & business Law surrounding Farm deeds, inheritance, and ten year equity growth plans from those farms either being sold or passed on to children; To make a very strong note, he was chosen by Former Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager, to the Western District (Both are friends originating from Fon Du Lac) to sit as president of the Chilton Bar Association in 2004 with Tim, recently graduating from a Chicago Law School to serve alongside as President Elect of the Chilton Bar Association under Twohig, as well, in 2004;

Now, you would ask what a 1973 graduate like Twohig is doing partnering with Tim; but mind you, Steven filed a civil suit in 2004; and shortly after that, Teresa took a job for Autotrader; both events happening in October.
Nearly a year later Twohig took Tim as a Firm Partner in a new Firm that opened September 2005; then, after filing these farm deeds on Teresa, two months, later, ironically, Teresa would become a missing person;

Mike, nor the family shows any emotions; where mother, Karen Halbach, is even caught on video in a candle light vigil video being held at the St Jean Catholic School as a grieving parent and as soon, as she thinks the cameras are off, reverts to a normal ordinary posture without grief; as well, Mike is even recorded on January 19th having no emotions and a journalist makes a note of it; and he says “Don’t be fooled by my lack of expressing emotions, it’s hard.”
Also, keep in mind, a very religious Karen Halbach who claims to have kept in touch with Teresa daily never asked her daughter of her Halloween plans during the day of October 31st, nor did she call as concerned parents do and ask if her daughter returned from the said plans on Halloween night; this is strange activity for all Hallow’s Eve, when religious families know how dangerous such a night can be; and for Karen to have had no contact with Teresa during the day of a known day of evil is completely odd.

Furthermore; let’s discuss the January 19th 2006 video Mike is interviewed in regarding the topic of the FBI confirming the conclusive forensic results being bones of Teresa, after the State Crime Lab found their own results to be inconclusive and had to send them in to FBI Labs, whereas, Mike discusses he knew the bones were already Teresa despite what the state’s Inconclusive results were prior to the FBI having to confirm the bones as Teresa for the State;
This is crucial to the case, because the Halbach family filed a Death Certificate on Teresa Halbach prior to the FBI confirmation on January 19, 2006; in which, filing a Death Certificate in 2005, like such was done, the results were inconclusive, and the Halbach’s illegally filed this certificate without authenticity of any criminal division confirming Teresa’s death, in order, to start securing funds and equity on the farm deed forms filed in Teresa’s name in September 2005 by brother Tim and partner Twohig.

The account, a decade later, still to this date, bearing Teresa’s name is starting to profit immensely in equity as it usually does take ten years for the equity to start paying off;
One of the biggest motives in the Making A Murderer scene to date is the Halbach’s 225-acre farm, and the mysterious disappearance of Teresa shortly after brother Tim files deeds; now a strong note to back this up—

***In, 2004, Peg Lautenschlager entered into a major $750+million civil suit regarding Wisconsin Dairy Farms State Wide; at the helm of the project; Lautenschlager, entrusted her faith in George W. Twohig to help settle out the statewide disputes;
There is no doubt, the fate of Teresa Halbach took an ironic turn as soon as Twohig firm with partner Tim in September 2005…

Focus #2 The political Spectrum

Peg Lautenschlager is at the very top of this insane corruption; She even sent Strang and Buting to help the State out against Avery! This can actually be proven;
Sad to say it, but the Defense for Avery was a Lautenschlager Special

This may not be a popular theory with a lot of people since it includes the Halbach family but it does have some substance. The farm is worth a lot of money and where there is money, there can also be trouble.

And remember- as with every theory posted on here, this is only for entertainment purposes and does not make claim that the persons named in the theories are the actual murderers of Teresa Halbach. Zellner should be submitting her legal brief at the end of August and we should have an idea who she thinks the real killer is from those documents. Stay tuned!



The Farm Theory
The Farm Theory
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