Brendan Dassey’s Supposed Confessions

Brendan Dassey’s Supposed Confessions

Anybody who watched the documentary knows that Brendan “confessed” about helping Steven murder Teresa and the “truthers” like to point that out to make their case as to why Steven and Brendan are guilty. But if you break down the transcripts of the interrogations, you’ll get a lot of different stories coming from him.

Redditor meermortal broke them down for us and you’ll see see the inconsistencies and the hilarity behind some of them.


I went through the 152-page Brendan Dassey March 1 confession and picked out some of the choicer parts. This is what was played in front of the jury, and was used to convict him.

  • Steven called Brendan to ask his help fixing a car. Brendan went to Steven’s garage and saw a dead, clothed Halbach in the back of her jeep, which had been backed into the garage. She had a stab wound in her stomach and was tied up. She had a blanked over her. Steven told him that he had stripped her and raped her, and showed Brendan the knife and rope. There were drips of blood on the garage floor.
  • Actually he came over to get Brendan.
  • Actually Brendan knew to come over, because they had planned the entire episode out a few days in advance.
  • Actually Brendan was riding his bike to get the mail. One piece had Steven’s name on it so he started up that way and knocked, delivered the mail and left.
  • Actually he went inside and, from the living room, saw Halbach chained to the bed. He knew she was alive because she was moving around. And screaming for help.
  • Actually on his way there he heard someone screaming “help me.”
  • Actually he couldn’t make out what she was saying.
  • Actually he could make out what she was saying.
  • (By the way, Brendan’s brother Bryan was at their garage working on cars, but his music was too loud to hear the screams.)
  • Anyway, a sweaty Steven answers the door and offers Brendan a soda. He mentions to Brendan that he had Halbach in his bedroom (Brendan couldn’t see her) because he had wanted to “get some pussy” and “fuck her so hard.” Then he asks Brendan if he wanted to get some pussy. But he said it couldn’t happen right then.
  • Actually they went immediately to the bedroom despite Brendan’s protests that he was under age. A naked Halbach was chained up with regualr silver handcuff and leg cuffs [note: never does he mention pink fuzzy handcuffs despite the detectives asking over and over again the color of the handcuffs]. Halbach asked Steven why he would do something like that, but didn’t say anything to Brendan. Brendan didn’t rape her.
  • Actually he took off all his clothes and did “screw” her, for five minutes. Halbach asked him not to do it and to do the right thing. And to tell Steven to knock it off. And she was crying. Then Brendan put his clothes back on and Steven closed the door, they went to the living room, and watched TV. Steven said “that’s how you do it,” asked if it felt good, and said he was going to burn the body.
  • Actually later he said that burning the body was a last-minute decision after Steven put her in the jeep, only to reconsider because he didn’t think dumping her in the pond by the car pit would dispose of the evidence.
  • Anyway, then Steven went back and stabbed her once in the stomach. Then Steven got on top of her and choked her into unconsciousness. Then Steven tied her up.
  • Oh wait, in the hallway on the way to the bedroom, Steven told Brendan he was going to tie Halbach up, stab her, then choke her.
  • Anyway, Brendan helped tie her up before Steven stabbed her or choked her. She was telling Steven to stop what he was doing but he said he wouldn’t. Specifically, he told her to shut her mouth, and that he was going to kill her. Then they both tie her legs up [“Otherwise, she’s going to kick,” mentions Det. Wiegert, helpfully.] Then Steven told Halbach he was going to kill her by stabbing her and not letting her go, then Steven stabbed her in the stomach. Well, sort of in the ribs. With a knife from the kitchen. Then Steven cut off her hair. She was dead at that point. Then Steven punched her. It was unclear to Brendan if she was still dead at this point. Then Steven instructed Brendan to slit her throat, which he did.
  • The throat slitting happened after Steven choked her. As the detectives mentioned, he must have gotten a lot of blood on her. Which he then washed off in his bathroom.
  • Actually Brendan slit her throat after Steven choked her. Then Steven shot her. Brendan didn’t mention that before because he “couldn’t think of it.” Twice. They did this outside the garage, on their way to the fire. Brendan wasn’t sure if she was alive prior to the shooting. Then they carry her to the fire. Steven said they had to hurry up because people were coming over for the bombfire. The fire had been going before Brendan got to the house.
  • Actually Steven shot her three times.
  • Actually about 10 times, and it was in the garage. Specifically, in her truck.
  • Actually she was on the garage floor. [“Now we believe you,” says a detective.]
  • Oh and the knife was from the kitchen.
  • Actually it was from the garage.
  • Actually, Steven had it in his pocket the whole time.
  • They carried her by hand to the fire.
  • Actually they used a creeper.
  • It took less than an hour for Halbach to be mostly bones. Steven then chopped up the bones with a shovel, put some in a bucket, and tossed them off a steep hill in the back of the yard. (Randandt’s pit.)

EDIT: Forgot that Steven buried most of the bones in a hole he dug 2-3 feet away from the fire pit.

  • Brendan went home at 9:30 after all this (also a bunch of stuff involving moving the truck to the car pit — at some point, Steven moves the body from the car pit back to his fire pit with a sled used for fishing) and didn’t come back.
  • Steven doesn’t talk on the phone this whole time.
  • Actually he talks to Jodi at 5:30 and then again 10 minutes later.

At some point Brendan sees Steven hide the key in his dresser.

Please keep in mind that this is just from ONE of his confessions. A large part of it is contradicted by his statements the day before, where he only sees parts of Halbach’s body in the fire, which Steven notices and then confesses to everything. And of course, it varies widely from his additional confessions two months later.


How that kid was ever found guilty is beyond me. It is ridiculous to think that the jury came back with a guilty verdict against him. Even though he confessed, they should have realized he did not know what he was talking about and everything was fed to him.





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