The Message

The Message On Barb’s Machine

The Message On Barb’s Machine

We’ve all heard the message Teresa supposedly left on Barb’s answering machine about her not knowing the address and didn’t know where she was going – on the surface, the message doesn’t seem out of place, but after breaking it down and looking into it, you are left asking yourself if that message was actually left on Barb’s machine and not somebody else’s.

Redditor¬†foghaze¬†breaks it all down and shows how that message doesn’t make sense if it was left on Barb’s answering machine.


I’ve been convinced for a couple months now that the message TH left for Janda was actually the message Teresa left Zipperer and LE planted it. They didn’t physically take the answering machines nor did they take any tapes out of these machines. They just did an audio recording as the messages were playing at the residences so LE could have easily labeled these recordings of the “messages” anything they wanted. With that being said there are many very good reasons why I believe the Janda message was actually intended for Zipperer. I will explain it in detail and try to leave nothing out.


Firstly, the message TH left for Janda makes absolutely no sense if it pertained to the Avery appointment. Teresa says in the Janda message that she does not have the address and needs a call back in order to find it. We know for a fact TH knew she where she was going for the Janda appointment and I think that has been well established for a number of reasons. Dawn confirms TH even said she was going to the Avery’s. We also know TH had the full address with her on her lead form and that’s not even taking into account the address flat out says Avery road. This is the sheet she had with her. We also know TH had been to this exact address 6 other times in the last 10 weeks so why would she leave a message for Janda saying “I don’t have your address?”. (Note: Janda’s Address is exactly the same as Avery’s 12930 A**y Rd. The only difference is one has an A after the numbers and the other a B. So clearly there was no confusion about where she was going).


Here is the supposed message TH leaves on Janda’s machine.

Hello. This is Teresa with AutoTrader Magazine. I’m the photographer, and just giving you a call to let you know that I could come out there today, um, in the afternoon. It would — will probably be around two o’clock or even a little later. But, um, if you could please give me a call back and let me know if that will work for you, because I don’t have your address or anything, so I can’t stop by without getting the — a call back from you.


There are a few things to note for future reference.

  • She says “I could” come out there today which indicates 2 things. It’s most likely earlier in the day (morning) and she is unsure if she will be there. Most likely because she says she flat out does not have the address.
  • She also says she needs a callback otherwise she cannot stop by. Remember this, it’s important.


We know for a fact Teresa doesn’t have Zipperers address and couldn’t find it on Mapquest. Even to this day you cannot find the address she was given on her lead sheet on Mapquest. In 2005 Mapquest was the place to go for directions. If you go to Mapquest and put in the address that was on her lead form this is what you get “We’re sorry we cannot find that exact place”. We know this because on her lead sheet the address has TRUNK and not RD. For this reason it is not searchable in any given Map internet resource. So it makes perfect sense why she would say “I don’t have your address” for the Zipperer message. It does NOTmakes sense why she would say this to Janda for so many reasons I cannot even count.


It’s important to note Wiegert took an actual Audio/Video of the Janda message while it was playing with a camera but for some odd reason during trial they JUST play the audio. In fact they completely leave out the second half of the message when they play it for the jury. They leave out where she says she doesn’t have the address. They stop the message right after Teresa says “if you could please give me a call back and let me know if that will work for you”. This seems intentional.


Even stranger we never get to hear the real Zipperer message. It’s not in evidence and it was never played at trial. One would think this type of evidence would be very valuable to the prosecution yet the state never plays it nor gives a transcription. In fact there is not one single document with a complete accurate transcription of this message anywhere to be found. All we get is a summary from Dedering on 11/3 and that is it.


Here is his Dedering’s summary of the GZ message.

I did review the voice mail messages and did locate a voice mail message from TERESA HALBACH indicating that she was calling on Monday about 2:15 p.m. She stated she was in the neighborhood, and that she was trying to photograph a 1977 Pontiac Firebird. She stated that she was having problems finding the residence and hoped to do so in the next few minutes.


There are a few things in Dedering’s report regarding the message that is concerning. He states TH says she is “coming to photo a Pontiac Firebird”. There is no way TH knew what kind of car she would be photographing at GZ’s. It was not on her lead form and no one from the office actually talked to GZ. The appointment was set up via a call center rep at headquarters so TH had very little information and a very confusing address which did not even include cross streets. If you look at the lead forms there is a line for cross streets right above the address. There is no info here for TH either. The cross street line was not utilized by the person who set up the appointment. So since we know TH didn’t have any kind of directions how was she supposed to find the location in “a few minutes”? There were no smartphones back then. If she didn’t get the info before leaving nor someone calling her back with help it is highly unlikely she could find the address on her own. (Side note: if you look at the street view of where GZ lives it’s not exactly an easy house to see. It’s hidden behind many trees and there is no street number.) So the likelihood that TH even found his residence without a callback is very unlikely (that is for an entirely different post but I will post on that as well. It’s a doozie!)


I also believe Dedering’s summary of GZ’s message is a combination of 2 messages left for GZ and a little bit of fabrication (He says TH says she is coming to photo a Firebird and we know that’s impossible so it would have to be fabricated). After thinking about TH routine and how she called Avery early morning to let him know about what time she would be there it leads me to believe she also called GZ in the morning as well. Not to mention it’s just good business practice. It’s very logical to assume Teresa called GZ either before or after she called Avery in the morning before she left to let GZ know she “could” come but she needed help with the address. She wouldn’t wait until 2:12pm to leave a message about an appointment she had scheduled if she knowingly had all these issues with the address before she even left. On top of that she is usually done with all her appointments around 2pm (according to Dawn). TH was a very responsible and organized person. It’s hard for me to believe she waited until she was on her way to GZ’s to miraculously find his home without even having the correct address! She most certainly would call him in the morning before she left most likely around the same time she called Avery just to let him know she was coming. (11ish)


If we listen to the Janda message and imagine it for GZ things start making sense. Now it’s important to note that in the message for Janda (intended for GZ) she says I will probably be there around 2 o’clock maybe even a little later. There is no way she left this message at 2:12pm! If she left this message at 2:12pm then why would she say she would be there around 2 or a little later? It was already a little later! This further supports the idea she called GZ twice and most likely left a message in the morning and a message at 2:12pm. If she did call twice it’s very possible there were 2 messages which means one is missing which appears to be the afternoon message. So where is this 2nd message? Does it contain something that contradicts the state’s narrative? I believe it does. Since she couldn’t find GZ’s address and she didn’t get a callback I think the 2:12 call was letting GZ know he needed to reschedule because there was nothing else she could do at that point. So the question is if all this is true where is the 2:12pm message? (Note: This also implies she never went to GZ’s at all and I have an explanation for that as well. It does not include Jo Ellen, GZ or JZ lying either. I will make another post on this later)


I also want to further emphasize it is extremely odd these VM messages were audio recorded with a camera instead of confiscated as evidence. Most likely these machines were digital and didn’t have tapes. LE took everything under the sun as evidence at Avery’s but they failed to take the answering machines. That is just strange! I find it incredibly convenient they didn’t. It allows them to label the audio recording whatever they damn well please!


One last thing. In Dedering’s report from 11/3 he mentions Det. Jacobs going back to Zipperer’s on 11/6 to get a recording of the VM message. (Funny how that is the same day the Janda message was found). Since it had been a week later it’s not at all crazy to assume the Janda message had been deleted by one of 5 people in their home. I think the real message TH left Janda was in fact erased by 11/5 and they got the bright idea to use Zips. I guess when LE didn’t find a message at Janda’s they remembered GZs and thought that would do the trick except when you begin to break it down and think about it, the context of the message for Janda doesn’t make any sense for all the reasons I mentioned above.


** Keep in mind if all this is correct I am aware it changes the entire timeline and narrative. Believe me when I say I have thought about this long and hard for a couple of months trying to piece everything together and I am confident I have an explanation for it all including an estimation of the real timeline within about 10 minutes. I wanted to be absolutely sure about every detail before I posted my actual theory. I want to leave no detail out and make sure it’s very solid. I’m fairly confident I have it all covered and will be sharing all of this over the next few days. I feel very confident I know how the perps planned TH murder and how they did it step by step. (with exception of the final location). I have spent countless hours and gone to great lengths to get inside the murderer’s minds. I’m looking foward to sharing this with everyone.


Do you think that message was left for Barb now? If it was, it doesn’t make sense, does it? But it makes a lot of sense if she left it on the Zipperer’s machine.

LE submitted a lot of half-assed evidence (phone records, only partial recordings of Brendan’s interrogations…etc), so it would not come as a surprise if they tried swapping out the messages to make it fit their narrative.

If you’re not aware, Kathleen Zellner has filed an extension for filing her brief which was due 5/31/16 and is now pushed back to 8/29/16- it’s ok, it doesn’t mean she’s struggling to build a case to exonerate Steven, she’s just making sure she has her ducks in a row because she only has ONE shot at this and she has to make it count or else it was all done for nothing. She can file that brief now until the 29th of August and I wouldn’t be surprised if she did it on a day that nobody was expecting. The big shots in Manitowoc think they’re safe but she will pounce and when she does, look out!

Stop by the new subreddit (/r/TickTockManitowoc) to discuss this and other theories pertaining to this case!


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