Brendan Dassey's Confessions

A Breakdown Of Brendan Dassey’s Confessions

A Breakdown Of Brendan Dassey’s Confessions

If you watched Making a Murderer and didn’t think Brendan Dassey’s confessions weren’t coerced, then you either weren’t paying attention or you’re crazy. 😉 Come on now, we all know they were coerced and Brendan did not come up with the ‘stories’ on his own.

Below is Redditors /u/smiddy539‘s breakdown on all the interviews and confessions


I went back and listened/read his interviews and confessions. I really wanted to understand how the story grew from him coming home from school and playing video games (American Chopper on PS2) to – coming home from school to perform an impromptu rape, murder, and burning up a woman with his crazy uncle. Here is what I take away from each interview and how it grows into the confession Kratz uses to paint the picture of a gruesome murder.

Nov 6th 2005 –[1] 

(the hazards/blinkers in this one is annoying, I’ll admit) This is the first time, from what i understand, that he is interviewed. BD tell the story of getting off the bus with his brother and walking down his driveway. LE asks him if he saw the green rav4 and TH on his way into the house from the bus. Brendan says that he did not see her. At the 21 minute mark of the video you can hear the officer get a little aggravated and say “it’s not too often there is a person by your house by the field taking pictures… ” He then goes into facts ” YOU got dropped off on that bus 50 or 60 people on the bus – the bus driver remembers it” (not exact words but close) “YOU remember that too don’t ya?” Brendan maintains “well i wasn’t lookin sometimes i get off the bus and talk to Blaine” The cop says flat out ” YOU remember that girl taking that picture”. At this point I am willing to bet Brendan is thinking well i should have seen her but I didn’t, this cop thinks I am lying. The cop says ” let me paint you a picture… its a beautiful day… you get off the bus everyone sees her and you do too”.

Picture this… you’re a 16 year old introvert that is not too bright (IQ of 80). You’re in the back of a cop car talking about a girl that was missing, last seen on the property you and your uncle live on. BD’s family is probably telling him to be careful of the cops because of what they already did to his uncle. Now you have a cop telling you that are lying and you had to have seen her….

He caves just a little bit and says “maybe i dunno i dont remember” Cop goes ” Brendan COME ON”. The cop is basically asking him to lie about his story. Cop says “im not putting anything into your mind” at 22:30 or so (when he actually just painted him a picture). They literally paint the picture of the day with her standing there, him walking down the road and tell him she is there and he saw her. They just want him to admit to it.

This is important because this is the first time they get him to admit to something he really didn’t see. They use facts and mental images of the scene to help him recreate his memory – see this[2] This is exactly what they do to him and this is the start of it!

Then they go right into “what happened to the girl” – He says 100 times she took the pictures and she left. They were dying to get him to confess to something. “She didnt leave Brendan” “Tell us the truth – she went into that trailer didnt she” Right away they thought Steve was guilty, that Brendan had all the information and his family wanted him to lie. They went into it thinking that Brendan was lying because his family told him to lie. They verbally beat a confession out a learning disabled introverted 16 year old kid in the end…. this was just the start of it.

  1. Feb 27th at the high school transcript[3] 

It is very important to know that all of the details of the murder are out in the news. It is known that they found TH remains in the fire pit. It is known that Brendan and Steve were together having a fire that night. This is where the Misinformation Effect really takes hold of Branden. For me, I think that he was thinking “there is no way they are going to believe I was at a fire where someone was burned and I didn’t see anything” – Even though, now, we all know there was no way she could have been burned in an open fire like the one they had (bodies don’t burn like that unless you have 1200 pounds of wood, or a spare 50 gallons of gas).

This interview with him they let him know that they know he was out there. They go as far as to tell him that they know he was out there and he helped with the fire. They arent going to hold it against them. He should probably come forward because they will make sure that the other cops know that “he is just a kid and had nothing to do with this. he was just out there and steven did help him dispose of the body” They are actually telling him that it will be alright if there was a body in there. I think with them saying that, and the fact that Brendan KNOWS TH was burned in the fire, he has to “come clean” by lying about his actual account of that night. Brendan’s head must be spinning at this point. He has nowhere to go but to admit to seeing it – he had to – just like he had to when he came home from school and TH was out there taking pictures – HE HAD TO HAVE SEEN SOMETHING. Crazy thing is we all know she was not burned there now.

  1. 1. Feb 27th after the high school now at the PD[4] 

Okay so the begining of this interview he goes on about how there was a forehead and he says he saw her belly. He talks about how Steven stabbed her stomach. He saw bloody clothes. THE MOMENT HE SPOKE IN COMPLETE TRUTHS was 15:30 into it ([5] ) They ask him “How has this affected you?”. BD says ” I have been sad the last 3 or 4 months.” They say about what? BD says “I thought that he (SA) didn’t do it and I was sorry for Teresa’s family”. WHAT!?!?!?! he just said that Steven did all this stuff but HE THOUGHT HE DIDNT DO IT? If i was a cop i would have said BUT YOU JUST TOLD US THAT YOU KNEW HE DID IT. How could you think that he didnt? For me this is the only time that Brendan tells the truth in the latter interviews he does. He is asked a simple question and he gives a simple answer. No manipulation no “painting pictures”, no evidence or news stories polluting his mind. This moment, I believe is when the truth comes out and stands alone for just a moment. What were the cops thinking about that statement? That heard it. I know they heard it. They asked the question but weren’t interested in the answer? For me, that’s when i knew he was completely innocent.

March 2006[6] 

Everyone saw this one. It starts by LE telling Brendan that Steve is starting to talk and that LE is on Brendan’s side. “Steven is already starting to say somethings and he is eventually going to put stuff on you”.

Brendan starts talking about what happened that night. Not good enough – “your mom said you would be honest with us” (tell us what we need to hear) . Brendan goes down the path of telling them what they want to hear. I am not going to go into this one too much. At this point, Brendan has been polluted by the news, the cops, even his own family. There is no where for him to turn.

The part that rocks me is what rocks everyone else – “They got into my head”. The thing is, that is not all he says. I could imagine that he can hear people just outside the door. He (BD) heard them coming in and tell his mom ” DONT SAY ANYTHING” just before they come in. He is petrified of them. This kid got caught in a whirl wind and it’s all because they thought that her body was actually burned in the fire. Everyone thought that she was burned in the fire at that point, even Brendan. Why would he tell his mom “Dont say anything” just as they came in the door? “they got into my head —- dont say anything”.

EDIT:[7] Here is the part he says “Dont say anything”

Anyone have any other observation from those interviews? Brendan was the only person with Steve that night. He and Steve are the only ones how TRULY KNOWS what happened that night. I think the only time he was honest was in the police car Nov 6th and the time in Feb when he told them that he thought that Steven was innocent.

Thoughts? Thank you.

(this was my first reddit post, im a little nervous to post this, hopefully it comes out right)


That was /u/smiddy539‘s breakdown of Brendan Dassey’s confessions. What do you think? If you were on the fence on whether or not he was coerced, did this help change your mind and realize that he was?

Brendan was taken advantage of by people he thought he could trust. Most everybody grows up trusting cops, right? Brendan wasn’t able to understand he was in a lot of trouble and all he wanted to do was to go home.

He got tricked. He got duped. He was lied to. He was manipulated. No matter how you put it, it was still wrong of them to do this to him. Brendan Dassey’s confessions were a joke

The cops knew they didn’t have a case but they kept going forward with it and weren’t going to give up – but, the time is going to come when the truth comes out and Brendan and Steven are going to be exonerated and the world will finally see who the real killer is.

Just sit back and enjoy the show when it happens! I’ll be laughing at all the people who come tumbling down.


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