The Best Clothes Steamer

The Best Clothes Steamer For Your Money

The Best Clothes Steamer For Your Money 

Are you in the market for a clothes steamer? Well, the one I purchased and using is the best clothes steamer on the market and the best clothes steamer for your wallet! It’s awesome! 

Take a look at this sexy steamer: 

I’ve been in the market for a steamer for a long time and decided on this model on a whim; basically, it was a cheaper option and it allowed me to get my feet wet to as a beginner steamer. Once I tried it, I never looked back. I never tried looking for another model or one with more features because this one is enough for me. 

Why A Steamer Over An Iron? 

Most everybody is familiar with irons and how they work and what they’re used for – but when it comes to steamers, not a lot of people know what they’re for or what to explore the option because they feel like they’re more complicated and are best suited for professionals; but boy are they wrong! 

Steamers are so, so much better than irons for a lot of reasons! 

  • You do not need an ironing board or solid surface to steam your clothes! 
  • Steamers are much, much more faster at getting wrinkles out of clothes compared to traditional irons. 
  • Irons tend to collect gunk and dirt on the bottom plate and have a tendency to transfer it to clothes during ironing. 
  • Irons have many different settings and if you’re not careful, you can select the wrong one and can ruin your garment. 
  • Irons take a long time to cool down and you’re unable to put them away right away.
  • Irons can burn fabric and start fires.
  • Irons are hard to maneuver around buttons and other garment accessories. 
  • While irons are good at making creases, if you’re not careful, you can make unwanted folds and creases in your garment.
  • While not suggested, you can steam your clothes while still wearing them! (Thicker clothing works best for this!)
  • You can steam your clothes practically anywhere! Hanging on your bathroom door, on your bed, on the floor… a lot more places than an iron! 

The list goes on and on! As you can see, there are a lot of pros when considering a steamer over a traditional iron. 

What If I Want A Steamer That Has More Options Than The Basic One You Like?

The steamer that I use and love is handheld and very compact, but they do make bigger, more complicated steamers and if that’s something you’re after, then by all means, go and get it! For me, the best clothes steamer is my  very basic one!

What do the more expensive/complicated steamers have to offer? Well, some of them offer a garment holder where you can hang the garment and steam right there. Some offer different steam settings to allow for the removal of tough wrinkles (but I’m able to get the tough wrinkles out of my clothes using my basic steamer – I might have to go over it a few times, but it does get them out…). Some models have bigger water tanks so you don’t have to fill them as much.  

Yes, there are added benefits for the bigger models, but again, for us, the compact, handheld steamer works best! 

In closing, in my opinion, a clothes steamer is much better than an iron for getting out wrinkles in garments. I also prefer a basic, compact, handheld steamer over a bigger, complicated, bulkier model. I’m not saying the bigger models don’t work, I’m just saying the best clothes steamer for me is a compact, basic, cheap version!

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