Sheriff Kokourek

Was Sheriff Kokourek The Puppet Master?

Was Sheriff Kokourek The Puppet Master?

Here is a great write up by Redditor MnAtty. They go into very good detail as to what implications the Steven Avery civil case would have had with Sheriff Kokourek and Co and Manitowoc County itself. 

A lot of the actions taken by the Manitowoc County employees after Teresa’s disappearance, raise a lot of questions as to why they were focusing mainly on Steven Avery. This theory may explain why:


I am reposting this as a separate comment, as requested by other Redditors. I was surprised to find out that these details about the Halbach case had not been sorted out previously. However, nobody has offered any correction, so this does stand, and it does resolve the larger case. This is the proverbial string which which unravels the entire sweater. Up until now I hadn’t found anything I was satisfied with. This, however, meets my standards.

As an attorney and C.P.A., I’ve worked in an area called “fraud auditing.” The challenges presented by the Halbach case make it particularly comparable to a fraud auditing case. I can remember the feeling of panic at the start of an audit. I would dump a banker box of disorganized records out on the desk, and for a moment, I would feel disbelief that they could ever make sense. Then I would remember the mantra: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

One technique used in fraud auditing is that of “backing into” a number. When a situation involves embezzlement, there have usually been efforts to conceal such actions. This results in missing pieces of information. You take the numbers which you do have, and use simple algebra to “plug in” the missing numbers.

In one case of embezzlement, a person removed all cancelled checks to a Cadillac dealership from the business’s monthly bank statements, in order to hide this activity. As a result, each statement showed a debit of $667.23, for which there was no matching cancelled check. The discrepancy was identified, and the bank provided copies of the missing checks.

Since watching MaM, I have been looking for something that could reliably push the case in one direction or the other, toward guilt or innocence. I believe I’ve found it now. This is a repost of the original comment, with additional remarks afterwards….

I think there is now a more cohesive picture of how deadline-sensitive much of the Halbach case activity was, between the dates of November 5, 2005 (Saturday), and November 10, 2005 (Thursday).

We now know that the Avery civil case was much further along, and that an independent court reporting company had possession and ownership of 35 depositions, mostly of Manitowoc County employees, including Kusche, Colborn, Petersen, Lenk and Dvorak as part of their preparation for Sheriff Kokourek’s November 10 deposition. Everything which was rushed in the Halbach case, appeared to have been done so, to achieve the arrest of Steven Avery for murder before Kokourek’s deposition took place on the 10th.

We know from the news yesterday, they put a rush on the death certificate also, again apparently so they could arrest Steven Avery before the November 10th deposition date.

Note that the bones were listed on the death certificate as being identified on November 5th, so the bone collection pursuant to the November 5 search warrant was also part of the effort to rush everything through. The death certificate was signed by the coroner on November 10, 2005, coming in just under the wire. The bones were not actually identified until January 19, 2006.

And, the November 5, 2005 searches of the salvage yard and buildings may have been rushed as well. I know some people have thought it was a typo of 11:52 p.m. instead of 11:52 a.m. on the search warrant which was signed on November 5, but this is not a typo. There was no search warrant until eight minutes before midnight.

Again, Manitowoc/Calumet needed to complete the investigation process before November 10, in order to prevent the civil suit from going forward. So, everyone was in an extreme rush as early as November 5, to gather the evidence they needed to prove that Steven Avery had committed murder.

Ordinarily I would explain away the discrepancy, such as there being special rules in place, but I’m trying to picture how such a search would go down. “Sir, we’re here to search your home and property and tear everything apart for the rest of the day, and we should be able to show you proof that we have a valid search warrant to do so, by about eight minutes before midnight tonight. Are we good?” I can’t think of any special circumstances that would allow for this. Maybe this was the point of identifying Teresa Halbach as “endangered,” but they were doing nothing at the Avery Salvage Yard to rescue her.

Also, I can’t think of a single time when I’ve seen documents matched perfectly in twelve hour increments as were the warrants and the court record of warrants, so was there a reason for this? Was somebody trying to cover for the fact that they couldn’t wait till the next day to begin their search?

I would say that Searches 1 and 2 conducted at Avery Salvage Yard on November 5, 2005 under the color of authority of Calumet County were warrantless, unauthorized and illegal searches.

Here is how the dates on the affidavit and warrants show that the search warrants were prepared that EVENING. It went as follows:

Calumet Sheriff Jerry Pagel swore an affidavit on November 5 (confirmed as Nov. 5 2005 9:00 p.m. by fax print strip), including:


sexual assault


false imprisonment


which became the basis for the search warrants.

A Calumet County Judge signed on November 5th (signed at 10:52 p.m, confirmed as p.m. by fax print strip at bottom of order at Nov. 5 2005 8:59 p.m., thereby issuing the search warrant). The judge chose to identify the crimes only by statute numbers:

940.01 = 1st degree murder

940.225 = sexual assault

940.30 = false imprisonment

940.31 = kidnapping

943.20 = theft


I finished the above comment on Friday, and it is now Sunday. I’ve moved on to the next question. However, my approach has changed. Now, I have the first anchor pieces on which to build the genuine truth of the case. Everything has to be built outward from November 5, 2005.

Here is a demonstration of how my overall analysis technique has changed:

The idea I am toying with right now is the EDTA test. Another Redditor posted the opinion that Kratz must have known there was no EDTA in the blood. I agreed with this opinion, especially because Kratz continues to be so bellicose about this issue even today, almost baiting the other side to try and prove the blood contains EDTA.

Kratz treats this issue as his ace in the hole. However, Kratz is not a good poker player, particularly because of his narcissistic personality disorder. He has a tell, and his tell is bragging. Kratz talks too much. Kratz has been like a blinking neon light pointing in the direction of the truth. His showboating is so transparent, that you can almost see the wheels turning in his brain.

However, in the past, I would look at a topic such as Kratz’s overconfidence with regard to EDTA testing as a piece of evidence. It could mean the blood was improperly taken from somewhere other than the 1985 case file, or it could mean the blood was legitimately collected from a crime scene. Now though, Kratz’s certainty about the blood is only corroborating evidence of something which has been independently proven. Since I know that on November 5, 2005, the common goal of those involved was to build a murder case against Steven Avery before Tom Kokourek’s November 10 deposition, then blood drawn at that time would have been used in furtherance of this goal. Any fresh blood available would have been planted, in an effort to authenticate the purported crime scene at Avery’s Salvage Yard. If Ken Kratz is certain that the blood contains no EDTA, then I am certain fresh blood drawn from Steven Avery was used.

Now Occam’s Razor gets turned on its head. Now, the simplest explanation for everything and anything is based on how closely it fits with the known facts of November 5, 2005. For example, the coroner was kept away from the crime scene and no photographs were taken of the burn pit—the presumption now becomes that all this was part of the intentional plan to construct a murder case. There would have to be very strong evidence to prove otherwise.

The good thing about all this, is now people can start to get past the dissonance they have been experiencing, dealing with two competing versions of the truth. For people who have been distracted by questions such as whether Steven Avery deserves to be in prison, or whether it would be safer just to leave him in prison, they no longer have to deal with these issues. There is only one story now, and it is that a case was built against Steven Avery, in order to evade his civil lawsuit. I am as baffled as anyone as to why it happened, but this is what it is. I hope it’s getting close to a time when the Wisconsin judicial system takes steps to correct what has happened.



Sheriff Kokourek had a lot riding on the outcome of Steven Avery’s civil case. If that would have went through, shit would have hit the fan and the whole Manitowoc County would have been in shambles.

Did Sheriff Kokourek set his sights on Avery and take advantage of Teresa Halbach’s disappearance? Possibly. It looks that way at least.

Remember – this is just a theory!



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Sheriff Kokourek
Sheriff Kokourek

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