Could this be the person who murdered Teresa Halbach

Could This Be The Person Who Murdered Teresa Halbach?

Could This Be The Person Who Murdered Teresa Halbach?

Welcome back! Most likely you’ve been following along on my blog about the whole Making a Murderer docu-series and how many different theories there are on who killed Teresa Halbach. As of right now, Steven Avery is sitting behind bars because he, along with his nephew Brendan Dassey, were found guilty of the murder of Teresa Halbach. Here are links to the other blogs – Emails, Is this how SA did it?, Updated theory how SA did it, Rebuttal against this theory?, Rebuttal to the theory SA did it , Another rebuttal, Is there a dark side to Steven Avery? – So here we are – Could this be the person who murdered Teresa Halbach?

Ever since Making a Murderer was released on Netflix, people have been trying to come up with possible suspects other than Steven Avery because everybody believes he was framed by the Manitowoc County sheriff’s department and is innocent of this crime and the killer is still out there. There have been many speculations on who may be the actual killer (and I posted about some of them on my other blog posts).

Below is a Reddit post from a Redditor,/u/DollLocket and who they think could be the person/people who murdered Teresa Halbach.


The lack of a motive in this case has been eating at me like a fistful of maggots. There is always a motive, for everything.

No one who had opportunity to commit the murder really seems to fit the description of someone who would rape and murder Teresa Halbach for fun.

Wait, did I say “rape”? Even though there is no evidence of a rape ever occurring? We are driven to include rape in many scenarios because at least that gives some kind of motive. A motive that is basically to enjoy exerting control over and inflicting pain onto a helpless young woman.

But this is not a motive to murder Teresa Halbach. This is a motive to murder a woman, preferably a reasonably attractive one, of which there are many.

So, aside from the fact that these types of murders are very very rare, why her? Why Teresa? Why the photographer who has been visiting the Avery property roughly every three weeks for the past four months?

There is not only no good reason, there is almost an ANTI reason.

“Well, she came out there a bit, someone saw her a couple of times, decided she was attractive, then on Oct 31 decided to rape her (and kill her for fun or just to get rid of the evidence.)”

This is a flimsy reason at best and at worst an argument against itself. If this was my intention, I would follow her home, wait until no one was around, grab her and carry out the rest of my nefarious activities somewhere very secluded, and far far away. Certainly not on a property with a number of people coming and going all hours (and I’m just referring to the residents).

Other motives I have seen are “whoops, I got angry and shot her or hit her too hard, panicked and shot her.” This is actually a really common way that murder occurs between male friends. Less between male acquaintances and even LESS where a male murders a female acquaintance. Why? Because with each scenario there is a declining likelihood of an argument escalating to such a serious or violent outcome. Acquaintances back down more readily than friends do and women back down more readily that males do.

Teresa Halbach has been described as “fiesty” but also as “personable,” “friendly” and “polite.” I don’t see her getting into an escalating argument with a man she barely knew.

So where is the MOTIVE?

Mr Zipperer provides it himself.

Steven Avery Trial Transcripts Day page 145 lines 24-25

Dean Strang is speaking to the Judge about the relevance of his line of questioning of Mrs Zipperer.

Dean Strang attests that Mr Zipperer lied to Corporal Lemieux and Investigator Dedering about a number of things and Mr Zipperer claimed “the Auto Trader photographer was a trespasser on the property.”

Strang: Indeed, the intent is to show that Mr. Zipperer told, first, Corporal Lemieux and, then, Investigator Dedering, a series of lies about his own activities; about Jason’s [his 18 year old grandson] activities; about whether the Auto Trader photographer [Teresa Halbach] was a trespasser on the property.Threatened to have the dog eat anyone who would come on the property; wanting Teresa Halbach arrested even after being told that she was a missing person; denying that he had contacted Auto Trader or arranged for photographs of the car.

But, was Zipperer lying or was he just crazy enough to believe half of the insane garbage he was saying?

If you admit that you think someone was trespassing on your property…You just admitted motive for shooting them.

Did Teresa Halbach go to the Avery property first when she couldn’t find the Zipperer property? Did she then go BACK to the Zipperer property? We know she finds Mrs Zipperer. We know she completed the transaction with Mrs Zipperer, so we are fairly confident that she also finished taking photographs of the car.

We know that Mrs Zipperer does not claim to have seen Teresa Halbach leave. The other two clients that day both claim to have seen TH leave AND are able to say which direction she drove off in.

We know that Mr Zipperer has an opinion of TH being a trespasser yet Mrs Zipperer gives no account of the two of them ever crossing paths (at least not in her presence).

Did TH run into Mr Zipperer as she was leaving? Had he seen her photographing the car, freaked out having no idea who this person is (having forgotten calling her?) and grabbed a 22 calibre gun?

Could he have been suffering from Alzheimers? Another form of dementia? Paranoid schizophrenia? Some other mental illness? Could he be “bat-crap-crazy” in a very real sense?

Could he have caused TH to turn away from him in fear? Realising he is seriously going to shoot her, does she turn to run? Or trip and fall? And he comes after her? And shoots her twice. In the back of the head?

Could his 18 year old grandson have found out? And decided to help his poor unstable grandfather? The grandson is old enough to have some sense, could he also have had access to the internet to do some body destruction research? Or could he have been already acquainted with methods to dispose of dead animals through burning and applied his knowledge to this situation?

After seeing TH reported missing on the Nov 3 news, could they have driven the car to the AASY? Or just somewhere nearby? Leaving it to be driven onto the lot by a shady member of MCSD?

Could they have left TH’s cremains inside the car, which are then planted in the burn pit by someone from MCSD? Or could they have planted them in the burn pit themselves?

An 18 year old is smart enough to figure things out, but still underdeveloped enough in the brain to be more risk-taking and less able to process concepts of risk versus reward and consequences for actions than a fully developed 25 year old.


Disclaimer: The point of this post is that Steven Avery may be totally innocent of the crime he is serving time for, that MSCD may have planted evidence used to convict him and failed to pursue other significant leads, like a man who is belligerent and providing police with his own motive for shooting Teresa Halbach. This post contains theory-crafting about possible suspects for entertainment purposes only and is not to be considered a direct accusation of guilt towards any party.


So, what do you think? Could this be the person who murdered Teresa Halbach?  Don’t these theories make you think that it could be possible but it also pisses you off because it may or may not be the way it happened?!?

Every time I read these posts, I end up saying “God Damnit” because now my other theories are thrown out the window and a new one enters.

I don’t know who is responsible in killing Teresa Halbach, but I do believe that Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey both got shitty trials and there are so many questions unanswered that they could not have been found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Period. That’s how it works in this country – if there is doubt and you’re not 100% positive that the person is really guilty, then you have to acquit – NO MATTER WHAT YOUR FEELINGS ARE TOWARDS THAT PERSON. 

Sorry if I’m pissing you off too, but this case has me so involved, it’s unbelievable. But – could this be the person who murdered Teresa Halbach?


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