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Are Areerat Chuprevich’s and Teresa Halbach’s Murders Linked?

Are Areerat Chuprevich’s and Teresa Halbach’s Murders Linked?

Areerat Chuprevich was a 32 year old woman who was last seen in April of 2003 and there are similarities between her death and surrounding circumstances and Teresa Halbach.

Redditor Jmystery1 details the circumstances surrounding Areerat Chuprevich and how they’re eerily similar to Teresa Halbach’s murder.


There is another murder in Manitowoc area that may be tied to Teresa. Areerat Chuprevich

BODY FOUND IS MISSING WOMAN Associated Press Dec 4, 2008 Remains found by hunters in rural Brown County were identified Wednesday as a 32-year-old Allouez woman who’s been missing for five years. Areerat Chuprevich, a native of Thailand, was last seen in April 2003. She died of a gunshot wound to the head, Hunters spotted Chuprevich’s skull Nov. 26 sticking out from a shallow grave in a wooded marsh near the Brown and Manitowoc county li Chuprevich and her husband, Tom, a retired Green Bay doctor, had been married at least four years when she disappeared. authorities found her blue 2002 Jeep Liberty in the parking lot of St. Michael’s Pub in Allouez, a few blocks from the Mariner Motel where the couple lived, Gossage said. Chuprevich’s remains were found at least 20 miles south of there. Areerat Chuprevich, who had been taking classes at St. Norbert College in De Pere to improve her English and get a degree in international studies, stayed behind to finish some homework, he said. Husband Tom When Tom was interviewed, he didn’t consider Karl was a suspect,” Gossage said. “We don’t have a motive at this point.” Tom Chuprevich, now 65, declined to comment. He reported his wife missing April 28, 2003, Thomas Chuprevich and his daughter, Chantel, had gone to the family farm near Pensaukee about a half hour north of Green Bay, where they had horses, Gossage said. The last contact anyone had with Areerat Chuprevich was on April 26, 2003.

Karl McLeod suspect

Suspect but never charged he hung himself in jail no suicide note

prime suspect in her disappearance, Karl McLeod, hanged himself in May 2006, at an Oshkosh prison where he had served the first 40 days of a 10-year sentence for beating and robbing a Green Bay woman eight days before Chuprevich disappeared. McLeod was married to Tom Chuprevich’s daughter from a previous marriage. McLeod, 41, was married to Chuprevich’s stepdaughter, spent time at her home and used her computer, Gossage said. McLeod was convicted of sexual assault in 1988 and served a prison term, Gossage said. Investigators found McLeod’s DNA in the Liberty, but they don’t know whether it was left the day she disappeared or previously, Gossage said. The primary suspect was Karl McLeod, who committed suicide by hanging while in a prison facility in Oshkosh on May 16, 2006. McLeod was Chuprevich’s step son-in-law. Investigators found McLeod’s DNA in the Liberty, but they don’t know whether it was left the day she disappeared or previously, Gossage said.

Gilbert Mcleod & Karl McLeod addresses

Gilbert G. McLeod also once lived at Suburban Ave Lakeside Pl, Green Bay, WI 54302, Harold St, Green Bay, WI 54302 Fisk st (very close to Teresa photography studio)

While the case might appear to be closed, Gossage said it is not.

“Anyone with any information tying Areerat Chuprevich or Karl McLeod to the southern region of Brown County, it would be very helpful for Brown County investigators to have this information,” Gossage said.

McLeod had no ties to the Morrison area that detectives know of. He lived on an old farm in the Town of Pensaukee in Oconto County.

The person who buried a body in the thickly wooded marsh likely has ties to the Morrison area, according to Capt. Jeff Sanborn, the county’s top investigator. “Somebody usually, if they do dump a corpse, percentages are that they dump them in a place that they’re familiar with themselves,” Sanborn said. “That’s why we’re asking for help from the community that can link Karl McLeod or the family to the southern end of Brown County and why he would possibly have gone therthere

Sanborn said the case is not closed. He said someone in addition to McLeod could have been involved in the murder or in the disposal of the body. “Nothing limits this to just one person being involved,” Sanborn said. “We are going back to reinterview people we interviewed back in 2003.”

He said the investigation would focus on determining if anyone else was involved in the Chuprevich murder and if McLeod might have been responsible for other unsolved missing persons cases.

The grave was on an 80-acre tract of low-lying woodlands owned by the Jo Ann Hogan Marital Trust, according to Brown County online property tax records.

May 2006, while incarcerated on a felony battery charge unrelated to his stepmother-in-law’s case, he took his own life by hanging himself in his cell. McLeod did not leave a suicide note. He never confessed to any involvement in Chuprevich’s case and was never charged in

I also.want to add this link of zander rd two rivers as stated on note or sign yes that address does exist near Devils river and notice now it’s abandoned may not have been then check out hidden little house or something did McLeod brother live There or rent it or who did.

3302 Zander[1] 

3302 Dander close up[2] 

I also want to note this uset has more info as well on this and provide him as a source[3]



Add another theory to the pile! What are your thoughts on this one? Are they related? Is it possible Karl McLeod was the murderer of both Areerat Chuprevich and Teresa Halbach?



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