Zellner Flexes Her Muscles and Names Shocking New Suspects

Zellner Flexes Her Muscles and Names Shocking New Suspects

Zellner Flexes Her Muscles and Names Shocking New Suspects

On October 23, 2017, Kathleen Zellner filed a Motion to Reconsider for the earlier ruling that was made on her request for a new trial for Steven Avery. The 53 page motion included a bunch of new evidence with implicating Ryan Hillegas and even named shocking new suspects!

Zellner Flexes Her Muscles and Names Shocking New Suspects

While the new motion laid the groundwork and foundation as to why they should be granted reconsideration, it also has names new Brady violations and Denny suspects.

Bobby Dassey is now under the spotlight from Zellner. If you’re not familiar with who Bobby Dassey is, he’s the brother of Brendan Dassey and the nephew of Steven Avery. In her newly filed motion, she raised the possibility of Bobby Dassey being a suspect for the murder of Teresa Halbach. New computer evidence and questions about his and Scott Tadych’s (Scott is Bobby’s mothers boyfriend at the time of the murder – they’re now married) trial testimony are the reasons why she’s zoning in on Bobby and Scott.

“The Dassey computer contains images of Ms. Halbach, violent photography and dead bodies of young females viewed by Bobby Dassey at relevant time periods before and after the murder of Ms. Halbach.”


“New computer forensic technology reveals improved images of Ms. Halbach, many images of violent photography involving young females being raped and tortured, and images of injuries to females, including a decapitated head, bloodied torso, a bloody head injury and a mutilated body, on the Dassey computer”


“The quantity and nature of the pornographic content recovered by Mr. Hunt from the Dassey computer should have alerted investigators to the individual viewing such images as someone at elevated risk of committing a sexually motivated violent crime”


Here are some snippets about more evidence against Ryan:

“Ryan Hillegas had possession of a document that was in Ms. Halbach’s vehicle at the time of her murder”


“…trial defense counsel would have been able to link Mr. Hillegas to the crime scene because he had possession of the day planner which was in Ms. Halbach’s vehicle at the time of her murder”


Now, don’t forget, Kathleen is only naming these other possible suspects to show that Denny should be taken into consideration since there ARE in fact possible and very plausible other suspects. She’s not trying to solve the murder, she is trying to free her innocent client, Steven Avery.

“Current post-conviction counsel is not attempting to solve  the murder of Ms. Halbach but simply is showing that evidence existed and has been recently developed that would have met the Denny standard”

It’s going to be interesting to see if reconsideration is going to be granted or not. Ms. Zellner laid it out really well and explained everything in detail, so reconsideration should be granted and if it’s not, Ms Zellner will be taking it to the next level!

Read the full motion here!



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