Zander Road

Zander Road

Zander Road

There has to be a link between Teresa Halbach’s murder and Zander Road. There are way too many coincidences linking them together. This may be the place Teresa was murdered and cremated. This may be where Kathleen Zellner proves Teresa was killed there and Steven was never there because he was on the phone at his house during that supposed time.

Yesterday while going through the logs of my blog, I came across a link that was being visited – a link I never created (even though it’s automatically created) this link sends you directly to the picture of Zander Rd. sign from Steven Avery’s trailer) – this might be what Zellner was referencing when she tweeted #checkaduhid. I think it’s too coincidental that this kind of link NEVER showed up in my logs before and disappeared (and reappeared) Saturday night. Here is the link

Redditor onepieceofgumleft also has their own feelings about Zander Road:


I was reading the post by /u/sluething_hobbyist[1] regarding a “Vile smelling fire on 11/01”[2] 

I found another coincidence so unbelievable , I felt it needed it’s own thread.

As the other post states , there was a fire so vile , it spooked Paul Metz’s cows to the point of breaking through fences. I’m sure his livestock had to be used to “normal” smelling fires , as people in the area probably burned debris occasionally.

As most of us have heard , a burning body is something quite different , foul and distinct.

The report of Paul Metz’s interview is on pages 289 , 294 and 295 of the CASO reports. It lists his home address in the reports , but that’s not where his cattle are.

His cattle are on land on Zander Road , just west of Jambo Creek road.

Here’s the very weird coincidence ….

There was a For Sale sign from SA’s Grand Am entered at trial. On the back was written an address on Zander Road , along with TH’s phone number ![3] 

It didn’t look like SA’s writing , and witnesses (LE) were asked if the address meant anything to them. It seemed to me they were being asked because SA didn’t know why it was written on the back. (Remember , countless LE had access to SA’s property).

SA’s Grand Am for sale sign , with TH’s number , and the location of her burned body would have been a tidy piece of evidence , don’t you think ? Until they devised a better and more “air tight” plan of planting cremated remains right on SA’s property for a stronger case !!

If you pull up the area on Google Maps where Zander Road meets Jambo Creek Road , and drop a pin on the property next to Paul Metz’s , it shows the address that’s on the back of the For Sale Sign.

Two other strange coincidences worth noting , the property directly south of Metz’s farm land is owned by a Koenig , and there’s a Jason Koenig with MTSO. And Metz’s home address (not the land where his cows are) is on County Road B … directly north of GZ’s.

More very strange coincidences in this case !!

And then Redditor ApocalypticCynic added this ‘What if’ scenario:

So….what if:

1: The Zander Road address was a sudden hustle shot request while TH was in her car doing her rounds that day, and she jotted it down on the sign quick because it was laying there on the passenger seat…

2: She gives SA the sign (perhaps on accident) as she does with all her customers

3: Leaves the SA property and goes to the Zander Road site

4: Mystery person does the deed there…

5: Colborn investigates SA and does a walk-through of his place after TH reported missing…

6: Sees the sign with address on it and checks it out afterwards

7: Finds the RAV and calls in the plates, also finds the burn site

8: Realizes there’s no way to make the crime stick given this burn site

9: Realizes after conferring with other LE in the depositions that, hey, since SA was presumably last to see TH, this set of circumstances is too good to pass up. I mean, we KNOW he’s guilty because he got off once before because the bogus DNA evidence contradicted our stellar investigation in 1985, so let’s not take any chances this time around and help this along to its rightful conclusion /s


Edit to add: (to answer someone hidden deep below): 9A: Plus we can probably save 35.6M in the process. #Followthemoney #simple

Everything just falls into place when it comes to Zander Road. There are way too many coincidences. It’s even a little freaky if you think about it.

What are your thoughts on Zander Road?



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Zander Road
Zander Road
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