Would You Like Me To Review Your Product

Would You Like Me To Review Your Product?

Would You Like Me To Review Your Product?

So, you’ve been reading my blog and you’ve probably noticed my reviews I did on some items I own – those are MY own, unbiased reviews. I can do the same for your product if you’d like. I’ll put it through the wringer and give you and my readers an honest review.

  • Would you be able to handle the truth? I am honest with my reviews. Whether they’re good or bad, I post my true opinions.
  • Would you be offended if I didn’t like your product? If it would offend you if I don’t like your product, then don’t allow me to review it because I only speak the truth and if you’re not going to like my answers, then I can help you.
  • Would my review help understand your product more? I like doing reviews to help the consumer AND the company so everybody can see what the pros and cons are and can decide what to do from there.

Fill out the form below and get in touch with me if you’re interested in me doing a review for your product. I will have to see what the request is before committing to the review since I may or may not have a use for it and do a good review (like an Android app because I don’t have an Android).

Hopefully we can work together to get your brand reviewed and see what changes, if any can be made!