Wendy Baldwin Schmitz

Wendy Baldwin Schmitz

Wendy Baldwin Schmitz

Wendy Baldwin Schmitz – does that name sound familiar? Do you remember in the documentary when they were going through Steven’s trailer and you here a female voice saying they should take some of Steven’s shoes to solve some burglaries around town? That’s Wendy Baldwin Schmitz.

Redditor Sillinesscjlg wrote up a summary about her and breaks down some of the suspicious activity involving her:


Every time I turn around, Wendy Baldwin Schmitz can be attributed to something else, so I thought I would make one thread of all things Wendy Baldwin Schmitz.

  1. I believe she is the female Calumet retired deputy who recently gave the anonymous news interview stating that SA’s trailer was immaculate. This is the link I found to show which deputies were on the search warrant to search the trailer. This is Roland Johnson’s (trailer owner) complaint. http://overthrow.us/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/7th-Circuit-Property-Owner.pdf[1] Since I can’t find any other Calumet female deputies on any warrants for the trailer, I would have to conclude the anonymous news interview was Wendy.
  2. She was the “new chick” mentioned that did the flyover with Pagel & Weigert on 11/4. Curtis Drumm’s trial testimony, Day 2, page 108 http://www.stevenaverycase.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Jury-Trial-Transcript-Day-2-2007Feb13.pdf[2] 
  3. She was the infamous voice on MaM saying SA wasn’t going to make the Innocence Project Dinner & that they should take some of his shoes to process for unsolved burglaries. Again, citing source above that she was only female officer listed on search warrant.
    At all relevant times, Jerry Pagel was the Sheriff of Calumet County and Sheriff’s Deputies William Tyson, Mark Wiegert, Wendy Baldwin and John Dedering executed the search warrants on Johnson’s property.
  4. She starred in her very own effigy video: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/sheriff-deputies-disciplined-facebook-video-shows-burning-effigy-dressed-uniform-article-1.381174[3] And was demoted to Dispatcher because of it.
  5. On Nov 5th, Wendy Baldwin Schmitz gained possession of a bloody rag — falsely claiming it came from the vehicle next to the Rav4 saying that Cadaver dog Brutus “hit” on it (courtesy of DK Sale)  http://dksale.net/2016/03/16/sgt-wendy-baldwin-planted-steven-avery-evidence-in-halbachs-suv-with-bloody-rag/[4] This rag is never mentioned in the dog handler’s testimony (Julie Kramer) Day 5, Page 18 on, http://www.stevenaverycase.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Jury-Trial-Transcript-Day-5-2007Feb16.pdf#page=5[5] Why lie Wendy?
  6. She participated in the illegal search of the Grand Am, in which Kratz tried to cover this up by signing the illegal search after the fact. See above article courtesy of DK Sale. The bloody rag could have been found during this illegal search. I could not find any mention of this bloody rag in any further evidence documentation.
  7. She is never called to testify by Kratz.
  8. More connections made in /u/Whitevorpal[6] post https://redd.it/4av86s[7] 
  9. She was one of the officers who interviewed Kayla on 2/20 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/5691be1b25981daa98f417c8/t/56932ac8a976af0bfc5a9839/1452485326873/dassey_4_19_07.pdf[8] Weigert testimony, page 197

The female deputy from the anonymous news interview is identified as being retired. While I was not able to find any definitive proof that Wendy Baldwin Schmitz is retired, I did find this:
She was demoted to Dispatcher & is listed as a Dispatcher in the 2012 Calumet County directory (page 15). Http://www.co.calumet.wi.us/documentcenter/view/346[9] – but is completely absent from the 2016 directory (page 13-14) Http://www.co.calumet.wi.us/documentcenter/view/1743[10] – so we can assume she does not work in the Calumet Sheriff Dept any more, but is she retired?

I would love to know what further involvement Wendy Baldwin Schmitz played in all of this.

[Edit1] Added link to transcripts

[Edit2] Re-worded #6 to disclose the bloody rag being found in Grand Am as being speculation, not fact.

[Edit3] Added #8 link to other Wendy Baldwin post https://redd.it/4av86s[11] 

[Edit4] Added #9


That’s Wendy Baldwin Schmitz. She was involved in some pretty shady shit, wouldn’t you say?

Another Redditor calls her Manitowoc’s “Scapegoat” and I have to agree with them. It would seem they would throw her under the bus so fast and they would put most of the blame on her and her actions.

Just another piece to this giant puzzle!




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Wendy Baldwin Schmitz
Wendy Baldwin Schmitz
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