Was There A Bonfire?

Was There A Bonfire?

In the documentary, you hear about a bonfire and how it was used to burn Teresa Halbach’s body – but here’s the thing, there isn’t really any proof of there every being a bonfire on Halloween night.

Redditor Canuck64 created a timeline about the supposed bonfire


The Bonfire that was or wasn’t.

Here is a timeline of how the bonfire developed using the available witness statements and trial testimony;

Steven Avery Interview – November 5, 2005: No mention of fire

Steven Avery Interview – November 6, 2005: Was asked about the burn barrels, Steve states there had not been a fire in the barrels in about 2 weeks.

Brendan Dassey Interview – November 6, 2005: Tells Deputy O’Neil that a bonfire was planned for Thursday night (Nov. 3), but his mother Barb cancelled it on Tuesday (Nov. 1)

Blaine Dassey Interview – November 6, 2005: When asked about the burn barrels, he said there was no fire that day. He did state that there was a barrel fire on November 3rd, 2005.

***Bone Fragments found – November 8, 2005

Steven Avery Interview – November 9, 2005: Told detectives there was no fire in the barrels the night of October 31st. He said he burned some brush, tires and garbage behind the garage ‘the week before last, or the week before Teresa went missing’.

Chuck Avery Interview – November 9, 2005: No mention of fire

Scott Tadych Interview – November 10, 2005: No mention of fire

Brendan Dassey – November 10, 2005: Told police that on November 1st, he and Steve burned branches, wood, a few old tires, and a junked car seat – but that he had seen no sign of Halbach while he was there. Brendan had only been there an hour or two, and had left while it was still burning steadily.

Blaine Dassey interview- November 11, 2005: When asked if there was a fire in Steve’s burn barrel, Blaine once again said that there was no fire.

Barb Janda interview – November 14, 2005: Tells police there was a large fire behind the garage when she got home at 8 pm and saw two people standing by the fire, but did not know who they were.

Blaine Dassey interview – November 15, 2005 (Mirebel): Two officers met with Blaine and Barb and in angry loud voices accused Blaine of not accepting that Steve is guilty. Uncontested testimony states that they did get into Blaine’s face. At that meeting Blaine states he now remembers Steve putting a white plastic bag into the burn barrel at 3:45-3:47pm on October 31st.

Scott Tadych Interview – November 29, 2005: Describes a big fire a least 3 feet high with two people standing near it between 5:15-5:30pm. When he returned at 7:30-7:45pm the fire was still about 3 feet high.

Kayla and Candy Avery interview – at the end of February 2006: Told school counselor and then Fassbender and Wiegert, that she saw a bonfire while trick or treating at her grandmother’s house. Kayla’s mother Candy states she also saw a bonfire on October 31st.

Brendan Dassey Interview (School) – February 27, 2006: Under a clear threat of prosecution, Fassbender tells Brendan he was seen at a bonfire with Teresa’s remains in it.

Brendan Dassey Interview (Police Station) – February 27, 2006: Mentions a regular fire, no specific size.

Bryan Dassey Interview – February 27, 2006: Told police Investigator Baldwin that he noticed smoke coming from behind Steve’s garage.

Bobby Dassey Interview – February 27, 2006 (After Dedering viewed Brendan’s video ”confession”): Initially Bobby does not mention a fire, but then describes a bonfire as high as the garage when he left at 9:30pm.

Brendan Dassey (Fox Hill’s Resort) – February 27, 2006: Tell’s Sgt Tyson that he does not remember the burn barrels burning on October 31st or the next day.

Barb Janda (Fox Hill’s Resort) – February 27, 2006: Tell’s Sgt Tyson that she does not remember the burn barrels burning on October 31st or the next day.

***Brendan Dassey Interrogation – March 1, 2006: A fire was burning behind that garage by 4:15pm when Brendan knocked on Steven’s door. Brendan stated that while there was a bit of light out (5:00-5:30pm), he and Steve carried Teresa to the garage and then placed her body in the fire.

Steve Avery Jail Shortly after March 1: Tells Barb on the phone that Brendan came over for a bonfire that night but was home by the time Jodi called at 9:00pm.

Scott Tadych Interview – March 30, 2006: States there was no fire at 5:20pm. Describes a “big fire” at approx. 7:45pm

Bobby Dassey Trial – Feb 14, 2007: Testified that there had been no fire for about two weeks prior to October 31st.

Blaine Dassey Trial – Feb 27, 2007: At 3:45 seen Steve bring a plastic bag to his burning barrel. At 11pm sees a 4-5 foot fire behind the garage.

Robert Fabien Trial – Feb 27, 2007: At trial, Rob testified that at around 5:00-5:20pm he noticed a barrel fire with plastic smells, no bonfire.

Scott Tadych Trial – Feb 27, 2007: Scott once again states he did not see a fire between 5:15 and 5:20. He describes seeing a fire at 7:45pm that was as tall as the garage or 8-10 feet high.

Brendan Dassey Trial-April 23, 2007: Brendan testified that that there was a small fire to burn some garbage and rags between 7:15 and 8:00pm. Is Brendan saying this because both the defense and prosecution and their witnesses are all accepting or stating there was a fire, or because there actually was a fire?

In addition to the obvious coercion and manipulation of the witnesses, there was also massive media coverage of the bones, the burn pit and burn barrels. The December 6, 2005 preliminary hearing where pretty much all the details of the case were presented was televised live.


Basically what we have here is another thing that was manufactured by the police. I doubt there was a bonfire on 10/31 because everybody in the family all said there wasn’t one.

The story of the bonfire is important because it was supposedly used to burn Teresa’s body… but if there wasn’t a bonfire, then how can her body be burned?



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