If You Have A Hyundai And The Trunk Doesn't Open, Try This

If You Have A Hyundai And The Trunk Doesn’t Open, Try This

Let me guess, you just tried opening the trunk on your Hyundai and it didn’t work. Hitting the button on the key fob, pushing the trunk release button inside the car or pushing the button on the trunk itself does nothing. Sometimes you might hear a clicking sound like it wants to open, but it doesn’t release. It sucks, I know; but before giving up, try this and see if it’s the problem – it MIGHT work for you!

Go to your trunk and take a look in the area where the push release button is and try and find a keyhole – MOST Hyundai models have a keyhole for manually opening the trunk (even if you have “Push to Start”); look hard because it’s not always easy to detect.

Hyundai Key Fob With Key
Hyundai Key Fob With Key

The keyhole for my Sonata is on the left side but it was dirty and hard to see – but it’s there! As you can see from the picture below, it’s kinda blended in and not really easy to detect.

Keyhole for Hyundai Trunk

Once you find the keyhole, use your key to try and open the trunk. It might not be easy to insert and turn the key at first; especially if you’ve never used the physical key to open the trunk before. Don’t force it too much or you can risk breaking the key or the lock and then you’re really screwed!

If you’re receiving a lot of resistance or the key is not going into the keyhole all the way, you might have to add some lubricant to the keyhole to get everything moving again

Ok – so if that works, then 1/2 your problem is solved because you’re now in your trunk! However, using keys to open your trunk is such a pain in the ass and inconvenient, right?!? But hopefully, the next steps will help you in getting your automatic trunk release to start working again.

Once you have your trunk open, you now want to look at the latch that’s attached to the trunk lid and see if it has a locking mechanism (valet lock) on it, similar to the picture below

Hyundai Trunk Lock Mechanism

If you do have the valet lock like pictured, check to see if it’s set to ‘lock’. If it is set to lock, then that’s your issue! All you have to do is flick the lever to the unlock position and that should allow you to gain entry to your trunk through the remote and the buttons on the car.

Move The Lever On The Trunk Mechanism To The Unlocked Position

Hopefully the reason why your Hyundai trunk won’t open with the key fob is because of the valet lock being activated; if not, then unfortunately, you might have an issue with the lock mechanism itself and will most likely need replacing and can cost up to $200 to fix. 😲😕

If you can still gain entry by using the keyhole on the trunk and can live without having to open it without the key fob, then you can save yourself some money and just access it that way.

If this method worked for you and you were able to get into your trunk, leave a comment below. Or if you know of another workaround to getting into a trunk, comment below!

Good luck and hopefully this will save you some frustration and money!



If You Have A Hyundai And The Trunk Doesn't Open, Try This
If You Have A Hyundai And The Trunk Doesn’t Open, Try This
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