Today is Monday

Today is Monday – Do You Have Anxiety?

Today Is Monday – Do You Have Anxiety?

Yes, today is Monday but it’s going to be a great day! Don’t start your day out with negative thoughts. Keep thinking positively.

I try not to let Monday’s bother me too much anymore. I used to have the Sunday anxiety and on Monday mornings, I was just dreading having to go to work. I dealt with it for many years and I could never really figure out why I hated Mondays. Until one day when it hit me – I hated my job.

I know, most of you are saying I should have realized that I hated my job from the beginning; but it’s not how you think. I always just thought it was me and just wanting to be home and hang with my friends and family – I thought it was homesickness. When I first started, I loved my job. I was excited by it… but then as time went on and the stress was more and more, the rules were getting out of hand, they weren’t hiring the right people for the job… all of that just kept building inside and made me dread going to work – I was having anxiety everyday. It was horrible.

After I left there, I had other jobs before the one I currently have – and all those jobs before this one weren’t as bad as the first one, and in turn, I wasn’t having as much anxiety (I was still having it, but not as much or as frequent). I started my new job and after a couple of weeks, I noticed something – I’m not having anxiety on Sunday’s anymore. I don’t have to take Tums to settle my stomach on Monday mornings anymore. It’s because I love my job.

Now, I’m not saying that I don’t have anxiety and there isn’t any stress – because believe me, there is a lot of stress and I still get a little anxious but not near as bad as it was.

Another way that  I coupe with Monday morning anxiety is I pretty much make Monday’s and the rest of the week my bitch anymore. I don’t allow a day of the week to control my feelings. If I think about something too much, it brings back my anxiety fast. I can’t predict the future, so I don’t know what’s going to happen, so why should I worry about it – and why should I have anxiety over it? Shouldn’t I be looking forward to the future so I can continue to reach my goals?

Today is Monday, but I don’t have anxiety about it anymore. Hopefully you can find the root cause for you and be able to remedy the situation.



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