Timeline of Brendan's Interviews

Timeline of Brendan’s Interviews

Timeline of Brendan’s Interviews

Here is the timeline of Brendan’s interviews that was put together by Redditor angieb15 – They do an awesome job with the timelines – take a look at October 31, 2005


Please let me know if you have something to add.
Take note of what happens on February 24…..

November 5, 2005, Saturday

Brendan’s Mother, Barb Janda is taken into custody on a Marijuana possession charge.

Case Details[1] 

November 6, 2005, Sunday.
Interview with O’Neill.
Marinette County.
Audio[2] Written Report[3] 
Brendan and Bryan are stopped on the road on their way to pick up sodas in Crivitz.
The car is towed away Brendan and Bryan are separated and interviewed.
Says he never saw Teresa.
Later says he saw her leaving.

Motion to Suppress[4] 2010 Appeal Brief pg 84[5] 

November 10, 2005, Thursday.
Interview with Skorlinski and Baldwin.
Marinette County.
Referenced in: Motion to Suppress[6] 


February 8, 2006.
Barb Janda pleads guilty, no contest, to Marijuana Possession.
Case Details[7] 

February 24, 2006, Friday,
Dean Strang replaces Public Defender in Avery case.
“Defendant’s Motion for Substitution of Counsel; Order Allowing Withdrawal of the State Public Defender and Subsequent Counsel’s Entry of Appearance.”

Court Record of Events pg 58[8] 

February 27, 2006, Monday.
Interview with Fassbender and Wiegert.
School Interview Audio[9] /School Interview Transcript[10] 

12:30………Brendan is taken out of class by Wiegert and Fassbender and interviewed in the conference room at the school.

Motion to Suppress[11] 2010 Appeal Brief pg 84[12] 

February 27, 2006, Monday.
Interview with Fassbender and Wiegert.
Mishicot Fire Department.

Station Interview Video[13] /Station Interview Transcript[14] /  Tyson Report[15] 
3:00…………Brendan meets with Wiegert and Fassbender in the conference room at school. Barb Janda is there.
3:05………….Brendan is transported to Mishicot Fire Department by Wiegert and Fassbender.
3:21………….Interview begins.
???………….Fassbender and Wiegert arrange for Brendan and Barb to stay at Fox Hills Resort.

Motion to Suppress[16] 2010 Appeal Brief pg 84[17] 

February 28, 2006, Tuesday.

8:00………approx time in the morning. Brendan and Barb leave to go to Fox Hills.
???………Interview at Fox Hills. Not recorded or documented.

Tyson Report[18] 

Motion to Suppress[19] /  2010 Appeal Brief pg 84[20] 

March 1, 2006, Wednesday.
Interview with Fassbender and Wiegert.
Manitowoc Sherrif’s Department.
Interview Video[21] 

9:50……….Wiegert and Fassbender say they contact Barb Janda ask permission to speak with Brendan.
10:05……..Brendan is removed from class and taken to Manitowoc Sheriff’s Department.
10:15……..Approx time, they stop by Brendan’s home to pick up his jeans.
10:43……..They arrive at Manitowoc Sherrif’s Dept.

” Brendan’s March 1 confession was the culmination of four rounds of police questioning that occurred over a period of fewer than 48 hours. ” Laura Nirider.
2010 Appeal Brief pg 84[22] 

This is the statement used in court.
Wiegert tells Brendan Teresa was shot.
Brendan gives account for first time of Murder.

Motion to Suppress[23] 
Ken Kratz First Press Conference about Brendan[24] 
(This is the only video I could find)

March 2, 2006, Thursday.
Brendan is charged and taken into custody.
Bullet “discovered” in Steve’s garage.

Ken Kratz gives Press Conference[25] 
Criminal Complaint[26] 

March 7, 2006, Tuesday.
Kayla’s Statement[27] 

May 5, 2006, Friday.

Email: Kachinsky to Wiegert[28] 
In which Kachinsky says that O’Kelly has gotten new information from Brendan’s family.

May 9, 2006, Tuesday
Email: O’Kelly to Kachinsky[29] 
In which O’Kelly says he would like to record Brendan’s “confession” and states that the entire family should basically be destroyed.

May 12, 2006, Friday.
Interview with O’Kelly.
Interview with O’Kelly Transcript[30] 
Email: Kachinsky to Fassbender[31] 

May 13, 2006, Saturday.
Interview with Fassbender and Wiegert

Interview Video[32]


The most important thing to notice while listening to these interviews is how much is being fed to Brendan by the investigators. Listen to how many times they tell him his is lying or that he isn’t doing the right thing. Listen to the suggestive wording they use.

I understand that investigators need to use some sort of technique to get a person to talk, but these investigators went a little too far, IMHO.

After watching Brendan’s interviews, I don’t know how anybody could find him guilty of murdering Teresa Halbach.




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Timeline of Brendan's Interviews
Timeline of Brendan’s Interviews
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