VIN Number

The VIN Number

The VIN Number

There are a lot of conflicting stories concerning the RAV4 and confirming whether it belonged to Teresa or not. One of the ways used to confirm it was her vehicle was by using the VIN number and the D.A.V.I.D. System. But then you have to ask how were they able to see the VIN with all of the debris in the way (remember, the VIN is located on the drivers side which was facing inwards)

Redditor tuckerm33 brings up a couple of other interesting questions:


In the copy of the report on the Halbach investigation, Remiker describes the scene at the Avery salvage yard. He notices Pam and Nicole when he arrives and they point out the area where they found the RAV4. We are told from Pam’s testimony that the doors were all locked. She says she and Nicole tried the door handles, but used their sleeves to avoid contaminating evidence. But the doors are locked. So that is why Nicole reads her the Vin number.

After Nicole reads the VIN number, then that is when Pam calls Remiker to tell him she may have found the Rav4.
She obviously has some printout from somewhere with the VIN number on it which would also have the plate number on it.

Then she asks Remiker if she should go inside the vehicle. Why would she ask if she can go inside if she already knows it’s locked and she can’t get in?

Then he asks her to read the VIN number which she acts as if she’s not sure where it is or what the number is, yet, she claimed the Nicole already read it to her.

Remiker tells her to stay put and he soon shows up. Remiker says the RPs are missing, which means rear plates. There is no license plate to cross check the vehicle against so the VIN number is all they have to go by.

Remiker states, “I retrieved a registration for the missing vehicle and attempted to to confirm the VIN on the vehicle”.

Where did he retrieve a registration? If he used D.A.V.I.D., then he would have needed to just type in Teresa’s name, I get that, but Pam only read the last four of the VIN to him when she called. That means they had already confirmed it was a match when he was at the office likely. So, did he retrieve the registration from the glove box? If so, how did he get in? He says, “at no time did we enter the vehicle to make any further observations”.

You know what I don’t see in this part of the report. A mention of Teresa or concern of her location. All I see is what appears to be an overly detailed description of the RAV4 and how they proved it was her RAV4.

Call me crazy, but if I had a loved one missing and suspected they were in danger, time means everything. If I came across their vehicle or a similar vehicle in a junkyard, the last thing that would even cross my mind would be worrying about leaving fingerprints on the door handles and making sure to make note of the fact I used my sleeves.


Now we go back to the question – if Remiker used the registration to prove it was Teresa’s vehicle, then how did he get into the vehicle if it was locked?

After they found the vehicle, why wasn’t Teresa’s search team on the property actively looking for Teresa? You would think they would start looking in that area since her car was there. It just seems like they knew her car was going to be there and she wasn’t…

Don’t forget, I want to hear YOUR theories! 


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VIN Number
VIN Number
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