Magical Blood

The Magical Blood

The Magical Blood

Let’s talk about the blood. The magical blood. The magical blood that was only in certain areas inside the vehicle and nowhere else. The magical blood that was not on the outside of the vehicle. The magical blood that was not on the ground outside of the vehicle. The magical blood that wasn’t on the ‘camouflage’ that was used to ‘hide’ the vehicle.

Redditor foghaze gives a good theory about the blood:

I haven’t seen anyone talk about Avery’s blood found in the rear passenger side. It is a very awkward placement for someone facing the inside of the door who is bleeding from the right hand. This also supports the planting theory for so many more reasons I’m not even going to bother to list all of them.

Here is a pic of where the blood was found[1] 

Link below is an example so you can get a better perspective of where the blood was found compared to where your hands would be. I’m sure you can see from this picture where I’m getting at. The placement doesn’t make any sense. (aside from all the other things that don’t makes sense) You would have to be in a very awkward position for your right hand to produce a passive drip like this.

Example pic for visualization purposes location of passive drip[2] 

Someone bleeding this much from their right hand would expect to see transfer stains all over the car and debris placed on the car after the doors were closed. Where are all the transfer stains[3] ?

Seems here[4] extra care given to cover the door handle with a heavy hood where the blood was placed so it wouldn’t be disturbed. It’s even tipped to cover the handle. Criminals don’t do this. It essentially preserves it. Another reason why nothing makes sense. Unless you are planting evidence and have a very limited amount of blood.

Last step was to cover car in debris. Not one bloodstain, fingerprint or any source of DNA found on any of the debris[5] . I guess they ran out of blood. It’s hard to take a lot of blood from a vile without people noticing some is missing. Very little was taken. They were also very selective about where it was placed. Coinsidently drops of blood were strategically placed around the entire car. Front passenger and driver’s side. Rear passenger and trunk area. They covered all the bases except rear driver side with the limited amount they had . Just a little bit of blood almost all the way around the RAV. How convenient. Yet none on the debris. Could it be because they were worried rain could destroy it? Of course. Which is why it’s only inside the car with all the evidence locked securely inside. Remember they had very little blood to work with.

EDIT – before you start talking about the lever to put the seats down take note where this is located. It’s not near this area. It’s a drawstring located higher[6] . Start watching at 3:33 here for an example.[7]


It is plausible that the planters only had a limited amount of blood and wanted to get the best bang for their buck so they were trying to be wise in their placement (making sure it was inside the vehicle so it didn’t get washed away. But like it was pointed out, the placement of some of the blood doesn’t make sense if the killer was right handed and bleeding heavily.

Steven Avery was exonerated of the rape because of DNA evidence – do you really think he would just leave his blood (DNA) around the vehicle like that? Don’t you think he would make sure to clean up any trace of his DNA?

When the investigators first talked to Avery, they noticed a cut on his right, middle finger… that cut gave those investigators ammo. They tried to make it look like Steven’s middle finger bled around the vehicle.

Just more things to make you go hmm…

What are your thoughts?



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Magical Blood
Magical Blood
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