License Plates

The License Plates

The License Plates

As you’re probably aware, the license plates were not on the RAV4 when it was discovered on Steven’s property – they were later found inside another vehicle in the junkyard.

Redditor foghaze believes there is a story behind the license plates and they have a theory:


This is all speculation but it seems to make sense. The location where TH plates were found cannot be random and there is a story there that cannot be ignored. Every piece of evidence is important and the location where the plates were found seem to support the planting theory. What is the story? Bear with me and connect the dots. Here is what I think.

First look at the pictures here and study them so you can get a general idea where they were found and the relationship to where the RAV was found.[1] 

Notice the relationship from where the RAV 4 was found to where the license plates found. They are very far from one another and it just doesn’t make sense unless whoever planted the car forgot they had the plates on them after leaving. Obviously the planter had to take the plates off to plant the car right? This explains why they were taken off in the first place.

EDIT: The plates could have also been rolled up to conceal in a jacket.

The car with Teresa’s plates inside is right on the edge of the Avery property and coincidentally the civilian search party locations.

Why is the location of the plates important?

The location of the plates indicates they were tossed into the back seat from outside the Avery fence. This is key because whoever planted them were obviously not allowed on the Avery property. Whoever planted the car had to get rid of the plates and this was the easiest way to do it.

Why were the plates rolled up?

Notice how the plates were rolled up. You can see the creases. The picture you see is not how the plates were actually found. They had already been tampered with per John Ertle.. They are rolled up oddly so the planter could toss them easily in the back window of the car from outside the fence NOT on the Avery property.

The location of Teresa’s License plates is NO coincidence.


What do you think about this theory on the license plates? Do you think there is a story behind it or was it just a random vehicle and the guilty party wanted somewhere to get rid of them?



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License Plates
License Plates
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