The Evidence That Wasn't

The Evidence That Wasn’t

The Evidence That Wasn’t

How much evidence did/does the State have against Steven Avery? If you look at the court case files, you’d think they had a lot – but if you look closer and look at the handling of the evidence and how it was obtained, you’ll soon realize that the State didn’t/doesn’t have a whole hell of a lot of evidence against Steven Avery.

Redditor lifts heavy broke down the evidence the State brought forward and why it shouldn’t have been admissible in court.


Tainted Evidence = No Evidence

The Trailer= No Evidence (LE Tainted)(Kratz) 1. There is no evidence of TH being in SA’s trailer. 2. The rape or murder of TH did not happen here. 3. Kratz made this story up to taint the public’s perception of SA.

The Key= No Evidence (LE Tainted)(Lenk) 1. It was found by Lenk after 2 searches. The bedroom is 8×10. Shook the bookcase and it somehow landed under SA’s slippers. He could not have shaken it too hard because the change on the top of the bookcase is laying in the Exact same place after the key is found. 2. It has SA DNA but No blood from his cut finger on the key. 3 No DNA from TH who had the key for years.

The Garage= No Evidence of a murder 1. There was no evidence of TH being in the garage. 2. The police went to great lengths to find any type of blood even jack hammered up the floor and found nothing. 3. I don’t think even SA would be able to scrub/bleach the cracks to remove all of the blood. 4. If TH was shot here there would have been blood splatter which goes to microscopic size that could not have been seen by SA or BD during their “Bleach cleanup.”

The Bullet in the garage= Questionable Evidence (LE Compromised)(Lenk) 1. It was found after several searches by Lenk (Again). Comparable Match to SA .22 Rifle 2. Has traces of TH on it but NO Blood. The MC lab tech botched the test. It could only be done one time so no other testing could be done. Proof is now Gone. 3. Can a bullet penetrate someone’s head and not attach any blood to it?

The Fire pit= Destroyed, Undocumented=No Evidence (LE Compromised)(All the way up to county executives) 1. Was there really a fire in the burn pit 10/31? In everyone’s first interview all say no bonfire. Everybody’s story changes as time goes on. No Fire. Small Fire. 10’ Tall Fire??? 2. The MCSD wouldn’t allow their own investigators to process this area. We have NO proper pictures, No Grid, No explanation on which bones were located in what part of the pit. WHY? Since MCSD did not follow the proper protocol it leaves a lot of speculation. How big was the area? Exactly what bones were found and how were they recovered?…..There is a reason they didn’t follow protocol. They must be hiding something. My Opinion…

The Burn Barrels=Evidence(LE Compromised) 1. 4 Behind Barb’s trailer and one across the road from SA about 106’ away from his trailer. 2. Bones found in one of the 4 barrels 3. TH Cell phone and other belongings found across from SA in Barrel 4. Limited pictures and documentation 5. One barrel was taken to State Patrol (the wrong location.) No one knows which barrel or for how long it was missing or if it was tampered with.

The Rav4=(LE Lab Compromised) 1. Car found on SA property, partially covered with the doors locked. Damage to the front Blinker. If SA hit something while driving around the yard why wouldn’t he just rip it off and throw it in the salvage yard? Or just leave it hanging. Why even deal with it? Unless it was driven on the road. 2. No Fingerprints matching SA. 3. Blood droplets throughout the front half of the vehicle. 4. Smear on the dash near the ignition (looks like a q-tip smear). My Opinion..
5. Blood spots tested and match SA DNA. 6. Blood tested for EDTA and none detected. (Questionable= what was the lowest level of detection used? Did the FBI’s test go low enough? as argued by the defense) 7. No mixture of SA and TH blood. 8. No SA blood in the rear cargo area. 9. No blood on the steering wheel 10. No blood on the gear shifter 11. No blood on the door handles 12. No blood on the broken blinker 13. No blood on the key or lanyard 14. No blood on the floor under the ignition 15. TH blood on rear cargo door. High to medium Splatter 16. TH blood on the right side of the cargo area. Looks like hair swooshed blood stain. 17. Matt removed from cargo area and not found. 18. Rear seats lifted up and resting on the blinker. 19. Car was found locked but it was unlocked when lab arrived to test. 20. Battery cable was removed to make inoperable. Some one had enough foresight to bring a tool with them. Why? They wanted it unable to move? To erase the vehicle computer? 21. Front driver side wheel appears to be cleaned. Not sure. 22. SA “Sweat” DNA found under the hood on the latch. Lab says they may have contaminated it by not changing gloves while processing. 23. LE notes the VIN plate under the front window appears to be compromised. 24. No Luminal tests were done inside the car.

Miscellaneous Notes= 1. Cell phone found down by the bridge by Pam and handed over to Colborn. What happened to it? 2. Where is Barbs interviews? 3. Why was LE asking Pam “are the plates on the car?” The Obvious question should be? Can you read me the plate number? He must have known the plates were not on the car and this is how he is identifying it? If it doesn’t have the plates then it must be the right one. Why not ask for her to look inside to see if she sees anything? 4. Was Jodi really not allowed out that day? Why? and who made that decision?

This is a basic outline of how the evidence was handled by the MCSD. All of it shows signs of being compromised in some way. Lack of photographs, Lack of documentation, Broken chains of custody, Investigators being told Not to do their job, Evidence suddenly appearing after several searches. These look like a lot of RED FLAGS. How could the MCSD make so many mistakes on such a big case. Why would the county executives tell their own Experts to not come out to process/document the evidence at the scene? They never followed proper protocol. They did whatever they wanted just to make this crime connected to SA. 36+ million reasons would be my best guess. Just my opinion.


A lot of evidence that really wasn’t, right? The way the investigators, experts and witnesses handled the evidence, shows that it could have been easily planted/tainted.

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover – all because it looks like a lot of evidence, it really isn’t.



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The Evidence That Wasn't
The Evidence That Wasn’t
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