The Bones Were Never In The Burn Pit

The Bones Were Never In The Burn Pit

The Bones Were Never In The Burn Pit

Did you take notice there were never any photos of the bones in the burn pit at Steven Avery’s house? Redditor /u/trakappdotcom posted this post on Reddit stating they believe since there aren’t any pictures of the bones in the burn pit, then the bones were never in the burn pit in the first place:

There are zero photographs of the bones in the pit…Its a complete lie.

  • Any other “evidence” was photographed.
  • The Key, photographed
  • The bullet, photographed
  • The camera/phone/pda in a barrel, photographed
  • The vehicle, photographed
  • The blood in the vehicle, photographed
  • The trailer, photographed and videotaped

Don’t you think your most damming evidence would be photographed before it was disturbed. Not to mention, they prohibited the coroner and forensic experts from going near the burn pit….

  • Conclusion: The bones were never in SA’s burn pit otherwise they would have photographed them.


That was /u/trakappdotcom ‘s theory that the bones were never in the burn pit in the first place. I found it odd too when I was watching the documentary, that they never showed the actual burn pit WITH the bones inside.

Here’s another question to add to the huge pile of questions already surrounding the case. Will we ever know what the real story is? Will these questions ever be answered? I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

With all of these questions, there is enough reasonable doubt to have a conviction. There are 2 people sitting in jail even though there are big questions left unanswered which equals reasonable doubt which equals no conviction.

If you agree the investigation and the prosecution were up to no good and they should receive a Federal review – go and sign this petition – This one can be looked into by the federal government. 48,500 signatures are needed by February 6th to get it done – can we do it?


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