The bones didn't smell

The Bones Didn’t Smell Like Rubber Or Fuel

The Bones Didn’t Smell Like Rubber Or Fuel

Something bugs me about the bones being discovered in the burn pit on Steven Avery’s property.

The number one issue I have is that there weren’t any crime scene photos of them (but they made sure to take photos of everything else and even some insignificant ones).

Another issue I have is the way they didn’t allow any forensic experts to be at the site to document the evidence.

I have a hard time believing the bones were actually burned on Steven’s property. Redditor pm_a_surprise points out there was testimony stating the bones didn’t smell like fuel or rubber and didn’t have any type of residue on them…. hmmm…

On day 14 page 7, Eisenberg states that she only smelled fuel from the box of bones from the barrel, and there were non-human bones in that box and she couldn’t be sure which bones.

But no fuel smell from bones in pit.

Additionally, no burnt rubber: “Q. Now, you did not detect the distinctive smell of burnt rubber from any of the containers you examined here that contained human bone fragments? A. I did not. Q. And by that, I mean any of the containers, all of the tag numbers from whatever source? A. I did not. Q. Neither did you — did you note any residue from, let’s say burnt rubber, that was visible to you, in any of the containers you examined? A. No burned rubber, that’s correct.”

Compare this to the description of the fire pit by Pevytoe on day 18 page 18: “And eventually removed all of the ash, there was like a caked, baked on layer of the top soil right there. Actually crumbled that and sifted all the debris and then preserved and removed all of that from the same. Q. All right. Tell us about the material that you found as you began to examine the burn pit. A. Well, there was this heavy layer of black — blackened soil. It kind of had an oily residue.”

Thus you have bones burnt to highly calcined and charred state with no smell or residue of fuel or rubber on top of a fire pit caked in oily burnt rubber.


We have testimony stating the burn pit had a layer of blackened soil on it but it didn’t get on the bones and you also have testimony stating that there was a fuel smell coming from the box of bones but the bones didn’t smell or have residue on them. How can that be? Are the bones made out of teflon?

Do you see the issue here? In order to burn a body in a burn pit, outside – you need to keep the fire burning and make sure it’s hot enough to burn the body – well, in order to do that, you need to keep fueling the fire – if you fuel the fire, the residue would be on the bones and they weren’t.

This suggests the bones weren’t burned in the burn pit but off site in a commercial type oven that doesn’t need direct fuel to stoke the fire – and without direct fuel, you’re not going to have a fuel smell/residue on the bones.

What are your thoughts?



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