The Best Fitness Tracker For The New Year

The Best Fitness Tracker For The New Year

The Best Fitness Tracker For The New Year

We all know that New Year’s is here and with that, come a lot of resolutions and a majority of those resolutions is to get back/in shape, exercise and get better sleep – well, this is why I selected Fitbit Charge HR™ as the best fitness tracker for the new year. If you’re looking for a tracker that has just about everything, then this is the one for you. I love mine! It really gets me motivated and makes sure I meet my daily goals.

Here’s a list of features the Fitbit Charge HR has:

  • PurePulse™ Heart Rate Monitor
  • Workouts + All-Day Activity
  • Caller ID + Watch
  • SmartTrack™
  • Exercise Mode
  • Long Battery Life
  • Auto Sleep + Alarms (I will never use a regular alarm clock again!)
  • Wireless Syncing
  • They come in 4 or 5 different colors ranging from Black to Orange. I have the black one. and like I said, I love it.

Fitbit also has the Surge and I am really debating on whether to get it or not. I held out on the Apple Watch because I wasn’t happy about the battery life and also I like to wait until the 2nd generation to come out before I buy a new product – I’m hearing rumors that Apple will be releasing Apple Watch 2 in March – so I’m not sure on which one I’ll get. The Surge has everything the Fitbit HR has but also included GPS and music… I’m going to wait it out and see what happens.

I’ll keep you posted when I decide what I’m going to do. In the meantime, I’ll continue using my Fitbit HR!

Just in case you have a Fitbit HR and are needing a replacement or backup band, you can find some cool ones here!

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