The Anonymous Letter

The Anonymous Letter

The Anonymous Letter

Here is the anonymous letter that was received by DOJ investigator Tom Fassbender. Supposedly they went to the Avery’s smelter but determined it wasn’t used for a period of time and then stopped looking into it.

This was posted by user /u/Iguessedmyusername on Reddit

The Anonymous Letter
The Anonymous Letter


The letter is translated as:

Body was burnt up in

aluminum smelter at 3:00AM

Friday morning

There is debate on what the last word “sikikey” is but many think it’s “Sincerely”. There are a few that think it’s also “Psychic”ey… I don’t know about that…

The theory about this letter is that a smelter was used to burn the body of Teresa Halbach at 3AM on Friday – the police allegedly looked into the Avery’s smelter and concluded it wasn’t used in a period of time and then dismissed the letter without looking into other smelters or trying to look into this letter further.

What do you think about this letter? Do you think somebody knew more about what happened and tried to contact the police or this is just a hoax?


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