Signal Knob on Clothes Dryer

This Is What The Signal Knob On Your Clothes Dryer Is For

So you just got a new or used clothes dryer and you’re looking it over and come across the signal knob and now you’re probably wondering what the heck it is. 

Unfortunately, the signal knob is not for better wi-fi signal in your house. And no, it doesn’t signal Batman, either. 

All that signal knob does is sets the loudness of the buzzer when your clothes are done to low or high or you can turn the buzzer off altogether. Yep, that’s it. Really lame, huh? Not sure why Maytag and other manufactures didn’t just label it “buzzer” or something. It’s confusing to a lot of people!

Signal Knob on Clothes Dryer
Signal Knob on Clothes Dryer

We keep ours set to off. We’re able to hear when the dryer has stopped, so we don’t need any annoying buzzers going off!

Now you know!

Watch a short video where I explain what the signal knob is for:

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