Mysterious Phone Call

The Mysterious Phone Call

The Mysterious Phone Call

At 2:27, Teresa received a mysterious phone call from somebody – that somebody could have been the killer. The mysterious thing about the phone call is that we were lead to believe it was Autotrader, but now that is being questioned. Could it have been from somebody else? But who?

Redditor foghaze thinks they have an idea who the 2:27 phone call was from: (Updated 5/4/16)


As everyone by now knows there are major problems with this investigation and the circumstances surrounding the murder of Teresa Hallbach. Some have stated the Calumet County investigative reports seem off with suspect entries. They appear to be written much later after the fact. There are two examples that are obvious I can think of offhand. The rest are not so obvious but if you pay attention you will begin see something is very suspect with all of Calumet’s reports.


In Dedering’s report on 11/3 while questioning the Zipperers there is one statement that should not be there because it happened on 11/6. How does a statement for an event that happened three days after a report was presumed to be written end up on a report three days before unless it was written at least 3 days after the fact? In the report it states Detective Jacobs gets a recording of the message Teresa left for the Zipperer’s[1] . This random line states that Det. Jacobs recorded their answering machine message on 11/6 but this report was written on 11/3. Are you kidding me? The fact this is happening the very first day of the investigation is disturbing. From what I understand for those in law enforcement they must write their reports immediately after an event occurs when it is fresh. No exceptions! If reports are written just hours after an occurrence details are forgotten! This was written at least 3 days after the fact! I’m inclined to believe it could be even longer.


Another example is in Wiegert’s report on 11/3 when he is at Teresa’s home and perfoems a reverse lookup of all the numbers he gets from a report that Ryan H. and friends printed for him[2] . He is completely unaware that Teresa even went to Avery’s at this point. If you notice he states he does a reverse lookup on the call that is supposed to be Tom Janda’s number but he makes a mistake and says the reverse lookup yields the results of Steven Avery’s number. There is no way he would know this at this time! If the investigation starts off like this I can only imagine just how screwed up the entire thousand page report over a year an a half timeframe really is. For what other reason would law enforcement need to write their reports days if not weeks after the fact? To get their stories straight? As much as I hate to say it that looks to be precisely what they have done.


With all that being said if these reports were being manufactured after the fact in order to develop a story then eventually the story will fall apart because nothing will add up. Absolutely nothing adds up about the 2:27 call among other things. This number is the most important call Teresa Hallbach receives this day because it is the last time anyone ever hears from her again. It is also a call that is minutes prior to her alleged murder. Not only that but it is the longest call she has the entire day.


I have been suspicious of this call for weeks and have been trying to find as much information as possible about this number. The problem is Teresa’s incoming numbers are not shown on her Cingular report. Even more disturbing this number is only mentioned 2 times during the entire 1.5 year investigation on 11/3. The number is mentioned on the very first day Teresa was reported missing and it was mysteriously buried the following days. No effort was put into finding the true source of the call and it most certainly isn’t on any official Cingular document in evidence. It was mentioned in the same report I noted above written by Wiegert regarding Tom Janda’s number yielding Steven Avery in a reverse lookup.


It appears the mystery surrounding the 2:27 may hold the key to who killed Teresa Hallbach.
Problems with the “investigation” of the 2:27pm number:


On 11/3 while Wiegert is conducting reverse lookups from the Cingular report accessed from Teresa’s computer with the password provided by Ryan Hililagas (and friends) he records the 2:27 call in his report. He reports the reverse lookup comes back as Autotrader with the last four digits being 8712. (for privacy purposes the full number is not displayed) Refer to the screenshots in the links provided and take note of the last four digits. Wiegert’s report referenceing the “alleged” phone number of Autotrader[3] .


This number is not Autotrader’s number. The last four digits of Autotraders actual phone number is 8675. The numbers are located on the bottom left corner of their apointment sheets[4] for verification. (see all links for source of proof) Autotrader’s real number is also listed in the phonebook and you can still get results if you do a reverse lookup today even though they are no longer in business. After doing numerous searches for this number no link to Autotrader can be found.


To back that up in case you were worried Wiegert was mistaken about the 2:27 number it is reported one final time in Dedering’s report on 11/3. The same day Teresa was reported missing. Dedering also performs a reverse lookup but he does not get the same results as Wiegert reports to find just hours earlier. Dedering’s report indiates he was unable to get any information[5] on the number while performing a reverse lookup. This is disturbing! We are not even 10 pages in and just hours into Calumet Counties investigation and on the very first day there are major contradictions to the story. It is already falling apart. I supposed we could believe Wiegert was mistaken but come on. Let’s not kid ourselves any longer. If Weigert made a mistake how in the world does his reverse lookup yield Autotrader when the number is wrong? Either he didn’t do it or he in fact deliberately withheld this information.


This mysterious call was not in any way treated nor investigated like all the other numbers that Teresa either called or received on the day she went missing (except you guessed it, this number). Officer Schultz report shows a very detailed and lengthy process of calling all the phone providers of each incoming and outgoing number who Teresa had interacted with that day. He then obtains all the names and corresponding addresses. He then calls those numbers and even physically goes to the addresses that are associated with these numbers. This process does not happen with this presumed Autotrader number! It is completely buried after 11/3 and it is taken at face value simply based on Wiegert word that the number is in fact Autotrader. There is not one single record found in the entire investigation that this 8712 number is in fact Autotraders number. NADA!


It appears this was not any kind of error simply due to the fact the way the number was blatantly ignored. Not one official piece of evidence exists that verifies this number is from Autotrader. Not one. It’s also worth noting there are a couple of calls that cannot be accounted for on this day as well. For some reason when the Cingular report was requested by investigators they did not ask for the incoming numbers to be displayed. See the report here[6] . All we can see are the numbers Theresa dialed out. This certainly raises even more suspicion and makes one wonder why all the secrecy?


It’s also worth mentioning how AT phone lines were most likely set up :

The need for more than one phone line in Autotraders office located in a strip mall is not likely for several reasons. It is very common practice for businesses like this to have one phone number with several phone devices in their offices. The addition of more physical phone numbers is much more expensive and should not be needed so it does not make economical sense. There are many phone systems for businesses and it would depend on what your business needs and how many phone users in their office. This Autotrader location most likely had a package very similar to Retail shared lines which is ideal and it allows you to share a phone number across multiple phone devices while allowing multiple users to answer and make outgoing calls at the same time. It is more common and less expensive than having multiple phone numbers.


With this type of phone plan calls can be made from shared lines and they all share the same phone number and the same Caller ID. No outgoing call would show any other number.


Here is a retail business package from Ring Central[7] (Which I have personally used & we had one number). It conveniently comes with toll free number as well which Autotrader also had. All phone providers have similar packages and it would depend on what provider you go with. It is not rare and very common. This is what I suspect they had since we have zero evidence Autotrader had more phone numbers other than the main line, toll free number and fax. It is even less likely they would have an unlisted number. It isn’t business savvy to have an unlisted phone number for this type of business. For example large department stores have dozens of phones yet when an outgoing call is made from any phone in the store it always comes up the same number on caller ID. Having more than one line in a small strip mall office is not typical when there are much better and less expensive alternatives.


It appears this number was fabricated and accepted as truth from the beginning. I can think of no other reason for all the confusion than this number had to have been deliberately covered up and the true nature of this call would prove some pretty damning information the innocence of Steven Avery. If it is in fact associated with the actual killer it most likely would be fabricated. If the number was damning it’s safe to assume they certainly would never leave the real number of the killer if they were trying to cover something up. Never in a million years would Strang and Buting even entertain the fact that this number was not Autotrader and Calumet was deliberately concealing evidence. I would not either. They were concerned with evidence being planted by Manitowoc. Specifically Colborn and Lenk. Not blatant withheld evidence from a county who had no motive. Face it, none of us have questioned these numbers but the fact that it was never treated or investigated like all the other numbers proves something is deliberately being buried. If this is correct it would fill many holes. As hard as it is to even think this type of thing may have happened due to the deliberate suppression of this number we are forced to think otherwise.


To back this claim even further Dawn, the receptionist at Autotrader, was presumably the one who was on the phone with Teresa during this mysterious call. Except there are problems with Dawn’s story. It changes several times and we all know if you start with a lie it’s hard to keep it straight. Her testimony does not match her very first statement. In Wiegert’s first phone interview with Dawn[8] on 11/3 she says she remembers talking to Teresa in the morning and in the afternoon but she cannot remember if the call in the afternoon went to Voicemail or Teresa answered. Remember this call lasts almost 5 minutes. Which is interesting because when she makes this statement it’s only 3 days after the fact. Surely she could remember a 5 minute call she had with Teresa the last time she spoke with her? So maybe she left a 5 minute message? That is also impossible Cingular had a 3 min voicemail limit.


I cannot even begin to tell how how badly Dawn’s entire story about everything falls apart while she is on the stand. Buting absolutely crucifies her and it is fantastic. For times sake I will show you the issues regarding this call. She confidently states that Teresa calls her[9] making it an outgoing call. This causes problems because if Teresa had called Dawn we could verify this outgoing call on her Cingular report and it’s not there. The Cingular report indicates the call from 2:27pm was incoming. Therefore Dawn is not being truthful about Teresa “calling her”. So now we have a contradiction from her first statement where she claims she called Teresa and they talked or she left a voicemail. According to Ken Kratz exhibit he has the Autotrader call recorded at 2:27 as INCOMING[10] . Here is the Cingular report showing this call was inbound[11] . It should also be noted that Dawn also explains how her phone calls with Teresa are not very long and only last a couple of minitues[12] because she has other job duties. It’s looking like 5 minute call would be out of the ordinary. As you can see aside from this phone number not even being Autotrader the stories are not adding up either.


Also thought I would add that Angela Shuster, the manager at Autotrader, states in her initial interview on 11/3 that her last contact with Teresa was just a fax[13] . Yet in her testimony (Under oath) she says she spoke with Teresa at 11am and  took a message[14] for Dawn because Dawn was at lunch. So not only did Angela’s story change from the original statement this also changes Dawn’s first statement about talking to her in the morning and in the afternoon. Funny thing is regarding this morning call at 11am is Teresa never called Autotrader at all around the time it is reported. So not only was Angela saying Teresa called Autotrader but so did Dawn in her original Statement. If anything someone may have called Teresa but she did not call them because we could see it on the Cingular report. Since we cannot see her incoming numbers we don’t know which one was in fact Autotrader calling if in fact Teresa even spoke with Autotrader at all.


We know several incoming numbers rang Teresa’s phone around 11ish[15] . The fact is we just don’t know for certain the actual caller on many of these incoming calls because the state appears to not want us to know. We have Teresa’s VM records[16] but there are many problems with that too. Some of the numbers can be verified but not all and many are flat are missing. There is also reason to suspect voicemail messages are missing after Teresa was presumably abducted/murdered by Steven Avery. There is every reason to believe very important numbers and calls are being withheld. The question is why so much secrecy with the phone numbers and the 2:27 call in particular?


As you can see there is a huge problem with this very important call that Teresa receives at 2:27pm just before she goes missing. Just about everyone’s original statements when you compare them to what was said during trial under oath is contradictory. I tend to believe the first statements are more reliable but since we know at least some of these reports were written days after the fact how can we really know what the truth is at all? At any rate this 2:27 call is key. Does it reveal an entirely different story? If there was a collective effort to suppress this information one can only suspect this call could have proven Steven Avery did not in fact murder Teresa Hallbach. This new discovery opens up a whole new can of worms. At this point one can only surmise that this call was in fact the perp. There is no other reason why this number would be suppressed if it did not prove the true identity of Teresa Halbach’s killer.


If the call was suppressed because it was the perp just what exactly happened? Did someone purport to be a customer and lure her to a remote rural area? If it was a customer scheduled for an appointment that day she would “trust” them immediately. If it were a random person I cannot see how she would go to a stranger’s home that easily. Is it possible the perp was watching Teresa and called purporting to be Zipperer to give her directions to meet her at a new location? Perhaps with another car to sell? At this point in time nothing would surprise me.


I have to agree, that 2:27 phone call probably holds a lot of information. When you get conflicting statements from the investigators stating who the number belongs to, it makes you want to question it more.

Hopefully Zellner was able to get the actual phone call records and be able to see who the actual caller was. I’m pretty sure she probably does have them and does know who called – we’ll find out if it helped her or not!



Mysterious Phone Call
Mysterious Phone Call
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